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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Calorie Counter

For those interested in checking calorie counts on foods, this website is neat.

It shows the food in the nutrition label format found on packages. You can also change the measure depending on your needs. For example I was looking up watermelon and I could find counts by '10 watermellon balls' or ' 1 C diced', etc.

Click here to see!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Lappin' it up at the Pool

Well, Saturday, the pool opened - and we were there to celebrate!

Whooooo hooooooo!

And yesterday, we swam for 2.5 hours - I lost track of the number of laps so I'll just tell you, I slept from 10:00pm last night to 9:00am this morning.

And today, we're hoping to go back.

A glutton for punishment?

I don't think so....more like a glutton for chocolate....

Hence the need to lap it up at the pool!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A new week.

Today it is Monday and I thought I'd do a FIRM workout - probably Cardio Sculpt with Allie from BSS1. Haven't done this one for about two years, been enjoying my old FIRMs on FIRM days. But thought I'd do it for old times sake ( it was the first FIRM I ever did!).

Yesterday, I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix and just had to rewind and do one of the two turbos again - I was having fun. :-0 I also did two segments from the 10 Minute Solution Stability Ball workout with Kimberley Spreen. I did upper body and core.

Eating wise - well, I've been doing a food and exercise journal ( inspired by the Debra Waterhouse books) and also a rough ( very rough) estimation of calories. Aiming for 1600, give or take a few hundred! lol!

Racquetball at the Y

Today I played racquetball with John (dh). Pant, pant, pant!

What a workout! I had my heartrate monitor on and saw I burned 250 calories in 25 minutes! Yeah, a lot of the reason is I need a lot of improvement in strategy and ball placement so I'm not running all over the court.

The few times I found John trapped on one side of the court and could accurately place it on the other side, I knew I had him cooked. This is especailly true for players over 40. If you can make them run, you can beat them.

Well, John made me run much more and he beat me, too. Plus he has this serve that just dies in the back left corner that got by me 5 points in a row. ARGH.

We ran into the instructor the boys took from 2 years ago today, too. Think we will buy a group of 3 lessons and we can share them.

It really is fun to vary the workout routine. Something new to do!

What was the score of the games, I hear you asking? You would.

Game one: John 15, Cindy 12
Game two: John 15, Cindy 4.

Yeah, I know. As I tried to really concentrate the second game I fell apart. It is mental.. and well, that running thing, too. lol

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A One Woman Crusade!

Two years ago we moved here. For two years I have struggled with the fact that no one waves. Or even looks at you. You know, when you are walking down the street? We moved from the south where you--well, just do it--and smile. We recently visited our old town and dd(who is 4) commented, "Mommy, why does everyone here raise their hand?" People were waving :)
So, I have been taking my weekend walks and waving and smiling at the cars going by. When the kids and I walk on the road-they now wave and smile, too. People are starting to wave and smile back-especially the older folks. I am starting to recognize people. This is so cool!! We are changing the world-well, our neighborhood-- one wave at a time :)
This week I did well exercise-wise. I did my jog/walk on the treadmill 15-20 minutes, twice. Weights once--only half the workout since I did it with the video and it takes longer. I took Friday off--the push ups on Thursday really did me in. This am went for my "waving" walk down to the river--very pretty. My pup was a little distracted today so it wasn't the most aerobic walk :) I am finding muscles I haven't heard from in years :)
Food-really visited the chocolate this week. Have to review by Bestlife book and get re-inspired.
I am taking notes on everyones exercise videos. I am already dreading winter and keeping up with exercise and staying motivated. Can anyone recommend a good beginner core strength video?
Have a great weekend and keep moving!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Turbo Jam

Yesterday I did Turbo Jam Kickin Core - I love that the 30 minutes cardio ends on a high note with an anaerobic turbo, then you move on to 15 minutes of work with a stability ball. I use my green bootcamp camoflauge ball, the one that came with the Taebo Ball workout. :-)

Today was Turbo Jam Fatblaster - aerobic and anerobic drills, you do four turbos, twice each - once low impact, next high impact. I attempted all eight at higher impact - felt fantastic! I love the cardio cooldown song and went off to Mass and the the parish council meeting in a happy mood.

