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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working out and weight loss

This week, I changed up my workout routine. Inspired by a thread at Video Fitness, I pulled out my Cindy Crawford workouts.

High repetition, low weights, fast paced but not true aerobics.

I alternated between The Next Challenge and Shape your Body all week, I gave it my all. I sang to the music ( songs by Blondie, Seal,the Smithereens, - the song Crazy, Top Top of the Pops and so on).

I worked hard and enjoyed myself. And today , in spite of a big restaurant lunch yesterday, and in spite of the accompanying fair amount of alcohol, I found I'd lost a kilo.

Woo hoo!

And my arms and glutes just look a littletighter, too

Thik I'll try and stay with Cindy this week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Video Fitness

Sharing one of my favourite fitness forums ~ Video Fitness.

VF also has a group at Facebook.

What is VF??

Video Fitness is a thriving online community whose members are dedicated to helping each other make the most of a home exercise program. Members accomplish this by writing reviews of the exercise videos that they use regularly, and by sharing advice and opinions in the Reader Forum.

We do not sell videos, so our community members can be totally honest about whether a fitness video lives up to its claims and to the reviewers' expectations. If you're looking for a place to buy the videos you read about here, see our Sources section, which includes consumers' comments about their experiences with particular vendors.

Video Fitness is a community unlike most you'll find on the Internet. Some of our community members have been coming here for years. Dozens have met in person on VF road trips or at local VF get-togethers, and many close friendships have formed around this common interest in fitness videos. As a result, the Reader Forum at Video Fitness will seem less impersonal than other fitness boards you'll find on the Internet. Most regular posters use their real names, and are often very candid about their lives and the challenges they face to working out regularly.

Video Fitness initially grew and developed with the help of advanced level home exercisers--women who had been using fitness videos regularly for years. As a result, the reviews (especially earlier ones) and the Forum postings can seem skewed toward the advanced perspective. However, the women who post about their rigorous workouts were once beginners, too. They didn't start out by lifting 50 lb. barbells or completing 2 hour marathon video workouts. They worked up to it gradually as their fitness level increased. If they can do it, so can you!

Another thing you'll notice is that we don't talk about diet much at Video Fitness. Yes, diet is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, but every health and fitness site, as well as every women-oriented site on the Web, seems to focus on diet. Most Video Fitness readers enjoy having a haven from diet talk--a place they can go to focus exclusively on exercise and personal goal-setting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Had to share this one!!!!!

Just had to share THIS...a little milestone in my battle with the bulge!

I lost 2 kilos!

Weighed myself reluctantly this morning....thinking...I'm not going to get caught up in the often too regular scale heckling, I'm accustomed to...but...I had to have a peak. Last week my 'get up and move' bubble was burst many a times, including an encounter with the scales that showed a gain of 1 kilo!

Today, however, I savour the sweet entree of success that my workouts have bought me!

I feel so bad that I didn't perservere more last week.

It's been three weeks since venturing into this new Workout Lifestyle and Week 2 was a real fizzler!

I haven't been able to change my diet at all....so, for the most part...it's been the EXERCISE! Funny how Leonie just brought up the subject in her post today! Thought...SHAZZAM...when I read it!

I know fad diets are a NO NO...but...a friend suggested I try the Japanese Morning Banana Diet, which is supposed to activate the metabolism....so I tried it yesterday and did ok...didn't feel hungry most of the day - then again I really got into 3 workouts during the day - putting the " old veg out" time to doing the dvds!

Apparently, in having just banana and water at room temperature (yeah yuck) for breakfast (you can eat as much banana as you like), it's supposed to kickstart your metabolism. You can basically eat all you want all day, within reason, right (trying to steer away from desserts) and as long as your last meal is eaten before 8pm and you go to sleep before 12, this start to your day is meant to make a difference with your ability to metabolize your food..........despite criticism....there are a lot of people losing a lot of weight.

Since I'm not a big breakfast eater......I'm giving it a try!

So here I go......resolved to continue this commitment to see change in my body...GOOD CHANGE! HOOOORAY!!!!!!

........All I want is a waist for Christmas...........sigh

I don't do that any more!

From The Do-able Diet ~ Barbara Wimhurst, a mother in her 20s, lost 45 kg on her own by eating less and exercising...

I remind myself constantly "I don't do that anymore". Every time my eye wanders down the confectionery aisle, or I go to eat the crusts from my sons' lunch or I think to ask for some extra cream on the side, I repeat this affirmation, "I don't do that anymore". These words remind me of how far I have come and how much I prefer the sweet taste of freedom and success,

Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG! Sore bu**

That's me today. I find it hard to walk up my stairs.


My Bu** is killing me after some great workouts.

Yesterday I did Taebo Advanced Live 10 - cool music ( Knock On Wood, Your Love is Lifting Me Higher, Boogie Fever, Simply Irresistible) and some killer floorwork. Ouch.

Then today I did Cindy Crawford's The Next Challenge - some effective cardio/leg/lower body work then abs and chest/upper body. Nice music too - especially the Blondie song.

No wonder it's hard to walk up those stairs without pain. But it's so worth it and the workouts are so much fun.

There's a fine line between pleasure and pain ~ The Divinyls.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

....Sound off...one...two...Recommit..three..four!

Gee...I've only been at the GREAT GET IN SHAPE plan for only 3 wks and I'm already needing to recommit!

I Am hyped up after having found the Billy Blank's Bootcamp Boxed kit...which has...Ab Bootcamp...which is what I was WANTING!!!! Last weeks effort to do the workout through You Tube proved a failure as sharing the two computers between the five us, is a logistical nightmare, plus it kept freezing up and then taking forever to download....so now...God has pushed aside yet ANOTHER excuse ( uhhhumm!) after my morning winge on Leonie's post.

I also came across the Kickbox PARTY that my Honorary Workout Therapist, Leonie (this is the first time she hears THIS!) suggested ......and it is now in my hot little hands!

On this Monday afternoon, I stand here (or rather...sit and type) and recommit to my exercise goals before you...cyberspace bloggers...and do hereby set my goals as getting through the Ab Bootcamp and the Kickbox Party for this week!

Additional Goal: to get into a structured weight loss eating plan!
Haven't been very good about confronting this full on but just bought the Abs
Diet for Women (incl. DVD) and will try to follow that this week.

God bless us in our efforts!


Interesting article on bootcamps.

Participants in the study used a Bootcamp DVD workout.

I own a couple of Bootcamp DVDs but not the one mentioned in the article. What I like about Bootcamp is the mix of cardio and bodyweight resistance work; sometimes you use bands or dumbbells too; and it is fun to mess around with the push yourself military style.

Which ones do I own?

Kickbox Bootcamp

Crunch Bootcamp

Denise Austin Bootcamp

Taebo Bootcamp Elite

Taebo Bootcamp 1 & 2

Taebo Bootcamp Boxed Set

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Workout Update

Well, guys, its just Julie and me posting right now? lol!

Friday I did another Turbo Jam workout. Cardio Party 3. About 50 minutes. I love, love, love the moves, the kickbox and dance and capoeira, in this one. And I love the music - "Party Party People".

I was woo hooing and having fun, doing my workout before mass and ice skating. Jonathon ( son number 4) told me to calm down! lol!

Saturday was a time for a short workout. Turbo Jam Cardio Pary Remix - two turbos or anaerobic drills. A high energy workout in only 30 minutes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worse for Wear!

Ummmmmmmmmmm......this week has been DISAPPOINTING on the workout level of my achievements.

Monday: On fire with Bootcamp 1 and JM's Full Frontal and even some gym work
Tuesday: Decided to take a day off because I was feeling off colour
Wednesday: Was so full of energy that I decided I would rearrange the furniture and strained my upper back....no workout possible!
Thursday: Awwwwwwwwwww! Back still sore, couldn't even turn!

My back is no longer hurting but I'm feeling so FLAT!
Mind you, everything inside is saying ' get that workout done'.....GET BACK ON THE HORSE!

Need to get thru a mountain of homeschooling work with my homeschooler, who has been suffering from food poisoning since Monday! But before the end of today.....I WILL WORKOUT!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Girls Just Wanna have Fun!

This week's log.

Hmmm..Not sure about goals this week...But I want to keep up the emphasis on kickboxing and cardio..And I need some weight or resistance work ( I've seen my arms!)....And I want to have fun in my workouts...Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Sunday A weight workout, late afternoon, after a busy but great day at our church's 25th celebration. The FIRM TransFIRMation ~ Hard Core Fusion. Aussie readers - this set, with weights, is available for sale right now at Big W!

Monday Kickbox, dance, capoeira, cardio. Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1

Tuesday Another Turbo Jam - Kickin ' Core - 30 minutes higher impact kickbox cardio, 15 minutes strength and ab work - I used a weighted medicine ball...
Wednesday The Firm Pump Jump n Jab Around the 40 minute mark, kickbox intervals alterated with dumbbell resistance work. Finishes with push ups, planks, ab work. Nice one!
Thursday Turbo Jam Punch Kick and Jam 50 minute workout, more athletic and less dancy kickboxing than other TJ workouts. I love how the music in TJ is real music, not canned techno stuff, and how it is geared to the routines. A capoeria section, then capoeria legwork and some work on form with or without a resistance band.
My eating has been up the creek. I am eating irregularly, at odd times, missing meals, not always making the best selections - like cake for a very late breakfast two days in a row and no proper dinner two nights in a row - just a mandarin or cheese and crackers. HMM. Really, Really Need To Get Back Into A Better Eating Routine.
Julie, how's your eating plan going?

Sunday, October 12, 2008



I achieved part of my goals for this week!

Achieved goals:
1. Alternated Bootcamp 1 and Bootcamp 2 every weekday this week (Mon-Fri)
2. Alternated JM's Full Frontal and Maximize Frontal during the weekdays
3. Did 2 days of Blank's Ab Bootcamp
4. Walked along Maroubra beach coastline (3/4) on Thursday
5. Did some gym work

Felt I really needed to get a kickstart this week! Felt at times like really not doing it but was "driven' towards doing the workouts....I'm 'feeling' different! It's helping me FEEL different!

Blank says to give it 40 days before you see the changes and that kind of hit a nerve with me...Ok....I want to see the 'changes'...so...I need consistency...commitment...Ok...

I'm not doing it to the point of exhaustion....I'm a big girl but I always had a high level of flexibility when I was younger and part of me was really 'anxious' ... actually...about having to face reality and accept that perhaps age (and years of inactivity) had taken that away!

...BUT...it's still there!
Realizing "I still could" just rocketed me on!

I can already 'feel' the changes...though miniscule to the casual observer....
I'm breathing better! - Confession time: I have been suffering from this 'anxiety' type of throat constriction for years...where I felt I had something in my throat and could never swallow it...the sensation would make me claustrophobic and panicky...YET...NOW...I'm swallowing better! I don't feel the same...I actually went on an elevator to the 17th floor (entering an elevator is something I haven't done for years!)...These minor stepping stones are making me sooooo HAPPY!

Unachieved Goals:

Did not begin the Liver Cleansing Diet (had to re-buy the book after having lent my copy)-
Feel I still need to follow some structured eating and cleansing plan!

Goals for this Week:

1. Bootcamp workouts daily
2. Gym workouts
3. Specific ab workouts ( JM's Full Frontal and Maximize)
4. Start Liver Cleansing Diet

Thank you, Girls for your support in all this....knowing that you guys are out there and wanting me to achieve this is really helping!

God Bless and have a great workout week!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leonie's Workout Log

Goals for this week ~

*Concentrate on cardio/kickboxing, especially Turbo Jam and Taebo. Why? I find that cardio/kickbox helps me keep that calories balance and works out my upper abs ( my problem area). And it helps burn off stress, all those powerful punches and kicks, all that cool music.

* Work on portion control and avoidng mindless eating, picking at food...
* Smile more!

Sunday Not a bad eating day, in spite of those yummy margaritas! lol! Did a 40 minutes workout - Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1. Busta move!

Monday Worked out with dh and son Jonathon - an hour long Taebo Advanced Live 9. Classic Taebo, leg and butt and ab work, pushups. My arms were feeling it. Yay! I was singing and jumping and happy, with all the endorphins cruising in my veins...Its okay, I can laugh at myself! :-)
Tuesday Fitting a workout into a busy day. Turbo Jam Punch, Kick and Jam. A more athletic version of TJ.
Wednesday. In a rush, couldn't decide what to do so did Turbo Jam Fatblaster. Gota love all those Turbo drills in this workout. had a terrible tummy ache this evening so ate a late but light dinner ~ a Weight Watchers meal, Chicken Carbonara.
Thursday Another TJ workout - this time a weights workout. I am a bit of a cardio freak but I know weights are important for bone density, building and toning muscle, increasing metabolism. So, I did Booty Sculpt plus Abs with 7 and 9 lb weights and a resistance band.
Friday. Today! Still on my TJ craze so did Cardio Party 2 - love the kick sequence in this, to the music and lyrics of Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back.
Saturday. Tired - lack of sleep, and worked at church working bee, so had to workout in the afternoon. Decided to go for corny dancing fun. Richard Simmon's Disco Sweat - I can make it harder by increasing the impact. Sang Disco Inferno!
How's everyone's week?

Operation Cut The Fat....out!

I have made a new schedule for my week...this week is still School holidays so I think it's perfect to focus on getting into a solid workout plan:

Goals: To do the Billy Blank Bootcamp workouts daily

Play some afternoon tennis with the family

Walking (my husband is off work and the kids love it...we are off to the National Park today!)

To keep moving!

Food Attitude: Because of the amount of weight I have to loose...I need to start a structured eating plan......
Having listened intently to some friends sharing 'diets' on Friday, I prayed and remembered a diet plan that helped my sister lose 3 dress sizes and I had tried it for 5 days and lost nearly 5 kilos...but failed to perservere...

The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot

My mother had always said to us that it was important to keep our livers healthy- something which our perservative ridden lifestyles do not do!!!! I will tell you that my sister shrunk! Literally but looked so healthy! Its all about going back to healthy eating...no starvation....all aiming to restore the liver to its natural functions so that it can do its job and kick the metabolism back on track and deal with cleaning out our bodies...like it was meant to do...

Here I go....my commitment this week...workout and clean out my food!!!!! No more icy cokes from Maccas!!!

Whatever Process You are Following is Perfect for the Results You are Getting

I ran across the above profoundity somewhere on line as I was surfing health/diet/exercise.

This spoke to me and convicted me, too! I made a little sign and posted it on my fridge.

As I stand there looking at the words I realize just where I am now, with health and weight and fitness really is just the perfect reflection of the 'process' my body has been through as of late. My body does not play tricks with me, it just naturally reflects what I put into it and how much I move it.

That strips away the 'magic' of this diet or that one. There is no secret formula or mojo to make a diet work. It simply reflects how I live.

I think it also helped me to stop beating myself up because I didn't follow a strict diet or exercise plan. It made me see this is a process.

And, I realized too, that if I had not done all the good I HAD done, that I would be more out of shape and heavier. I am doing good things, too and my body notices those!

So, anyway, I liked this. It was honest and convicting but not negative.. and helps me continue to see this is a process and about long term habits. And slip ups are allowed. That is life!

Cindy's Exercise Plan for Week of Oct 4th

Every Sunday I look at my calendar for the week. The first thing I pencil in every day is my workout plan. That is the only way I know I will get to my workouts and treat them like appointments.

Then I fill in the rest of my life around them.... :) I love the way it makes me feel.. and i love getting the workouts done first thing so they are done.. and I can move on with my day.

This week will be challenging as I am going to be in Chicago Thursday through Saturday for a Lighthouse Catholic Media conference. I am excited, though to meet all these wonderful people and on Thursday I get to go to an Ignatian silent retreat at a monestary. Boy, do I need it! So, I will have to find some way to MOVE during my Chicago time.

Here is my workout plan: (all at the YMCA)

Sunday- Eliptical machines at the Y with new playlist my spinning teacher gave me! Oh, music motivates me so much!

11 am weight workout &
Spinning class

6am (yikes!) Step and Mat class

6am- Athletic Conditining class (cardio and weights)

Me and my tennis shoes at the monestary! I asked my friend going with me to bring her tennies, too... she has told me she HATES exercise and calls my workouts my 'torture sessions' but she does like to walk.. .so we will have fun.

What are you all planning this week? Big steps? Little steps?

Now...I'm angry...this is war against fat!

Somehow...someway....I have avoided looking at my PROBLEM realistically....
Sure...I knew I had gained weight...but...today the full impact of realizing that I am obese has just hit me.....I'm so mad...mad at myself....mad at the fat!

We took some photos yesterday and while downloading them today....AHHHHHHH! I look sooo bad... I'm not kidding...this is not self-pity...It's just being real...as a matter of fact, before today, I would have deleted all the photos (I did one or two because I just couldn't handle it..) but I have purposely put them on my Facebook because I want to SEE change...I want to see what everyone else is obviously seeing and I've been 'editing' out of my life....

No more excuses....I need excercise
I need to change my eating habits
I need to change my sedentary lifestyle

I really do need this!

No more excuses....No more excuses...No more excuses.... My habits have to change!!! Now!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kicked it at my workout this morning!

Well, to finish out my week I took off yesterday because a good friend called and was on my side of town, so we went to a resturant for breakfast, then did shopping, then lunch.. what fun!

But today... I made up for it.. See here... :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hi Yall

Hi everyone! I decided to get back to my workout journal. I will keep posting here, but if you want more boring details about my life, please drop in!


September Summary

I got back into running in September by starting with a running partner who is a homeschooling mother of 5. We meet two mornings a week to run and share ideas although the huffing and puffing has cut down on the talking. Nancy found a program that eased us into running with 1 mi jogs followed by 2 min brisk walks alternating for 5 sets. Then it was 2 min runs...then 3 min. Weekend runs were on our own, but I've managed to make all of mine. :)

My first Oct run was yesterday and afterward I sat down to look over what I've accomplished. In September I ran 3 times a week for 4 weeks, and yesterday I easily ran 2 miles seperated by a 1/4 mi walk. I'm feeling pretty good, and this morning I treated myself to a plain, grande coffee from Starbucks after my run. On the chilly walk home with my hands warmed by the coffee and my nose full of the scent of paper cup, I pondered what habit I could gently add in this month. No decisions yet. Perhaps making sure I get my (breastfeeding mom's) 8 servings of fruit/veg a day?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enough with the excuses!

Having decided to take the 'exercise' plunge...I'm a bit frustrated that I have failed to do the workouts over the last two days....

The school holidays has proven to send things into a spin...but not of the excersise kind!

Not having exercised for years.... I struggled at first with Jeanette Jenkins' Kickboxing Bootcamp...achieving a whole 10 mins of the warm up on the first try (uhggggg)...but I thought to myself...it's a start! Two days later I was able to do the whole dvd but in three segments (uhggggg...uhgggg...uhgggg).... I felt encouraged....I guess the endorphin kick set in and I no longer felt that negative ' I will never be able to do this' feeling. I find that her workout is good but she wears me out before I can get to the nitty gritty of the workout....so I tried

JM's Shape Up front....thinking again...I'll never make it...but I did..on the first try I finished it after two breaks and am keen on trying the maximise full frontal (my major problem area). I was able to keep up with her much better than the Jenkin's workout - didn't feel so puffed out...go figure! Loved her " I'm not going to let you quit' attitude...I needed it!

The curious 'take on a challenge' part of me took the Billy Blank's Bootcamp 1 out of its plastic wrap (can't even remember when I had bought it..but it was there...challenging me from the dingy darkness of the closet..).... It was fabulous...I was a human sprinkler system and in the privacy of my own exercise corner AND I felt like I was achieving something! I was able to finish it with two very short breaks...I found him very encouraging with his tidbits....just when I was questioning everything inside me...I heard this "you need at least 40 days of effort before you are going to see any results" voice coming from the tv and it just helped me put things into perspective....I know it sounds silly and unrealistic...but that defeatist part of me wanted to have seen results yesterday...just to justify giving up...but Blank's set me straight and I did it!

These last two days have seen other major obstacles stand in my way and I have not been able to get back to my workouts....but whereas...in the past...I would have let them get to me to the point of feeling 'crippled'...I've stopped to think that perhaps God is letting them come to surface because, like the exercise....I have to deal with them and they too have been a thorn in my side...the piece of wood in this lions paw.... with all her roars and bravado...these rotten little things tend to get the better of me...but...I don't want them to anymore...ENOUGH IS WITH THE EXCUSES!

Mind you! I chose yesterday to get out of the house and trying to 'air out'... went on a window shopping outing to a couple of suburbs.....I had the 'need to exercise' in the forefront of my mind so I pushed the pace at which I walked right around the shopping precincts....Does that count? I was good and refused to buy any junk...though the Pastisserie's taunted me to the left and the right and though I felt the hunger pangs by 2pm, I shunned the Chinese Take-away.....

On the drive home however...... the thought of an icy cold Coke from Mc Donalds seemed to be exactly what I needed.....so I talked myself into just making a quick stop and maybe grabbing a couple of chicken mcnuggets...I had done all that walking... I thought... and the heat yesterday here in Sydney was stifling...but...would you believe...that on the drive home (the shortcut way I use) had NO MC DONALDS ! The only Maccas and Hungry Jacks I passed were on the other side of the Princes Highway , which with the heat, I was not bothered to do the major turns and u turns needed to get there.........so I made it home....and sat down to the chicken leftovers from the night before and a refreshing salad........there were no cold cokes in the fridge...just some cold apple juice.... and....an ice cream (wooooops)!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cindy's Log Week of Sun Sept 29th



Spinning class. I have not been to spinning in so long and I loved it. This instructor (Lynn) has THE best music. It all has a beat and keeps me so motiavated. After, I did 100 abs and 40 pushups

Trying to get back to my 6am workouts.... I got really tired mid afternoon when I did them, but I MISS them! The format, instructor and fellow participants were just awseome AND I was done by 7:30! That was a cool feeling. But slept in, so did 40 min on the eliptical.

Wednesday: 6am Athletic conditioning class at the Y. Fun.
She had us do 30 min alternating step, BOSU and Slide. Ever done the slide? I found a picture and put it up top...it is the long thing that looks like a gray slip and slide about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. You put little booties over your tennies and you slide right to left like a speed skater. GREAT workout.

AFter cardio, we did 30 min of weight work. Felt great as many of us had few workouts during the 3 weeks since Hurricane Ike.

Thursday Plan:
6am Mat Pilates class and eliptical

Friday Plan:
not sure yet...

Eating has been way off. Schedules have been werid since the hurricane.. ready to get back on healthy track.

Workout Log Week of Sun Sept 29

Am keeping an online log - do you want to join me?

Sunday Taebo Bootcamp 1 - with my dh! A 40 minute bootcamp military style workout - with traditional taebo moves, of course!
Terrible with eating - no, I didn't eat too much calorie wise, but I ate unwisely. No dinner for example! Something that has been happening regularly lately...

Monday Turbo Jam Punch Kick and Jam. About 50 minutes of kickbox and capoeira. Fun!

Tuesday Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3- a 55 minute cardio sweat fest. A nice section near the end where you work on form in punches and kicks. And I need to stop eating mindlessly, stop picking at food here and there...

Wednesday A quickie today. Turbo Jam Fatblaster. 30 minutes but advanced - 8 Turbos! Feeling fat, especially, when I look at pics. Am re-reading Overcoming Overeating, Confessions of a Former Fat Girl and The Do-able Diet.

Thursday. Am off to do another Turbo Jam workout. Probably Cardio Party 1 or 2.
ETA - Did Cardio Party 1. Did you hear me singing along with LL Cool J - Mamma said knock you out! lol! And my eating was still pretty uneven..

Friday Planning on another Turbo Jam - probably Cardio Party 3. Didn't happen, our DVD player broke. So I did an old Taebo on VHS. Advanced Live 2 - great music, singing along with Early In The Morning, Be What I Wanna Be. Powerful kicks and punches, great standing ab work. Trying not to eat more than I need. It's all about portion control..

Saturday Gonna try that TJ Cardio Party 2 from yesterday, hopefully the DVD player has recovered!

Hey, guys!

I changed the look of our blog - hope this is okay! And do you know anyone else who is interested in joining and sharing about fitness?

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde