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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions?

Rachel asked about fitness related New Years resolutions.

Some of my thoughts?

I have been working on motivation, by keeping up with workouts and reading health and fitness related books.

And I have actually been better at eating this week...just thinking and planning a bit more...resisting eating away sadness yesterday and today.

A little cry in the bank's carpark and two calorie counted glasses of wine helped!

New Years fitness resolutions?

I tend to do mottoes or themes rather than resolutions..the looseness of a motto guides me without stressing me.

What one word comes to to your mind, when you think of your fitness life? That can be your fitness motto for 2020!

My fitness motto may just be STOP AND THINK ( before eating and this leads to planning meals better).My life motto for 2010 may just be COPING..but that will be another post, on my Living Without School blog!


HomeGrownKids said...

My theme or motto for the last year has been Fit n 40...bcz that is what I was aiming for. However after 6-7 years of inactivity, it is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. But that's ok because I've been making lifestyle changes for my whole life, not just for a few months or so.

I don't plan my themes or motto's...they sort of take shape after awhile. So maybe in a few months I'll have a clearer picture.

I've been working out at the gym a few times a week - I want to do more but I have a knee injury which requires surgery so I'm limited with my workouts at the moment.

Fit n 40 - that's my motto for 2010!

Leonie said...

Sounds a great motto...and good for you with working around a knee injury.

My STOP AND THINK has definitely helped over this new years period of lots of food...

Rachel May said...

Leonie, Love the new pic!

I like your idea of a theme. It made me stop and think, and I've decided on Healthy Habits. I feel like all of my continuing success is tied to my learning or having learned positive healthy habits that I can go back to whenever I feel like things are moving in the wrong direction. This week I'm going to WW with a friend of mine. I think the weekly accountability will help me keep focussed!

Leonie said...

Healthy Habits is a good one! For now, the Stop and Think seems to be helping me....

N. said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure this is a motto, but I'm trying a new food/exercise plan, that if I had to give it a name, it'd be "Veggies-First and Lots of Exercise!" The goal is to make vegetables (or fruits) the primary component in both lunch and dinner, and to exercise at least an hour per day. Also, my husband suggested that I try to do 15 minutes of exercise prior to starting the day (read: before 8:30am). I'm on Day 3 of that and it is working out great! Once I have at least 15 minutes on the treadmill, I try to "up it." Plus, I'm dressed for it! :-)

Leonie said...

I love the idea of vegges first..and to be honest, the only way I keep up my workouts is by doing them in the morning..otherwise the day just...runs...away...

Cindy said...

Great themes, ladies! Sure beats 'Starve myself on someone else's ridiculous diet plan until I look like the airbrushed model in People magazine!" Which is the plan so many try to follow! lol lol

Ok... I guess I have a theme evolving. First i have to whine. I never have been a numbers person about age. Never stressed about hitting 30 or 40 or 50.. THAT much.

But, I did turn 50 last summer and my body is falling apart! All the menopause stuff... I can handle the hot flashes, etc. In fact they were kind of fun... i know I am weird.

BUT- my knees hurt so had to give up my beloved step classes which got me in shape last year.

Now I get cricks in my neck and WALKING makes my hurt. WALKING!!!?

Also the menopause symptoms are worse and I found an article and had 28 of the 31 they listed. Lovely things like 'weight gain', 'your middle thickens' and the every popluar 'depression and crying jags'.

Oh, yes, I must be lovely to live with!

But, being the rose-colored glasses pie in the sky person I am.. I researched and found this article you all may like too, even though most of you are not in menopause..

It said that many women never get really serious about what goes in their bodies until they hit menopause. Some cover with the hormones replacment (not my thing) but much of this can be combated with diet and natural supplements.

As I read on, it is the same things we hear all the time.. salmon, (with bones), dark leafy greens, fruit, etc.

No procesed. Fritos are off the list.

But my moment of clarity came because when you are in menopause your body becomes even MORE sensivite to this garbage. If I eat a fair amount of processed food (bread, chips, etc) I will have a vitural 'hangover' the next day. I FEEL it.

So.. that is my theme. To also combat the emotional eating you all described and from which I suffer. I eat to 'feel better'. It is hard for me to eat well now to feel better (thin and healthy) in a few weeks.

But now, when I eat unhealthy I feel it within hours.. sometimes sooner!

So I am trying to be mindful (like Leonie) but realize if I eat that half bag of Fritos now, I will feel bad in 20 minutes.

When I do eat healthy or rembmer my vitamins, etc, I TRY to stop and think how I feel. The cellular level of my body being nourished. I try to gain energy and short term good feelings from that.

I am trying....

This was long.. sorry. I will find the article if you are interested. It was an ah-ha one for me.

Somehow I know I need to find a short term reward for heatlhy habits and menopause may have given me that... I hope!

Cindy said...
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Leonie said...

Cindy - great post! Which is the article?

I am re-visiting Debra Waterhouse's books - very helpful books for women wrt fat cells etc at various stages of our female life.

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