I have a presentations ceremony to attend for Kumon (work) this afternoon but might try to slip in some weights before or after - maybe the FIRM 22 minutes or so lower body work from FIRM BSS1 Body Sculpt.

Anne, Maria, Rachel, Faith how are your workouts? Cindy, I loved hearing about all your work at the Y. And about Maria's Dancing With the Stars.

YMCA Workouts, Continued....

Well, I am doing a lot at the Y.... today I did Zumba again and follwed up with a really good (that means hard..lol) class called Power Sculpt. We had all sorts of equipment.. a step bench, medicine ball, tube, heavy bar.... it was fun because she kept changing it up. That was good because just when I thought I could not do anymore she would change.... lol

I am beginning to see/feel some results. I have been working out most days and am trying for 4-5 cardios and 2-3 strength training classes a week. I am beginning to get to know some of the other ladies (and men) and really like all the variety. But I feel firmer and not so floppy.

The other day we were doing squats and the instructor said "Do you feel your rear flapping in the wind?" lol I thought YES! Though many ladies in there did not, I'm sure as some are in really great shape.

How are your workouts going? Loved hearing about your Dancing with the Stars, Maria!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dancing with Ladybugs

Well, can I just say I'm hooked on the show, Dancing with the Stars?

I have longed to ballroom dance long before this show made it popular, so for Mother's Day, I received this DVD as one of my gifts. We had to order it so I didn't get it till this past Saturday...and yesterday, I did it for the first time.

Heavy breathing....

While I may bike ride, double dutch with the kids, play basketball and take walks, I was shown yesterday how out-of-shape I really am! I only made it through the Paso Doble before I had to slow down - and that was the first dance out of four.

Oh well. At least I can aspire to dance even when I'm panting heavily.

But in all seriousness, it was great doing this because even my children got into it and all five of us were getting our freak on in the living room.

Maybe we'll just call that the Ladybug Boogie!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Intro and a "plan"

Hi Everyone,
I "know" a lot of you from 4Real. I am a 43 year old mom of ds(9), dd(4) and d-puppy(1).
I am restarting my healthy lifestyle. I used to be VERY concerned with nutrition and exercise(my dh and I met at a triathlon!) Then I started my new career, and life has taken over :)
I am motivated again. So here is my plan. I will report back in a week or so. I started the Bestlife diet back in November. I am still in Phase 1. I am trying not to be discouraged. I have a problem with chocolate and sweets. I am going to try to move to Phase 2 in the next 2 weeks. I just need to be consistant.
Exercise--I enjoy my treadmill so will try to get on it for 15 minutes of walk/jog 2 days per week. On the weekends I have been getting out in the early am with the puppy for a 2 mile walk each morning--I want to continue that--it is my only alone time. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I hope to weight train with the Weight Training for Dummies video--it is like having a trainer there :)
My goals are to lose some inches, get a better mood, and be able to move better and keep up with my kids. It is hard having been so active when younger, to be getting old and not keep moving. You do lose it :)
Thanks for letting me join you all!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Taebo - and surgery

I have been doing Taebo workouts these last few days - Fat Blasting Cardio yesterday and Billy's Favourite Moves today. Not super hard workouts but fun . Mind you, I can remember when these felt harder so I must be getting fitter day by day, huh?

On a side note, I have to go in for surgery next week ( June 1), to remove a uterine polyp and for exploratory surgery re possible uterine/ovarian cancer.Prayers and happy thoughts most appreciated. I asked the doctor when I can get back to working out after the surgery - he said when I feel up to it, probably after a week. I can't imagine a week without working out so hope I'll be up and at it a lot sooner! lol!
My kids said - the doctor sure doesn't know you, mum - you can't live without working out! They know me well. :-)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hip Hop Abs

I got the Hip Hop Abs set from ebay and have ben enjoying those this week - I got the basic set, would also like the Maximum results set. They are fun and Shaun T seems a fun instructor. Not hard workouts but I think I can add weighted gloves to make more impact and I did string two or three of the workouts together.Thursday I did the Total Body Blast, ( cardio and strength work), which uses weights and has some hip hop dance moves, followed by HHA Ab Sculpt - mostly standing ab moves. All in all, I worked out for 60 minutes.

Friday I did HHA Fat Blasting cardio - an easier 30 minute workout, I pumped up the impact and would add the gloves next time. But it was fun! Reminded me of Turbo Jam and Donna Richardson's Old School Dance Party mixed together! lol! Followed this with the 24 minute HHA Hhips/Buns/Thighs workout - very nice unweighted lower body work, standing and floorwork. I felt these two HHA workout days in my abs on Saturday, so that is a good sign!

Saturday I did Taebo Total Body Blast from the Fat Blasting two pack. Love the intervals of Taebo cardio and band work. Billy is very motivating in his talk at the end of this workout.

That's my update for this week. :-)

Cindy, I am re-reading the Debra Waterhouse books this week and they are very good for reminding one of fitness and a healthy body image, regardless of your stage in life. Last night, at a second hand bookstore, I picked up another one by Waterhouse, on mother-daughter relationships and food. Scanning through it this morning, I see that Waterhouse recommends allowing our bodies to find their natural, healthy weight by eating well, eating when hungry, not overeating, working out.

Perhaps pick up one of Waterhouse's books again, even the one for women over the 35?

Mean and Not Lean..:)

That seems to better describe me these days! I think this age-thing is doing a real number on my body.... approcahing 48 (now that DOES sound old..) and it is just harder to do anything... build muscle, keep muscle and I just LOOK at bad food and my weight goes up, (though I don't weigh... I can just feel it.)

Anyway at the Y today after a pilates class I got discussing this with a couple other women in my relative age group. They were saying the same thing. I really have worked out a lot and no, my eating is not perfect, but it is amazing how our bodies hold onto it.

Oh well, I think where I would be if I *didn't* work out!

I think it really is a mind-body thing. That is the most important. Respect and love our bodies as God made them. Keep moving, keep our minds active and eat as best we can. Don't try to be 'thin' and I refuse to diet again. That just is not for me right now.. :)

Well, anyway... I did the Pilates Mat workout and really want to work on my flexibility and strength. It is a different kind of strength than the regular strength training and weight lifting. After that a new gym buddy I met found me looking into the Body Pump class, which had started already.

They use barbells and weights to music... so she and I went in and did the last half of that. Felt good. I think I need the strength training AND the pilates core work and stretch.

So I just worked out my schedule next week to try and find a nice mix. I am enjoying the Y quite a bit now.

How are you all doing? Would love to hear updates. Maybe I will have to change my goal from "Lean but not Mean" to "Sorta not Lean, and not very Mean, usually." :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kickboxing today- plus major floor work...

Today I did the kickboxing class at the Y. I had done it a few years ago and liked it then. It was hard! (Thinking of you the whole time, Leonie!)

She did a great job organizing us- as there were about 40 of us. Part of the time we were all working on moved together, then she had us in three groups. One group would do standing kicks against the weight bags, another would do moves with light weights, the third would do front kicks against the thingies she held in her hand.

Then we were find a partner and 'spar' practicing our jabs and hooks and defenisve pose. Wow I was sweating!

After that I did an hour long Mat Science class. It was nice and dark with quiet music, but boy was it hard. Mix of yoga, pilates, etc. Instructor and many of the students were very advanced. But she helped each of us find our level. Did some new moves I never had before... I will be sore tomorrow.

Too bad my hr monitor was blanking out. Bet I burned about 700 cals.... :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's workout..

...was Billy Blanks Bootcamp Basic Training ( 55 minutes). Haven't done this one for at least six months - maybe a year! - so it was good to pull it out. I go through stages of loving ( and then hating) bootcamp style workouts. Today I loved it!

And I am reading two of Debra Waterhouse's books on fitness and health and eating for women - one for women after age 35, one for after pregnancies. Very helpful!

Map My Run

I woke up this morning with a sore throat so instead of running, the boys and I took a brisk walk. Last week, I ran alone one day and had the boys run together, and on another day the 3 of us did a 2 mile run/walk. I was hoping to increase our distance a bit this week so I took our 2 mile route and added some twists and turns. Thomas had a pedometer on, and after some advanced maths, I found that we had walked less than a mile. Hmmmmm...... I double checked it at MapMyRun.com and it turned out to be 2.67 mi. Very good. Love that site, BTW. I only just map my route and find the distance, but it looks like there's a lot more to do there. I noticed that it does runs in Australia and converts to metric.... :)

For Mother's Day I got black yoga pants with a dark pink stripe running down the leg and a pink hooded sweatshirt. I LOVE the gloves, Leonie! I guess our kids know what we like, huh?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day workout..I just put a pic on my blog of my Mother's Day gift to myself - new kickboxing gloves!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Check in

Wed I did Taebo Ultimate Upper Body - I keep meaning to try this one with weighted gloves. It is made up of parts from other Taebo Advanced workouts - very good cardio with an upper body focus. Nice to do after the Taebo Ultimate Abs on Tues....

A friend gave me Turbo Jam Kickin Core - about 30 minutes cardio and then, straight after the turbo, you do some core and other work with the stability ball. Finally a stretch using the ball, for 45 minutes in total

Thursday I did this Kickin Core workout and loved it so much that I did it Friday as well - but because I had to leave early for homeschool ice skating, I only did the cardio, ending at 30 minutes and with the turbo - then did my own cool down and stretch. Great fun!

Today I did Taebo Celebrity Fit Sculpt - some cool combinations in that workout.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's Always Something.. lol

I saw this in the paper this morning and could not resist! Sounds like me...:)

More Zumba!

Tonight I plan to hit the Y for another Zumba class, then a Mat Science class, which I hear is killer. I assume it is strength training...

I just loved the Zumba I took last week! Picture it:

I am walking the halls of the YMCA, which I am still finding my way around. I hear the Zumba class is in the gym, room 5. I wander in the general direction I think the gym might be. I hear, in the distance Latin music. I get closer, it gets louder. My heart beats faster... it is like in college when you are invited to a party and as you approach you hear the music and it just draws you in.....!

I opened the door and the class is in the ENTIRE big gym, and there must be 75 people all Zumba-ing to Latin salsa music with is blasting on the speakers! There are all ages, shapes and sizes, many elderly, many younger and they are all swiveling their hips and stepping out and I have never seen so many SMILES in an aerobic class!

I hurry to find my place admist the crowd and start trying to follow along.

I have done aerobics for years, and lately a lot of Jazzercise which by nature is dancy. But this was a challenge. You must swivel your hips while you do *everything! lol It was a blast and I got a tremendous workout... my hr was right up there and burned 50 more cal than my regular Jz and this was just in 45 minutes vs an hour of Jz. At the end she did a squat routine that was a killer.

I introduced myself to the teacher after, and she was just so sweet. I felt part of a really big Zumba community!

All this to say, I think they are right on when they say variety is so important. I went to PT yesterday ( which I love) and even enjoyed the Jz after. It is so easy to get burned out on a workout, but when you add variety, it is so nice.

Tomorrow am we are off to Florida so I hope to get a really hard workout in tonight. I also hope to workout there, as well- am checking the local Jz and gyms. We will do a lot of walking, etc, but I do love a throughout workout.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.. but I am reading. You all are doing great!

Today's workout

Today I did a Taebo workout - I haven't done one in awhile. This was my cardio but Taebo, like all kickboxing, is also strength.

I did Ultimate Abs - some good standing ab work and cardio.

And spent hours at the hospital with Thomas - he got hit in the head with a croquet mallet at homeschool park day this morning and needed stitches and x rays. Thankfully, nothing was broken - but the mallet narrowly missed his eye. The stitches are on his right cheek, near the eye.

Workouts and drama. :-)

Monday, May 7, 2007

check in

The boys and I ran and walked 2 miles today with a dash at the end. Thomas won. My plan is to do that 2 more times this week and then increase our running next week. By race time I'd like us to be doing 3 miles, running half of it.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Can You Run?

Quick workout check-in. I swam twice this week, and this morning I ran 1.25 mi with my older 3. Definitely need to put some track hours in since the boys and I are going to run the Race for the Cure 5k in a few weeks.

I also wanted to recommend this book the Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. When I was in the delivery room with #3, I asked, "How soon can I start marathon training?" This book is what inspired me to even consider running although I hadn't run since elementary school. I've never run a marathon; 6 miles is my top distance ever, but this book got me there. At the beginning of the book, there is a very nice, gentle training plan to transition you from walking to running, and the rest of the book has tons of inspirational stories narrated by a "putty mom" who does end up finishing a marathon--and what a finish! I've run on (between pregnancies) and off (during pregnancies and postpartum) for the past six years. One thing I've marvelled at is the fact that even when I haven't run for a long time, I can always run a little when I want to. And even a little run can improve your athletic walk.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I've been doing the Cindy Crawford workouts the last three days, interspersed with Turbo Jam for cardio.

Wow, talk about DOMS!

This is surprising as it is mostly low weight work - but definitely high rep. The unweighted leg and butt work and floorwork is deceptive - you think its easy but you feel it the next day.I've been lifting heavier weights with the FIRM style of workouts so interesting to get DOMS from lighter weights...

I think I'm doing a Slim Training routine for the next two weeks or so - alternating with cardio.Maybe longer? But I am not good at long rotations.

I'll do any of my low weight high rep weight workouts for the Slim Training effect.

Here is some info on Slim Training -


Slim Training: Yes You Can Change Your Shape!Beach Body has created a new technique for slimming the body, called "Slim Training™", which is the basis for a new program called Slim in 6™ - but it’s something you can create on your own as well. While Slim Training is not a revolutionary fitness concept altogether, it is the first time it has been tested andorganized into a system to work for everyone.Slim Training combines many elements from traditional fitness programs into one routine that specifically targets all of your energy systems in order to slim down your body. If you have ever done basic training in the military or completed a pre-season "hell week" for a sport, chances are that you have done a similar type of program. What makes Slim Training unique is that instead of being targeted at a sport or performance-related goal, this program is designed to target the way you look and feel!

Sound science: Slim Training is, for the most part, sound science. For six weeks, six days a week, each session you should warm-up, stretch out, work out all of your muscle groups, and your cardiovascular system, then warm down. The 6-week program starts at an easy pace and increases in intensity over time until you peak around the sixth week. Then you should take a break for rest and recovery.

Revolutionary science: Slim training differs from most techniques in that you work all of your muscle groups every day for 6 consecutive days. This is in stark contrast to what most professionals say is optimum. The reason it works is that each workout doesn't totally max each muscle group. While the overall workouts should be intense, you shouldn't overload each muscle group to the point where it needs the standard 48 hours for recovery.If you decide to use Slim in 6 to get the results of the Slim Training technique, the program's "coach" and creator, Debbie Siebers (also of "Thin Thighs Guaranteed!") is there to make certain that you don't overdo it. If you decide to construct a Slim Training™ routine of your own for six weeks - for instance combining the Sculpt and Sweat tapes of Power 90 into one daily "Slim Session", each workout should tax your system enough so that you can ensure strength gains and maximize your body's fat burning capabilities WITHOUT OVERTRAINING.

Use low weight and high repetition resistance training. This allows for only very slight muscle hypertrophy (growth), which is offset by the body's fat loss over the course of the 6 week program. The result is a slimmer, fitter you.

Important: If you decide to turn your current program into a Slim Training program: If you are working your body to its maximum right now and try this, you could overload your body and "overtrain". Overtraining can lead to compromised progress, injuries, and eventually illness. When you workout hard (like in Power 90), your body breaks down. You need to wait for it to recover to train again. That’s how you get stronger. But if you work out too soon, then you will actually reduce your strength and weaken your body’s systems. You must exercise caution not to overdo it if you decide to put your own Slim Training program together!

Overtraining is why the time between resistance workouts should normally vary from a day to as many as 6 or 7 days, depending upon individual recuperative ability, size and type of muscle, efficient use of supplements, diet, rest and other restorative techniques, and the severity of the overload.Six to seven days for recovery is for severe overload only and is in the realm of the serious athlete. "Normal" gym type workouts will not generate this much "microtrauma" to your system.

Overload is what we call intensity of the workout, with intensity meaning purely resistance training. Meaning simply that for Slim Training, the amount of weight that you push around should be reduced. You don't want to attempt to lift your maximum weight. If you ever fail at less than 12-15 reps, then lighten the load. You can recover quickly from daily aerobic exercise but resistance training (heavy weights, plyometrics, etc) will hammer you if you attempt to do it to the max each day. This doesn't mean that you don't work hard. It just means that you need to re-set your gauges for the purposes of Slim Training™. Don't attempt to lift the same weights you were lifting when you were resting a day or more between sessions. That would be a recipe for overtraining. But if you can make yourself re-adjust and go backwards (hard for some), then you can turn your current program into a Slim Training program and expect results.

Finally, remember that Slim Training was designed to only last 6 weeks. It can be a taxing program. You should back off once you peak and give yourself some time to recover while you get ready to blast away at your next program.So if you want to change your body shape from say, a pear shape to a V shape, you’ll find this Slim Training technique is a great tool for you when utilized correctly!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Has anyone ever done Zumba? There is a class tomorrow at the Y I may try. Here is the description:

It's fun, different, easy and effective! 50 minute Cardio-Latin fusion class feature aerobic/interval traning to maximize caloirc output, fat burning and total body toning, all to incredible music and moves that are easy to learn!

Journal today

Here is my check in as of 3pm. Will post the rest tonight:

- soy nutrition bar
Coffee with half and half

Lunch (late) Chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil and basalmic vinegar. Fresh pineapple.


Fresh pineapple

Lots of water.


Chicken breast, fruit, diet coke

TV (watching debate with dh)
Cheese and crackers
2 glasses white wine
Small portion Chicken Paprika and noodles
Work out- YMCA
25 min aerobics on elliptical machine and treadmill.
Mat Pilates one hour class.

Green tea.

Prayer- quick morning offerings while on the computer, praying for needs of friends.

Food, exercise and all that.. :-)

(This is how I felt in class today!- Pilates... wonderful!)

Hi All-

I have been reading, but not posting.. finally have a minute to check in!

I love your journals- food, exercise and prayer. Very inspiring and really neat to see exactly what your day entails. I found some articles on food addictions (I need to go find them again) and feel that is where I am to a large extent. Also, when I left town this weekend, I had all sorts of energy. When I came back, I am feeling horrible again. I think it really is the air quality/allergies in Houston. And I think I eat/snack to 'feel better' both looking for energy and positive feelings. I am very tired of longing for naps, etc.

So, I have a new plan.

When I feel awful (like I do just now- and I can feel it is fatigue and allergies) I am going to remind myself this is NOT hunger.. but the best thing I can do is drink water. Or second choice de-caf green tea, which I love. I will *move*, not lay down.

I also am going to add more movement to my life. I think I really need to cut down on the computer, because it is so sedentary.

So, that is my plan. I also plan to post here my journal... thanks for the inspiration!

Well, on the positive front, ;0, I have been really enjoying some new ways to work out! I was getting tired of Jazzercise as I mentioned, not surprising after doing it 4-5 days a week for 2 years....

I gave the YMCA another shot. I love the women's workout room now. I do the treadmill/elliptical machines and listen to these awesome
Peter Kreeft lectures I downloaded to my ipod. Oh, he is so cool- a PHD in philosphy, but Catholic and is so intellecutal... I listen to him talk about and quote C.S. Lewis and Chesterton.. talk about how paganism and Freud all fit in the picture and sweat up a storm!

Then, I will go in the corner where they have all this nice equipment- medicine balls, exercise balls, weights, etc and do 30 minutes of moves I learned from PT, still listening. It is so relaxing. Stimulating my mind and body at the same time. Plus they have such a positive atmosphere there, Bible verses on the white board, a cozy couch to drink tea when you are through and smiling faces. And all the equipment is new and CLEAN!

Today I did the elliptical, then went to a new class I had not tried before. Mat Pilates. WOW! She was brutal. Felt worked out from the inside out.

Here is a description of the class:
"Using techniqes developed by Joseph Pilates, thee classes will strengthen your core muscles, stretch and relax your body and your mind." 1 hour class.

I am feeling very heavy these days and know it is my eating. But I will not give up! It will come with time and I feel so much better when I work out. Mind and body.

Keep going, girls!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Running the Numbers: Lap 2

OK, quick summary. Between talking to Bill and chatting with WW, I figured out a couple of places that I've been shorting myself food now that I am maintaining my weight. I really should be eating about 2200 cal a day. So, WW is not keeping me at an unhealthy caloric intake; I wasn't doing the plan correctly since I haven't gone to a meeting since I've started maintaining. Good, because I've always thought of WW as a plan that works with your lifestyle, teaches you good eating habits, and helps you lose weight at a good rate without gimmicks. BTW, did you know that to lose 1 pound per week, you need to cut your caloric intake by 3500 cal/week? I didn't!

Here's what I ate today, Very Hungry Caterpillar style: toast with butter, coffee, milk, sugar, 1/2 cantalope, more coffee, pasta with meat sauce, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, orange, PB and banana sandwich, more coffee, salmon, rice, salad dressing, salad, lots of water and 2 scoops of ice cream on a sugar cone.

Caloric intake: approx 2200 cal. :)

I also had a great 1/2 mile swim, went to Mass with the kids, prayed 4 decades of a rosary (in the pool), prayed the Breastplate of St. Patrick a few times and started to memorize it with Cecilia (a great teaching tool, by the way), and there will be evening prayer and Sunday's mass readings before bed.

I promise a shorter post nest time!

Turbo Jam

I received my "new" workout ( from ebay) in the post - Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3.

I've done this workout on Tuesday and Wednesday -so, today it had better be weights for me. I try to do one cardio and one AWT or two cardio and one weights day..

Anyway, CP3 is fun, fun! There is a great song in the first half of the workout - "Party, party people" - and I love the punches and shaking to this song. Some good upper body punches and combos make this a nice workout for arms etc as well as cardio.

The turbo is similar to one of the turbos in TJ Fatblaster so I find I am familiar with the routine and can up the intensity.

If you like kickboxing, if you like dance, if you like rap, hip hop, old school music - well, you'll love Turbo Jam.

Oh, and I forgot to add - I love the workout outfiuts in this workout. Chalene is wearing a really cute workout skirt - I want one! And there is a background exerciser who is 50 years old and she looks fit and hot. My inspiration - not that I am 50 but you know what I mean.

Here is a review of this 52 minute workout - party in a box!

Running the Numbers

Spurred by Leonie's question about if my caloric intake was high enough, I decided to run my numbers today. First I weighed myself. Then I did my WW calculations. To lose weight as an exclusively breastfeeding mom I need 31 points per day which is approx equal to 1550 calories. Wow! Really? (EDIT Actually, not really. I forgot about the discretionary points which, if you divide them evenly across the week, would add approx 250 cal a day. ) This reminded me of Elizabeth's blog comment that most dieters are eating less than people in concentation camps did. I'd like to know what that number is guessed to be, but I can't find it online. Now, I'm not trying to lose weight, but I'm also not exclusively breastfeeding, so I'm hoping the WW numbers average out.

Next I checked out what a nursing mother needs to maintain a healthy milk supply. I found that nursing only 2 or 3 times a day means only about 100 extra calories.

Then I calculated my BMI. 22! I was pretty impressed, but also sad that I can feel a bit squashy and not be totally satisfied with my weight when I weigh less than 78% of American women my age. Of course, I really have to compare me to me. Am I where I need to be? That's an ongoing question....

OK, then I calculated my caloric needs here 2121. Whoa! And I need to add 100 cal or so because of the nursing. That means WW is shorting me 700 cal a day. I'm going to call them to check my math. Also, I need to go back and calculate what I am actually eating per day. I'll be back with more numbers.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde