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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Walkin' in the Rain!

So yesterday afternoon I decided to go for a walk. Dh was home and I wanted to get some exercise. Our grocery store is a mile away but travelling through our local greenbelt makes for a good two miles. I took the long way hoping to maximize my outing.

Making it to the grocery store, I picked up our food for dinner and loaded it in the backpack.

On the way home, I took the shorter route - which is still a mile - because the rain was beginning to fall with a tenacity similar to my stubborn streak. I was about 3/4 of a mile from home when my cell phone rang.It was Big Daddy. "The rain is coming down hard. Do you want me to pick you up?"

"You betcha." I replied and thought to myself, "What a guy!"

By the time he arrived I was .2 of a mile from home and my legs were cold and wet...drenched, even. But see that bulky green coat? I was dry underneath!

When my grandmother in Venezuela was alive, she used to delight in afternoon showers out-of-doors. What I mean here is that she would love to go out in the rain....and yes, she was clothed.
I figure if I ever move to the Pacific Northwest, I'm good to go.

And despite the aforementioned stubborn streak, you can see I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West...
I'm too stubborn to melt from a little water....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Now I know what DOMS is....

Here is the main component of yesterday's workout--snow. That, a shovel, and two driveways, a set of stairs, the sidewalk, and the street around the van.

CK's Goals for Week of 2/25

Hey, a place to put my goals! I liked it when I posted them last week, because it gave me some accountability. You can skip if this is a snoozer to you.. lol

Why the dog picture? Because I like dogs and it made me smile!

My workouts are pretty standard fare. But I like the Jazzercise workout and love the people! I also hope to get outside every day and walk with my CDs. I have a lot of projects around the house that are physical, including cleaning the garage so (of course!) will count those.

For Lent I gave up processed foods, so hope my diet will improve as a result. I may make notes on my eating, as well. Ok.. I will TRY to cut down on processed food. :)

That's it!


Report: Did the class, but was tired. Had my watch on and burned 300 cals- not a lot for that class. But came home and got the cleaning bug.... and had my watch on still.. burned 500 more calories in 2 hours of cleaning and patio cleanup! And listened to a Fr. Corapi CD at the same time! Mind/Body/Spirit all at once.. plus a clean(er) house!

Eating: OK. I should never publish my Lent intentions in case I (when I do) mess up... I may erase that --- lol

Jazzercise step
Took day off.


No Jazzercise.. but to the park in the evening and walked around it twice (which is about 3 miles). Listened to a Fr. Groeschel CD. Very nice.

Jazzercise night class and
PT session

Ha ha! Skipped out on jz and the PT.. but had a better offer. It was a BEAUTIFUL day here, not only low humidity and nice temp, but a real honest to goodness breeze. Dh and I took our darling dachshunds to the park and had a lovely walk.


Friday, February 23, 2007


I haven't posted workouts in awhile but have enjoyed reading about everyone's successes.

I lost 100g this week - less than half a pound but I'm feeling good! :-)

Yesterday I did an old FIRM workout.

I did Total Body Shaping Mix - an old FIRM parts on DVD. While it does use a step, I like that it only uses one height - tall box. I often hate switching from low to high step/fanny lifter - seems fiddly to me.

The parts from other workouts are blended well but there are a couple of fast changes - one minute getting heavy weights with Pam and then working out with Tracie and others from a different workout, for example. This is so good for me - keeps me interested. lol! But can be difficult to keep up with, sometimes.

I liked the plyometric jumps and thought the cardio sections were fun - esp the section with Allie. I am feeling it in my quads today - all the legwork, esp the floorwork . I love floorwork - one reason why I love FIRM Volume 1 and Taebo Lives.

This is a cardio and sculpt workout...

The workout seemed to be lacking in chest work. The abs section was good and I stopped at the stretch/cooldown - had to take the kids to homeschool swimming.

All in all, the workout is 67 minutes long ( if you do the final stretch!). Definitely going into my rotation.

Today was Taebo - Billy's Favourite Moves. 45 minutes of cardio, with the usual kickboxing strength moves and a bit of floorwork. Billy and the crew have a lot of fun in this workout - so do I!

Making Progress

Well, you can congratulate me!

How's that for modesty and humility?

Anyway, I've managed to comfortably fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn since I was pregnant with baby #3. I still have a considerable amount to lose, but I don't even know at what point I started since I dislike scales...I tend to get overwhelmed at the starting point...

So, through my walking and enjoying my food instead of treating it like an enemy, I am down probably 4 inches.

God is good!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pulling Myself Up By My Bootstraps

I've hit a curve and have not dealt with it as gracefully as Maria. Two weeks ago we moved into a new military house because our old one is going to be knocked down. I got a swim in that morning and since then I've had 2 swims. That's it! The movers broke the treadmill so that is out too. I was willing to give myself a little break because everything is in a box and the stairs are something of a workout, but that little break has drifted into a near comatose state. So this week, I've been trying to force myself back into the water. At about 20 minutes I get impatient to be home and painting or unpacking or cleaning, but I'm gritting my teeth and trying for at least 30. I find that sometimes pulling out that inner drill seargant is the only thing I can do!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exercising Creatively!

Well, as you know, my dh has been gone lots....in the past 3 weeks we've been passing sicknesses back and forth and now my littlest guy has had a fever.

So, I've had to be creative with my walking...

Sunday, my dh was home so I took one of the girls with me and walked two miles around the greenbelt area.

Yesterday, Big Daddy was gone and my little guy was feverin', so I walked up and down my street out front and prayed the Joyful Mysteries....

So, I'm tryin' to keep up with my plan even if there's some curves (and not just mine - ahem) along the way....

Monday, February 19, 2007

Verify! ARGH!

(Click comic to enlarge)

Ok, I don't read Cathy that often, but did today and could relate!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Ab work

Thomas took a pic of me doing ab work, with his mobile phone. I look terrible, but, hey, its a real workout pic! lol!

I try to do some ab work every day - my abs have had it, after my pregnancies and surgery. But strong abs are important for strong backs...

Food Is Our Friend- and workout vision

(I thought I would update my planned exercise below to track how I did vs. my goal)

I have had an interesting time since reading Fed Up. I let go of my worrying about eating, and then began eating rather unheathily. But, that played out and now I find I am craving healthy food.

Where I work out an instructor suggested we keep food journals, as she is (and has lost 7 pounds) and bring them in each week. I just can't do that yet. I am still just too tired of all that thought put into food. I really hope and pray I can get a natrual balance.

I think food journals and other tools are great at times.. but just not now.

For Vday my dh bought me some dark chocolate with expresso. I loved them. I have eaten one or two a day. I don't want 'forbidden food' to drive my life so much that I can't appreciate a gift like this, or sharing some homemade pesto or a juicy steak with my family. This must be a natural thing.. which is what I am in search of.

I also don't want to one day be a 70 year old grandma on a diet. lol

I had an awesome PT workout last night! (Personal Touch is an hour of strength training in small group format). We worked on the step. Lunges off the back and side of the step. Bicep, shoulder and romboid work. I was already sore before I left and woke up delciously sore this morning. Ahh...

Oh, also per Fed Up, I decided not to work out every day. Take it as it comes. But I found, like Leonie has said, that I miss daily workouts. I would feel sluggish. So my goal is to incorporate daily workouts back in my life, but have them be just a normal part like brushing my teeth.. get them done early (my preference) when they don't take away too much family time, and not obsess if I do have to miss now and then.

Here is my workout plan for the next few days:

Today- Jazzercise (I fill in as Class Manager today)- with Diane, a favorite instructor...

Sat- Special Love your Butts and Guts class at Jazzercise... 1 hour and 15 min of abs and glut work, then 40 min of aerobics!

(update... slept in on a Saturday morning.. Ahh.. felt good! Will get a workout in today or tomorrow in lieu...)

Sun- off
(Went to Jazzercise. Enjoyed the class, though feeling heavy from my bread eating-fest...) lol

Mon- trying a new class at the Y-
(I hated it!! Left early... am going to stick to Jazzercise!)

Tues- Jazz pm (Filling in as class manager)
(Went- Good.)

Weds- Jazz am
(Did class and then part of next class.)

Thursday- Jazzercise, then PT
(Did class (though arrived late) and had a great PT sesson. Sore next day...)

Friday- Jazzercise regular class

(Did class then walk in neighborhood- 513 C.)

Sat- off (walks with dogs, etc)

Sun- off (maybe pm Jazz if I decide to skip Monday)

What are you all up to with your work outs these days? How is your eating going?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vitamin D..

..from my weekly Kathy Smith fitness email. :-)

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
Have you noticed that Vitamin D is getting a lot of attention lately? According to recent reports it may help protect us from certain kinds of cancers (such as breast cancer and prostate cancer). It can also help us to build and maintain strong bones and muscles plus a lot of other health benefits. It’s no wonder that I am getting a lot of questions about this hot “new” supplement.
I once gave a speed walking workshop to a group of women in their mid-forties who were training for a 5K. One of the women walked regularly for exercise and she always made sure she was covered in sunscreen and clothing. She avoided the sun at all costs, because she was worried about skin cancer. She kept getting colds and having aches and pains. When I suggested she check with her doctor, she found out something really surprising. She had a severe vitamin D deficiency. She got a prescription for getting her vitamin D from natural sunlight.
She started walking early in the morning or later in the afternoon or early evening, when there was low sunlight, and she didn’t put sunscreen on her hands or face for her 45-minute walks. She wore sunscreen for the rest of her day.
Within two months, her vitamin D had increased to a healthy level and her mood and immune system improved dramatically. Within six months her bone density had also improved and her aches and pains had gone away. When we don’t get enough vitamin D, our bones get weakened and so do the muscles that support them. She also discovered that she had lost her tendency to catch colds.
But here’s something I bet you didn’t know, Vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin. It’s a hormone. That’s right. What’s the difference? Vitamin D is manufactured in the body and that makes it a hormone. Vitamins by definition are not manufactured in the body and must be obtained from food. When I tell my friends this they always ask the same logical question. Why all this discussion? Why not just let my body make the vitamin D it needs?
The answer is pretty surprising. Did you know that vitamin D, like so many other hormones in the body, is manufactured from cholesterol. When your skin is exposed to sunshine, the cholesterol in your skin is converted to vitamin D.
But here’s the dilemma. Just about every person in America believes – incorrectly I might add – that cholesterol is a toxic substance that causes heart attacks. And so millions of us are taking a medication to block our body’s ability to synthesize cholesterol. The odds are pretty good that, as a result, we don’t have enough vitamin D.
Millions of us also believe that sunshine is bad thing that causes skin cancer, so we make sure that we cover ourselves with strong sunblock. As a result, sunlight never touches our skin, and you guessed it, we don’t convert cholesterol into vitamin D.
So what can we do? If you expose your face and hands to sunlight without sunscreen for about twenty minutes three to five times per week for four to five months per year, you probably will get enough UVB rays to keep your bone mass intact, because your body has the ability to stockpile vitamin D for use during low-sunlight times. Mother Nature is amazing. Early morning or late afternoon sun exposure is the safest.
I love taking an early morning walk at least four mornings per week, or I try for the late afternoon or early evening when there is still some sunlight and the risk of over exposure is very small. I always wear sunscreen when I’m not getting my natural dose of vitamin D. Another easy way to get some vitamin D time is rolling down the window in your car as you drive, or even opening the windows in your home.
When you can’t get enough sunlight, if you’re under sixty-five, you should take 400-800 IU per day. People over sixty-five should take 800-1,200 IU per day unless they have a known sensitivity to it. Remember that many very common drugs actually increase sun sensitivity and will therefore increase your chances for getting a sunburn if you stay out too long. It’s always best to check with your pharmacist.
Good food sources of vitamin D are liver, cod liver oil, and egg yolks.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eating tips for Valentine's Day ..

...or any other special day.

From my weekly Denise Austin email. :-)

Have a Sweet Valentine's Without the Sweets!

Eating a heart-shaped box full of candy isn't the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day. This February 14th, be really good to your heart with these healthier options:

Remember it's about romance, not eating, so skip the candy in favor of non-sugary treats! The options are endless — go for some perfume, jewelry, a soothing massage, or a dreamy moonlit stroll instead!

When dining out, stick to the menu's healthier fare. Don't use the holiday as an excuse to derail your healthy habits.

Feed your sweetheart (and yourself!) some fresh strawberries with low-calorie whipped topping for dessert, rather than a high-fat, high-calorie choice. It's a romantic — and guilt-free — finish to your meal!

If chocolate is a must, keep it to a few bites. Remember, labeling a food "forbidden" often leads to a rebellious binge. So if you must, have just a little bit to satisfy your craving. If you think of it as a rare treat, you'll really savor the occasion!

Go easy on the alcohol. In addition to being loaded with empty calories, too much alcohol can lower your ability to make good and healthy choices.

If you blow it, don't beat yourself up. You don't want to be guilt-ridden post-Valentine's! Just get back on track and keep going! You're still doing great

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something to Sleep On......

I have been thinking alot about a slower pace of life....it seems the idea of siesta is confirmed here in this article in the New York Times called, "Regular Midday Snooze Tied to a Healthier Heart."

No wonder I'm so tired!

The lab just called. It isn't my thyroid, I'm anemic! I used to get anemic during pregnancies but it never occured to me to even think about it otherwise. How can I be anemic? I eat red meat several times a week. We get this delicious lean (from Texas Long Horn cows) organic meat directly from a farm here in Virginia. My freezer is stocked with it. Plus I do eat spinach, broccoli and leafy greens pretty regularly.

Anyway, I have to go back to the doctor's next Monday to figure out my treatment. Though I don't quite know what he's going to do except put me on iron? Why do I need to waste a couple hours sitting in a doctors office for that?

I didn't quite do my 5 fruit and veggies yesterday. I did eat a banana, some fruit salad and a veggie stir fry for dinner. I started off drinking water but forgot as the day went on. My knee is really bothering me so I haven't exercised. I really need to get a swimsuit and go swimming! Not a good idea today, since it is snowing out. But perhaps today I'll buy a suit on line. I have been thinking that I could take some of the kids to a Sunday afternoon free swim at a local community center pool. That would get me a little exercise and some fun time with the kids. I think I'll make that a new goal.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A walking journal

I know that a few of you are walkers. Well, Leslie Sansone has a out a new Walker's Journal.

It has tips and space to record walks and food and goals and a daily happy thought, over a four month period.

Don't Look!

If you are trying to go no sugar/fat.. don't look!
But if you give yourself a treat now and then, check out this cute Valentine's Day idea for goodies.
If you make them, consider the one you eat a gift from me to you. :) I would mail you one, but don't think it would work too well... lol

Click here

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bloggy Business...

Ok, I thought I would post this here so if you all have better ideas you can chime in!

Rachel had asked how to get her pic in the personal profile.

This is how I did it.. maybe Leonie or others has simpler method?

1) I created another blog that is really just a dummy.

2) I made a post and uploaded the picture I wanted (in html mode, not compose mode)

3) I hightlighted and copied the html code.

4) I went into dashboard, edit profile and pasted the html picture code into the space where it asks for it in the LEAN BUT NOT MEAN blog - photo section. And checked to share the profile on blogs.

That was it!

Rachel if you don't want to/don't know how to set up a dummy blog, I can upload your picture to mine then give you the code to paste into your profile. Just let me know. You will need to email me the picture.

Does this make any sense? Leonie, is this how you did it?

Now I have a question for you all!
I check the 'remember me' on this computer when I sign into blogger, but it never remembers me. So when I navigatate away from this page, I have to login every time I come back. Does anyone know how to get the blogger to remember me?


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby, baby steps!

Hi all!

This week I am resolving to do some things a little differently. I feel good that I have made it to two doctor's appointments, given the fact that I haven't been to any in 5 years! That's progress for me! So now I am feeling slightly inspired. So this week I want to:

1. Drink more water.

2. Eat five fruits and veggies each day (this involves some real meal planning. First I am going to clean out my disgusting fridge, so that I can actually stock it with fresh fruits and veggies.)

3. I am reading a really inspiring book entitled Strong Women Stay Young, by Miriam E. Nelson. Basically it is all about strength training for creaky, middle-aged women like me! So at least once this week, I want to do the strength training program outlined in the book to see if it hurts my knees and hip. I figure it will be an exploratory exercise session. I need to find what will truly work and instead of latching onto something and then having it not work out, I decided to put myself in the mindset that I am trying things out to SEE if they work. That way, if they don't, I won't feel like a failure, it'll be the exercise program that just didn't suit me!

4. Make an appointment to get my knee and hip x-rayed.

5. Check in with this blog more. I need to be around you ladies more so I can be inspired!

Right now I am off to buy ankle weights. Dh is staying home with the kids. I am going to Sports Authority and Crate and Barrel. I need to get stuff to organize my pantry. And I am going to treat myself to dinner out. Something healthy like a salad!



And Now For Something Completely Different..lol

Hi all-

Today I had a very different workout from what I am used to!

I have been doing mostly Jazzercise for 2 years, with occasional videos, treadmills or walks.

My dh belongs to the YMCA and upgraded us to family level. I went years ago, but just went back today.

They have a ladies only workout room which is very nice.. you can avoid the singles scene (yes, it exists at the Y!) and it is quiet in there, walls painted mauve, lights are calm and there is a place to sit and have tea after your workout if you want.

Today, I got the the eliptical machine with my book on tape of LOTR and did 30 minutes. As I was working up a sweat, Galdalf was giving Pippen the history of the crystal!

Then I did the weight machines for about 20 min. Then, did my own exercises in the corner on the mats with weights, medicine ball and the big ball.

Burned a bunch of calories and got my hr up-as good or even better than my regular Jz workout.

Though I love the socialbility of the group classes, this was so nice as I could just zone.. and I did. It was nice b/c I felt I could really enjoy my workout and let go.. I used a lot of the moves I have learned over the years from videos, Jz and personal training. I was in my own world!

And it was a nice atmosphere. Also nice that I can go anytime and not have to wait for group classes to start. So, a nice alternative.. another choice.

Hope you all have had some good workouts lately!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Check in..

How's everyone going - with workouts and eating and mind/body/spiritual balance?

I had a Saturday morning workshop for work today - I am just back. Managed to do the 60 minute Taebo Advanced Live 6 kickboxing and floorwork workout before I went - and man, my backside is still feeling it. Wow, I'm surprised I can walk! lol!

Anyway, even though the scale is annoying me, I must be doing something right . My jeans are loose and dh noticed how much flatter my abs are - after seven big babies I had almost given up on flatter abs.

And I am noticing that my daily workouts are my mood enhancers - they make me feel better even on crummy days. Thank you, God!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The New Me :)

Well, I read Fed Up last week and won't go on and on anymore about it, but it feels so good not to worry about all I eat. Now I have much more room in my brain for other things.

Workouts.. well I relaxed a bit there too. I did Jazzercise on Monday, but skipped Tuesday.. and guess what? I skipped today too! But I think I will do the treadmill later and preview a science DVD I got for the boys.

I do miss daily workouts- they truly are mood elevators and I see how one could get 'addicted' :) - but it is nice to give myself a break. Treat myself nice and honor myself.

This rambling post is really saying to me that it is all a balance. Mind, body, sprit.. and friendships, having coffee, skipping a workout now and then and just keeping active are all part.

When I get back hope to comment more... Maria.. cool park stuff! Faith.. just skimmed your post but am praying for you as health issues are very important.. Rachel.. I will post some ideas on how to get your picture up... I have not forgotton!

Have a lovely day all and take care of YOU in whatever fashion you need today.

With love,

Me, again!

Hi all,

I keep forgetting to come here because I have to go through Internet Explorer which I don't usually use because I don't get my e-mail on it. Anyway! I am still struggling to get even the basics started up. I did go to my OB/GYN and he did say that I am suffering from perimenopausal symptoms which is why I am so tired yet can't sleep. He is worried about my thyroid so he took blood and I go back next week. Today, I am supposed to have a general physical with a new doctor. I am convinced I have arthritis. I really need a diagnosis and then a gameplan for dealing with it. I keep trying to do some exercise and then wind up hobbling around for a few days. Yesterday I played ping pong with kids for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and all night my right hip and knee were aching (another reason it is hard to sleep! Can't get in a comfortable position!). I am thinking I really need to make time for myself (don't know how) and start doing some water aerobics at a local recreation center. It is just that I already feel overwhelmed by all the running around we do. I was hoping to be able to do simpler stuff at home. I don't even own a bathing suit at the moment! And even though today I am supposed to go to the doctor's, it snowed during the night. I am a nervous driver anyway, and not brave in snow. Added to that is the fact that my husband is out of town for the week so if anything happens to the car, I am on my own for dealing with it. My neighborhood is in an area where all the roads are narrow, hilly and windy. Not good for ice and snow. Sometimes they plow right away and sometimes they don't! So I might not even be able to make it to the doctor's today.

I have been doing a little purusing of dvds that focus on exercising programs for people with arthritis, though for some reason I feel silly buying one before I have any official diagnosis.

So pray for me you all!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Hi Gals, girlfriends, fellow-crazy-Mamas-on-the-journey!

We started a new schedule yesterday! We woke, went to daily mass and continued our breakfasts at the park! I walked almost 2 miles, while these precious rascals played at the park.

The idea is to do this 3x-4x a week - however, I have come down with a cold...cough, congestion - yuck! Not only that, we're in the midst of GLORIOUS weather - with rain expected Thursday....

So, the kids will end up playing basketball outside today and the two younger children have practice tonight for their team....and I'll be sipping tea and offering up my rest for my dh to get a job back at home - he's being submitted for a job as we speak!

My offering up will not go to waste! :-)

Sunday, February 4, 2007


One thing I have discovered over the last 13 months or so, is that I like Bootcamp workouts.

Perhaps its the whole military thing - pushing myself to my limit. I now have a number of Bootcamp workouts to my name, purchased on special or for birthday and Mother's Day ( everyone knows to give me a new workout for a present - what else could I want? lol!) Books and workouts..).

Today I did Taebo Bootcamp 2 - 55-60 minutes of traditional military Bootcamp PT ( push ups, squat thrusts, jogging in place, jumping jacks and so on) . Mixed with Taebo "combat" moves.

It is definitely an advanced workout, as this
reviewer writes. I was sweating buckets - it was a hot, humid day, though. And I love the section in which Billy and his dd Shellie demonstrate some self defense moves...

Here is an excerpt from the review ~

Want to get a dose of what it is like to climb under fences, crawl through fox holes, scale a wall? If your answer is yes, this is the workout for you. Warning! This is a very advanced workout!

In my review of Tae Bo Bootcamp 1, I said something to the effect that you should be ready to join the armed services after completing this workout. Well if you can make it all the way through Bootcamp 2, the armed services better be ready for you! This is one tough, kick butt dvd!

But it is total fun - I can take this feeling of challenge and apply it to other parts of my life. I can prayerfully set challenges and move ahead....

Friday, February 2, 2007

Cindy Crawford workouts

Today I did Workout 2 from the Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout.

This workout is now available on DVD - yay! Its one of those classics - with good music and good scenery.

You have to modify some of the too fast moves, imo, but it is a very effective workout - read the comments on Amazon about its effectiveness. And safety, although I think slower modifications make it very safe.

I also like Cindy's other two workouts - The Next Challenge ( a 70 minute workout that can be split into two parts) and A New Dimension ( post pregnancy or returning to fitness..).

Weigh In

Yesterday was my second weigh in, and I've lost a total of 4 pounds! For some reason this time it's much easier than it has been in the past. I'm choosing healthful food that is delicious without feeling like I'm giving up anything. This week I've been having a great time tweaking a double chocolate biscotti recipe. Not a bad cookie yet!

I got into the pool this morning and had so much energy. Thirty-five minutes flew by! Some days I feel like I can't remember how to swim, but today, I felt like a champion. I love days when a work out feels so good. I had 3 good swims this week, and tomorrow, a run. Bill is laughing that his wife, who usually only exercises under duress, has become the sporty one.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Checking In--

Hi all-

Just thought I would check in as I have been pretty remiss lately!]

I have been doing my regular workouts at Jazzercise. Now I try and go M-F and take weekends off.
I devoured most of the Fed Up book, and not to be dramatic, I think it was one of those life-changing books.

Ok.. have I scared anyone?

I have dieted and exercised since college. I kept hearing how one should not diet. I never believed it, but just thought it was another gimmick to sell books. I knew how my life changed in college when I did diet and all of a sudden got dates, and acutally that has carried over all these years. Not that I want to start dating, but that the other reasons I wanted to be thinner would be achieved by dieting.

I really recommend this book!

It was the first that really helped me accept myself, and I am planning to read JPII's Theology of the Body, too. I have read excerpts and know that is key.

But Fed Up also talks about how dieting makes your gain b/c you are creating this antagonistic relationship with food. It is true! You have to read this, if this is something that you can relate to, as I can never explain it like her.

And finally is the chapter on exercise. She is all for it for all the reasons we know. But again, she says not to use it as 'punishment' for eating badly. Do things that feel good. Move how you like to move. Dance when you clean house. Work out hard if that feels good. But don't do it to try and change into a petite size 6. Be who you are- a healthy you.

This has been like a lightswitch moment for me. I am tired of thinking about what I eat, and if I worked out enough to compensate.

I let go ... and already found that food has lost its forbidden allure... and I work out when I want to (which is still most days), but don't get at all upset if I miss.

I take care of me and am as nice to myself as I am to other people. Ah.


also went to PT tonight after a great Jx workout. Feel great! So came home and had a glass of wine and some cheesey breadsticks for dinner. YUM!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde