A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grumpy Steps!

Well, ladies, things here have been stressful for me as my dh has been gone almost 3 weeks! I haven't had a break and I've been feeling like I need one...grouchy, grumpy, grrrrrrrr....

So here's what we've been doing to try to regain some sense of mental well-being to deal with feeling as if I'm in charge of everything - which, of course, is how I feel with him gone....

Yesterday and today - and the plan is tomorrow as well - we've been trekking on over to a local park. Yesterday, we brought OJ and breakfast bagels - bagels with egg, ham and cheese...today we brought cereal and organic fruit bars. We've done breakfast at the park and after they eat, while the children are playing, I've been walking. I'm not exactly sure how far I've gone, I suspect it is somewhere in the mark of 1.5 to 2 miles. As I walk, I've been praying my rosary and today, I added the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I've been trying to walk away the grumpies!

My dh is scheduled to be home perhaps Thursday. I can't wait - really. I want him home. I want him home to stay. I don't like these long absences.

I wish I could walk those away.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Fed Up and Seven Habits

Leonie, I got the Fed Up book you rec'd from the library and read half of it last night! (I did skim over some parts that did not apply, but I found tons that did.)

I realize I am one of those who has let food take much too big of a role in my life.
I think she is onto something, and like the fact that she was in a similar boat- but pretty extreme, and then became a doctor- so seems to have a common sense approach to this. (not too psych-pop)

I like her goals- not dieting. She spends quite a bit of time on the whys, both physcially and psychologically. I also like that she has you really think about this and let it sink in. She also talks a lot about body image. I realized that I am a true child of the media and I guess like most people my age and younger, have been heavily influenced by the media.

This is part where I want spiritually to override.

One thing she talked about was to think about our genetics. If your parents are big-boned, or not petite, you probably will not look like Kate Moss. And if you do, you are probably ill.

I started thinking about me genetics. I take after my dad. He is 6'3". I am only 5'7" but I have his build. Broad shoulders (think Joan Crawford) long legs. When trying to decide if I was an apple or pear shape (you know the fitness test) I am neither. I finally found it, I am a watermelon.. I gain all over!

But, I also started thinking about my paternal grandmother. She is also built like her son. And I therefore am built like her. She was never a petite woman. She was never fat, but just strong and tall. I never thought that was a bad thing.

Oops! Yes I did! I remember asking a relative who I looked like. They said my grandmother. I asked if that meant I was pretty. The person just smiled and if to say no. Amazing how these things stick with a child! (Stephen Covey talks about that in 7 Habits)

I realistically thought about what my body can and should look like at age 47. And it is beautiful. I see other women and think they are very beautiful and they are not super thin. I am rather hung up on numbers. I was a bit heavy in high school then lost it in college and never wanted to go back.

But, I see that once one can accept their body and beautiful just as it is, then do healthy things to help it be better, that is were it's at!

Oh, other things I related to.. like don't buy new clothes until I lose weight and 'deserve it'. Silly things like that. Boy, the dieting media has really messed with our minds.

Now, add all this great advice to the character based insights I'm getting in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I'm gonna be so balanced I won't be able to stand it! lol

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Taebo and the FIRM..

These two seem to be my workouts of choice right now.

I tend to leave picking my workouts to serendipity - what I feel like on that day, what jumps out to me, what someone mentions on Video Fitness.....within a set framework
(currently two days cardio, one AWT or resistance).

Yesterday was the FIRM 2003 BSSS2 Complete Aerobics and Weight Training.
More info - I don't use the FIRM equipment, just an aerobic step and weights.

Today was Taebo Advanced Live 7. I have to admit to singing along to some of the songs in this workout!
ETA ~ This is a pic of me in my workout clothes, after a workout - a bit daggy but at least its real! lol!


Thank you, Cindy. I am in again. Hopefully permanently!

Anyway, I really wanted to join this blog because I have been trying to get myself motivated to start up some healthier habits. It is ironic because this New Year's I resolved not to make any New Year's Resolutions because I always break them almost right away. So what did I do? I broke that resolution and decided to try to exercise. Because the funny thing was that my children were inspiring me. My 14 year old got a weight set for Christmas and started lifting weights. My 16 year old does Irish Dance and Swing Dance and takes walks regularly. She also goes to the chiropractor and has to do regular exercises for her back. My 11 and 8 year olds were begging me to sign them up for track. And my 5 year old loves to do theseYyoga for Kids dvds, plus she dances all the time. So I have all these active children while I sit on the couch or in front of the computer in a state very reminiscent of a potato!

Then I saw that Leonie and Cindy had started this blog and I thought that it would be a great motivator too. Because I need others to keep me going and encourage me. I very, very easily slip into discouragement.

I have a slew of little health problems. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 5 years ago. I don't know if I believe it quite. I never did follow up on it. If I did have CFS, I didn't have it nearly as badly as some, but I do struggle with low energy levels, often feeling exhausted, and feeling light headed and foggy brained. I know when I'm in for a relapse because my legs starting aching like I have a fever. Then I know for the next couple of days I am going to be really, really tired. I also have IBS and suffer from lots of migraines. And I have a strong suspicion I'm developing arthritis. My joints ache and swell. So there you go! I need to lose 30 pounds too.

I figure I'll represent the wuss population of women who are trying to get fit! I tried Pilates earlier this month. I felt nauseated afterwards! I went back to the only exercise dvd that I seem to be able to stick to with anything remotely close to consistency and that is Leslie Sansone's Walk the Pounds Away. So I started doing that, but I hurt my knee and my hip! It took about a week to get over that! I realize I can't do the kick backs anymore.

But I did one really good thing. I finally got doctor's appointments. I haven't gotten a physical in years (since the CFS thing). So I am doing that. And when I feel like my joints can take it, I have been gently doing the Walk Away the Pounds dvd. And Tuesday I am going to my ob/gyn. My husband has been after me to go. Three women that he works with are struggling with breast cancer. And his own mother has liver cancer. So I finally gave in and made appointments. As you can tell, I am not one to go to the doctor's quickly!

So now that I have spilled all this personal stuff on line, I hope that it will force me to stick to some kind of routine when it comes to health. I figure if I come here and publically confess, it will motivate me to keep moving in the direction of progress, even if the progress seems really, really slow compared to others.

So there's my intro. I do hope blogger will let me on next time I try to post!

I will...

I will usually let a handful of chips turn into a chip fest...
I will usually eat while I watch TV or read and stop really paying attention to amount...
I will usually get tired and frustrated, so take solice in a sweet treat or fatty snack..
I will most of the time not think while I eat, but just do so mindlessly...
I will usually 'cheat' and then feel guilty and give up...
I will usually eat leftovers while I clean up instead of just putting them out of sight...
I do usually forget that it is all about being healthy and treating my body right...

Except today!

(how was that, Rachel?? - I couldn't make it work with I don'ts-- lol)


I am trying to see if Faith can get in this way.

just a test!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

I don't

I don't let anything come between me and my second cup of coffee.
I don't exercise on a day where we have big plans.
I don't run in the morning.
I don't get on the treadmill when the kids are awake.
I don't look at the treadmill display with excitement.
I don't run at a 10 min/mile pace even for a little while. (That's 6 min/km)
I don't exercise for longer than 32 minutes.

Except today!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Spirituality of Sport

This book looks interesting.. has anyone read?

I am becoming more and more interested in weaving our faith into the exercise of our bodies. There is so much negative out there in terms of weight loss and exercise.. trying to achieve that Perfect 10 and all the pressure that goes with it.

God gave us these beautiful bodies to take care of, created in his image. I wonder if this book addresses that? And marrying spirituality with fitness...?

Exercising with Kids

Interesting article about exercising with kids of all ages!

Nice Active Day

Today I did the Jazzercise class this am.. so glad I went. I almost stayed home with that 3rd cup of coffee.

Got home and did laundry, all walking around the house chores and took the darling dogs for a walk.

Then the boys had their tennis lesson,so during it I walked (fast) the nature trail that runs through the woods behind the court. You inspired me, Maria! I listened to LOTR on audio as I walked and did three laps- probably about 2.5 miles. When I finished the tennis coach told me he timed me.... How does he do that when he is also teaching 3 boys tennis? lol

After that I vacuumed the downstairs.. and now I am wore out!

Hope you all had a nice day. The weather was just beautiful here.

Workout check in. :-)

Haven't updated my workouts for awhile - how have you all been going with your swimming/walking/other workouts?

Cindy, it sounds like your Jazzercise has been fun and also hard work.

Since Wednesday, my workouts ~

Wed - Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, Jam - 50 minutes of kickboxing, a bit of shaking and grooving and some very fun, effective capoeira ( A Brazilian form of martial arts and dance combined).
Thurs - the Hollywood Trainer Cross Training. This set is on sale at Amazon, $US 12.99 for 7 workouts!.btw I only have two workouts in the set - Cardio Sculpt and Cross Training. The Cross Training was good for me to shake things up - about 10 mins kickboxing, 10 minutes cardio sculpt with light weights ( I used 3 kg - about 6 1/2 lbs) and then 20 minutes of pilates and yoga.
Fri - Australia Day and Jonathon's birthday! Did Taebo : Billy's Favourite Moves. 45 minutes.
Sat - today! I did Taebo again - an old Advanced Live ( number 6, with a cardio, form and standing abs focus for 60 minutes).

We've also been walking and swimming and bike riding and doing housework withn the kids - its summer here and been pretty hot...Oh, and we've been eating out for J's birthday!

Healthy family dinners

Rachel and I are looking for more ideas - healthy, lower fat, not too calorific, easy to prepare, most families will eat, not too expensive...a tall order!

Feel free to post your suggestions!

This site has some low GI meal plans. The dinner list is below ~

Grill your favourite lean meat or chicken and serve with potato, sweet corn and peas, OR

Stir fry some lean beef or pork strips and mixed vegetables and serve with fresh wheat noodles or Basmati or Doongara rice, OR

Prepare some lasagne with lean mince, fat reduced cheese and add 3-bean mix for extra variety, OR

Make your favourite curry and serve with Basmati or Doongara rice and pappadams, OR

Team a barbequed chicken with steamed sweet corn cobs, grainy bread roll and a tossed salad

Here are some yummy dinner recipes - I'm gonna try some. This site has more vegetarian options, which suits me fine.

The kids can always have larger servings and a dessert!

Am I in?

I have been trying off and on for days to post here. Did it finally work? Blogger just doesn't like AOL I guess! Thank you Cindy for your help in overcoming my computer illiteracy!

Before I write anything more, I am going to see if this posts!



Thursday, January 25, 2007

This one is for the walkers!

I walked my way slim...

A week of healthy eating.

Shape Magazine has put out some new workouts - Bikini Body Bootcamp.

And they are promoting healthy workouts ( strength and cardio) and healthy eating .

Here is a sample meal plan for 7 days - yummy and healthy and simple!

Shape's Eat Right

Walkin' Fiend

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Maria and I'm a walkin' fiend.

One of my goals for the new year has been to try and get out everyday with the kids - it has to be with the kids as my husband travels lots so my exercise is inevitably linked with their's!

We started out the year very well, but then came down with colds for roughly 10 days. This has been the week of getting back out and we've done very well. Monday, we walked to a park a mile away and played.

Tuesday - I can't remember....

Wednesday we went to a different park and while the children played, I walked around the perimeter of the park and canal area.

This afternoon, my intention is to walk to the bank and back which will be a two mile walk.

In April, the pool at the nearby University opens for public recreation swim - we are SO there!

So, that's our rough outline.

Go! Fight! Win! Walk!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Last night's dinner was Leonie's oatmeal. YUM!

Here is one on my favorites:

Portabella Mushroom Sandwiches

Portabella mushrooms, sliced
Bell peppers, sliced
Onion, sliced
1/2 C Soy sauce
1/2 C Water
Whole wheat pitas
Jack cheese, opt

Mix soy sauce and water in a big bowl and put veg in while you heat 1 Tbsp of oil in a pan on med-hi. Stir fry veg, adding water as needed to keep it from sticking. Serve in pita halves with 1 tsp of cheese sprinkled over the top.

Variation: For fajitas, omit soy sauce and water. Instead add 1 clove pressed garlic, 1 tsp ground cumin and 1/2 tsp salt to pan with oil. Stir fry veg and when done, sprinkle 2 Tbsp lime juice and 1/4 C fresh cilantro over the top. Serve in warmed corn tortillas with a little cheddar.

Swimming by Woods on a Snowy Morning

Whose woods these are I think I know...

This morning at 9 am I slipped into the pool and started my warmup laps. And as I took my first breath, I noticed the fluffy snowflakes gently falling on the pine trees outside. Swimming is a quiet workout, and watching the snowfall through the huge windows that run down the length of the pool, I felt like I was out in the midst of God's creation. By the time the windows started fogging over, I was in the zone and not thinking about outside anymore, and all the snow had melted before I got out to my car. But those few quiet moments, the surprise of an unpredicted snowfall, the peace of a gentle morning swim, it fed my spirit.

The woods are quiet, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.

Workouts/Seven Habits

I took a break over the weekend, which actually was nice.

I went to Jazzercise on Monday, though subbed for the Class Manager, so signed people in. A new woman signed up to join (that is good!) but it took me a half hour to get her signed up and her automatic debit set up.. so I missed half the class! Oh, well the priced paid to have the glorious title and discount of a Jazzercise Class Manager.. lol

But I made up for it with step class yesterday. I felt great and pushed it, plus Carole had a hard routine. I burned 400 cal, instead of my usual 350.

DOMS- my legs are very sore today as we did a lot of leg work.

I found some insight for my dicipline in eating in an unlikely place. The first habit of Proactivity in Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

I had forgotton how deep that book is, as I have not picked it up in over 10 years. He talked about doing everything in your life based on your principles and character. That includes keeping promises, even those made to yourself. Combining that with his idea of not being 'reactive' but 'proactive' really hit home with me.

He says to stop and think and seperate when a stimulus causes you to react. This could be any negative stimulus that might cause one toward anger, etc. I found this applies to emotional eating, or eating for 'energy'. Stop, think, seperate, and keep your promises.

Anyway, still reading, but I found it interesting.

Of course, then I made a Chocolate Silk Pie for Bryan.. and had to taste it. But that is ok and part of life. And I was happy. I would put the recipe up but it is defintily NOT healthy, except for the chocolate.. lol

Monday, January 22, 2007

DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Yesterday I felt deliciously sore in parts of my upper and lower body - I have to admit to liking some DOMS. :-) Simply because they mean I 've had a great workout, challenging myself.

Why the DOMS? I was using the overtaining principle with weights - this helps with fat loss and muscle definition and endurance.

Saturday I completed a FIRM Classic - Volume 1, aerobic weight training.

Sunday was Taebo Total Body Blasting - intervals of cardio ( Taebo) and resistance work. And swam laps at the pool with dh and the boys.

Monday I did the FIRM Volume 1 again.

Hence the DOMS.

This meant it was time for cardio today - did Taebo Cardio Circuit 2, 55 minutes of Taebo with circuits for upper body/lower body/abs/total body.

I was dancing around a bit and letting loose between some of these circuits ~ those endorphins, you know! lol!

(Laughs at self).

Shelley ( BB's dd) mentions at the end of this workout that it's not just physical but also spiritual - we work on the inside and the outside follows.

A nice thought..

Food stuff.

I was wondering if we could share some healthy meal ideas? Good for health, taste and weight. :-)

I'll start with a favourite breakfast recipe - sons Thomas and Greg and myself love this. I got this from Bill Phillip's "Eating for Life"

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

P.S. You can leave out the chocolate - its just there for extra taste and to make you feel wicked! lol!

For each person -
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 teaspoon cocoa or drinking chocolate
1/2 - 1 tablespoon reduced fat peanut butter
1 cup water
Opt - scoop protein powder.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and microwave for two minutes on High. Serve with skim ( fat free ) milk. Very, very nice - you feel like you are eating dessert for breakfast but you are also getting fibre and protein. It's very filling and is my reward breakfast when I am hungry after a tough workout. :-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

If you come to a fork in the road...

take it! --Yogi Berra

I love him don't you? I also loved this Healing Seafood Stew that Bill made last night, but you'll want a spoon not a fork. It's huge on flavor, but easy on the waistline. After a very yummy dinner, I put myself in a headlock and forced myself onto the treadmill.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome Rachel!

This makes it offical, since I missed it when you slipped in!


Natural Exercise

This post of born of a comment Sabine made to an earlier post.

How can we incorporate exercise with life and fun?

Leonie mentioned that specific workouts are fun! I agree. I also find that mentally, having that break is nice for me. It gives me "ME" time and I can concentrate on one thing.

I also like the idea of exercise and playing with the kids. Here is means walking the dogs with the boys or playing tennis. When younger, it was even more.. swimming, wrestling, playing chase, horsey (guess who was the horse?), etc. Just having toddlers was activity. Back then, I was running. I had a jogger and that was awesome--- we logged many miles.

I find depending on the age and dynamics, the workouts may be different. I do remember times in my life (like when my boys were toddler and infants) I could not find time in the day, and I had to make do.

One suggestion I heard was to get a pedometer and try and walk 10000 steps a day.

Any other ideas?

What I've Been Doing..

Thursday - Billy Blanks Bootcamp Basic Training

Friday - Taebo Fat Blasting Cardio ( thought I was doing Total Body Blast and kept wondering where the strength training intervals were. Then I realized I took the wrong workout off the shelf! lol!).

Saturday - today - FIRM Classic Volume 1. I am drenched in sweat - thats a tough cardio and weights workout. Aerobic weight training or AWT.

Yesterday in the post I received my copy of the old fitness book "FIRM For Life."

Read part last night. :-)

It talks about the importance of resolve and of how being fitter and stronger helps us in all our other aeas of life - it's not selfish, it's not exercise for exercse sake, it's a life care thing. As we reach fitness goals and are strong and healthy we can tackle other areas of our life. The will and spirit we build can bring us closer to God and build personal and spiritual strength. We can be happier people and pass this onto our families...

The book also has some great nutrition advice - no dieting, eating healthy, watching portions, food journalling.

And some weird arcane advice on grooming - only wear black underwear in winter???

So now, I am trying to read three fitness books at once and a novel passed onto me by a priest friend and one of the books in the Didache religion series! Spiritual and mental and physical fitness, all in one...

Jumping In

This is so me. I find something good, I get excited, and I jump in! The only problem with that appoach is things can get in a muddle. Like for example, my first post where I didn't introduce myself first and got mistaken for Leonie (not a bad thing). So....

Here I am again, very excited about this fitness blog. By way of a very brief background, I am currently swimming laps at an indoor pool for 32 minutes 3x/week (alone) and jogging 1x/week with my 7 year olds. I'm 15 pounds overweight, I love to eat, I have a lot going on (don't we all?) and my healthy mantra this past year has been, "balance." Do I sound like I belong here? Thank you Cindy for inviting me to play!

I have had the same problem with my fitness plan being in a muddle too. Two weeks before Christmas I decided that I would rather swim than run for exercise, so Bill bought me a new suit, and I hit the pool. And now I am able to do a 32 minute workout without a near drowning, so I've started wonder, "What is my goal?" This kept me pretty occupied on my swim Wed, at Weight Watchers last night, and on my swim this morning. Because the problem is if we don't have a goal, how do we know where we're going and if we get there? And if we get off track, how do we find our way back?

So here is my goal:

I will lose 15 pounds before the baby turns 1 in April (about 15 weeks).

My tools will be Weight Watchers, my above workout (32 mins earns me 2 WW points), a 15 week meal plan for the family that Bill is going to help me devise, and this blog. I feel a sort of freedom having that in print...


Had a great workout just now at Jazzercise- Diane's class.. she always cooks me. :) She had a good set- lots of Jerry Lee Lewis and some disco... no rap! I am not a rappy kind of person, so I was happy.

Last night I made it to PT. Second time I have been at the night class and it was good. It is fun to work out in the evening for a change. I usually try to get the workout done in the morning, so I will DO it and not end up not doing it. :)

I have been trying to stay home evenings with family for dinner, etc. But it did feel good- re-energized me for the night. May need to keep doing that to get PT in since my Monday/Friday schedule is tough.

I do feel energized and rewarded myself with a cup of Starbucks. :)

Oh, I heard a quote I put on my other blog. This related more to working with my boys on their projects, but of course relates to me, too... all of us. Thought it was cute. Heard it from my Clonlara advisor, Dorothy. Just love her.

"It takes longer if you don't start."


Thursday, January 18, 2007


I recently had one of those watershed weeks. I needed a reminder of how thankful I really am, of all that I have.

I loved this post from Vonda.

That and some kind words from a couple of friends reminded me how lucky I am. Funny how when you get down, everything seems to go down. I was feeling sad my boys are so grown up. Funny how that hits now and then. Hey, they started the dishwasher last night after I forgot, helped walk the dogs and took out the trash. What 2 year old does that? lol

As well, some other stresses came to a head. Then I felt I had sort of failed with my health goals. Failed? FAILED?!

So... on to a new attitude and a new day! Rethinking my goals... and right now they are day to day.. eat healthier for me, keep enjoying my exercise and lovingly accept whatever physical body shape God graces me with. Hey, I like curves!

I'm going to put that scale back in the closet for a while...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Review of Taebo Ultimate Abs and Behind!

Ok.. I just did the workout.

Man, am I tired!

I am cooked! And my heartrate was hitting 150 for a bunch of that cardio!

My review-

I LOVE Billy Blank's energy! I did the ulitmate ab workout. I read some reviews on Amazon (as my DVD case didn't even tell my how long it was) and they said this workout was pieced together from others- all the abs in one place.

But, even with him focusing on abs, it was a tremendous cardio workout-about 40 min long- and then 15 min of floorwork. Very challenging and I felt completely cooked when done!

As the amazon reviews said, I would not recommend this for a starting Taebo workout (I have done some kickboxing videos in the past so knew the moves-- roundhouse kick, etc) and that would be tough if you did not. He moves very fast. Since it is pieced together, it does not have that smooth flow that some videos do, but I loved the change up. He is so motivating, too.

I also really like the 8-counts he does. Not sure if he does this in all videos? But will show a move, then start with 8 counts.. then say "2 more sets!" and I know the end is coming. The favorite thing I hear him say is "Walk it off!!" which means I can stop!

He is so positive.. and happy. Oh, I love how he goes up to various people in his crowd and 'harasses' them.. lol- punches them in the stomach to make sure they are tight or tries to 'pull them apart' when they are supposed to be holding a move tights.. then comes to the camera and says..

"I'm going to pull you apart!! Don't let me!!" I thought he might come through the tv.

Only think I would change is something different than all the cruches in the floorwork, only because I have neck trouble- but might be fine for others. And would like mores streching at the end- but I did my own.

Very good. Liked a lot. One of the best home workouts I have had. Thanks for the recommend, Leonie!

Have to share!

There are new Taebo workouts coming out! I am in love! lol!

This is not the big series, the Amped series. That series will be released on Monday and will be available for those not living in the US ( like me!) in February, from Collage Video.

These other, two new workouts are available for pre-order from Amazon - I think the release date is March 2007. I have pre-ordered both - Taebo Get Celebrity Fit Cardio and Taebo Get Celebrity Fit Sculpt.

Who could resist? Amazon offers a discount and the workouts are not terribly expensive anyway! And much cheaper than gym membership, here in Australia.And working out at home is so convenient for me.

Who's rationalizing? :-)

I'll let you know what the workouts are like when I receive them...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Turbo Jam workout today.

No cardio ( feels strange). I had to be out early to a work meeting so only time for a 30 minute workout. I needed something that wouldn't leave my hair all sweaty. :-)

I did Turbo Jam Lower Body Jam, a nice complement to yesterday's upper body focus. Uses weights and a resistance band. A nice workout, not too challenging - but you can still feel your legs working.

My Good Deed

Today in line at the grocery I struck up a conversation with a 50ish lady who commented on my shorts in this very cold weather. Fact is, I had just been to my workout and I am very warm natured, so had on my sweat jacket and my workout shorts.

I told her how much I loved Jazzercise and turns out she used to come, but her schedule got weird. I invited her back, gave her the website and told her how fun and social and non-clubby it was. She may come!

I think the most important we 40ish and 50ish and 60 and 70ish and also 30sih and 20ish girls can do is keep up that exercise.. however works best for us!

Monday, Monday (except now it's Tuesday)

Poor Monday always gets a bad rap. We pile so many hopes on Monday that by Sunday night they are already sliding into Tuesday. For that reason I try to be gentle on my Mondays...don't expect more than they can give...except when it comes to my workout.

If I don't get my Monday workout in, I can't seem to pull things together for the rest of the week exercisewise. And that wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that in the past month there have been 3 Federal Holidays on Monday so the pool (my current fitness muse) is closed.

Yesterday I decided that instead of letting Martin Luther King, Jr. Day get me down, I would run with the boys. And what a fun that is! All we have to do is step out our door to run on a flat half-mile loop, and they think it is the greatest thing in the world to run with Mom. They leap like mountain goats up and down the curb and over imaginary hurdles on the sidewalk. After a mile, they were tired (I don't blame them, so was I) so I dropped them off and ran two more laps on my own. It wasn't as fun as the first mile, but the sense of accomplishment was worth it. And I'm hoping that a little cross-training will help improve my kick.

Step today

Today I did the step workout at Jazzercise with one of my favorite instructors, Diane. She is known as the 'TOUGH one'.. lol but it is just 'tough love' and she always gives a good workout. I wish they offered step more than once a week. It alwyas boosts my workout.

I burned over 400 cal today- and a normal one hr workout usually burns 350 or so. She had us going!

I was feeling down yesterday... couldn't shake it and everything looked bleak. One of *those* days. But after this hard workout today I feel so much better. Amazing how a good workout can change the entire mood and frame of reference.

No ice storm after all... so glad as I got that great step workout. :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Ultimate Taebo ..

Cindy tried the Ultmate B*** workout. I love that one! So, I was motivated to do another Ultimate workout, too.

I decided today to do for a more upper body focus - Taebo Ultimate Upper Body.

The Ultimate workouts are well worth their money - on one set is the Ultimate Upper/Lower body ( two 60 minute workouts on one disc) and the other set has the two Ultimate Abs/Butt workouts. Amazon sellers have them for around $US9.00. And you can just do 20 or 30 or 40 minutes if you are short on time...

The Ultimate Upper Body is a compilation of other Taebo workouts with cardio and a upper body focus. I suck at the one arm push ups! I think this would be a good workout to do with weighted gloves ( note to self - buy some weighted gloves, when I get the money and the time!).

Ultimate Turbo... Pant Pant!

Today I did my Jazzercise workout then came home looking for some more strength training, so tried out the Billy Blanks DVD- Ulitmate Abs and Behinds. :)

It was tough! Wow Leonie, you must be iron-woman by now! lol

I didn't realize it was aerobic- thought from the title this one would be strength training only... so it was a double dose for me. I did about 30 min and was cooked.

I look foward to tomorrow and trying when I am fresh.

I like his energy.

Workout Plan for the Week

My usual workout for the week is 5 Jazzercise aerobic classes (one usually being step) and one to two PT classes. (These are semi private personal training classes offered by Jazzercise- one solid hour of stength training).

On my off days, I am still going to work out- treadmill for 30 min, a tape, or enough strength training to get my hr up.

This week is a bit off as we expect an ice storm ? to hit and may not have classes Tues and Weds.

So, my plan is this:

Today: Jazzercise and 30 min of extra strength training (tape or on my own)
Tuesday: Leonie's Billy Blanks tape
Wednesday: Jazzercise or Billy Blanks
Thursday: Jazzercise followed by PT
Friday: Jazzercise (if feeling over trained, then do it light or do treadmill)
Saturday: fast walk or treadmill
Sunday Jazzercise class (wonderful evening class)

My eating- well I got off ww and the counting and fell back into some of my bad habits.

I am wishing I could do like I did in college-- I just did it and didn't have to think so hard about it.

I know we have the food around here.. and I dont' want to deprive my sons, who eat in moderation. But we have had chips around lately. I need to have some snacks around that are healther and I like as much as chips!

So I have put some pounds back on and it is time to regroup.

I have the exercise part down! It is the eating.... :(

Sunday, January 14, 2007

And yet another workout...

Today I woke up and my b*** was still sore after yesterday's workout. I considered doing the same workout again, just to go for the burn :-) but decided against it. I wanted to be able to walk today!

So, I did Taebo Advanced Live 6. Mostly cardio and some standing ab work. The ab work is good and different - I do like the standing ab portions of both Taebo and Turbo Jam. Good to work my abs - esp the obliques.

Some fun music - including "Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn)". And a super rapppy song - "C'mon and Ride it."

I love the self defence/martial arts bit at the end.

Here is the taebo fans page and there is a link to themessage board.

Another workout.

Today I did Taebo Advanced Live 5 - a 60 minute workout. Some cool songs on this workout, including "My Sherona", "Love Machine" and "I Like It ( Like That)" .

The workout starts wth cardio and some fun, dancey moves. Then it moves to floorwork - lots of b*** and leg work ( I'm feeling it still!) and some abs. The workout closes with a bit more cardio and the cooldown introduces some isometric and balance positions.

I enjoy this workout a lot ( even if I do yell during some of the floorwork! lol!).

Cindy, did you get to try the library DVD - Taebo Ultimate Abs or B***?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Workouts and books

Today I did Taebo Fat Blasting Cardio from this set. A good 45 minute cardio workout, which you can do with or without resistance bands or light weights.

I followed this workout with Billy Blanks Ab Bootcamp - some of those ab routines are killer!

I haven't posted all my workouts this week - I worry about being boring. lol!

Basically, I work out every day - I never miss a day unless I really have to for health reasons. I do this just because I love working out, its part of my daily routine and part of who I am. I know people talk about the importance of rest days but I just can't take a rest from something I love! If I am extra tired or feel like I am overtraining, I will do a lighter workout on that day... Plus, I have a genetic blood clotting disorder and it is important for me to move every day...

Right now, I am re-reading two fitness related books.

One is "The Taebo Way". This is OOP but you can still pick up a copy secondhand from here or there - I got mine from an Amazon seller Christmas 2005. It is very good for tips on proper form and also for motivation - you hear Billy's story and are reminded of the mind-body-spirit connection. ( Billy Blanks is a Christian, btw).

The other book is Body for Life for Women.

Now, this book has been criticized as being a watered down version of the original Body for Life book. And its true in one sense - the workouts and meal plans are not as stringent.

What I like about the book, however, is its emphasis on mind - why we may overeat - and strategies for dealing with this, from a female perspective and wrt a female's lifestyle. Not being sexist here, but there are often different demands on a woman's time.

BTW, I couldn't follow either diet system - diets per se are just not me anymore. But I do borrow the Body for Life recipe book from the library now and then ( when I have paid my fines, that is!). Eating for Life has some yummy low fat high protein and complex carb recipes. Thomas and I especially love the chocolate peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast!

Check in

Ok, I did work out yesterday.

I went to an evening PT (personal training class) and am so glad.

I find that overall 1 hour of strength traning is something I really need. I have not been due to scheduling problems in probably 2-3 weeks. I was feeling really sluggish, stiff and heavy.

Wow, after an hour of that I was a new person.

Also did 30 of treadmill before.

I am going to REALLY try to get to pt at least once if not twice a week.

Today no Jz as J and i had a meeting with a financial guy during the Jz class time.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today is an off day for exercise. I try to do aerobics 5 days a week or so.
I may go to the PT (personal training) class tonight as I can't Friday am. (Have Clonlara conference call early am, then a meeting with finance guy and dh).

Eating has become terrible again since I quit counting on ww.com. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today as I was driving home from the library (mind) and passing the beautiful park where I walk/jog (body) and my parish church (spirit) on the way to the grocery store (body) I thought about the mind-body-spirit areas of my life and how each are being filled.

I realized that for me, the mind part really is in two areas. 1- intellectual. 2-emotional. I keep spirit mostly to faith and God, so emotional is more in mind.

As I drove I started talleying up what is in each area of my life. I realize I have such a beautiful life and really am blessed. Here is some of what I came up with. (no particular order)

Where are you in each area atm.. mind-mind/body/spirit?

My husband, my sons.
My wonderful close friends IRL.
My aquaintences IRL.
My workout buddies.
My neighbors
My mail-lady, guy at the deli and other people around me.
My online support
My ext'd family.

Researching resources for my boys and I keep learning, learning, learning
My Lighthouse Catholic CD business, business, professional, learning, meeting.
Dogsitting business, marketing, invoicing, pricing, etc.
Learning- knitting, painting
News in paper, web, tv.
Discussions with family and friends
Contintuing to learn more about the faith.

Jazzercise 4-5 times a week.
PT training, excellent challenge - strength and balance
Eating healthy
Tennis and activities with boys

Continuing faith journey
RCIA sponsor for two candidates
Lighthouse CD-s spreading the faith.
Working on my prayer life-
Lifted up by friends irl and online to reach higher.

I am so blessed.

Jazzercise today and my new DVDs

Today I took class from Leslie.. just love her.. at Jazzercise. She had me goin' as I burned 400 call as opposed to the 350 or so that usually clock out on my watch.

She had some new routines. Jazzercise sends the instrutors a new set of routines every 6 weeks or so. These are choreographed..which I love, b/c the challenge of making the right moves keeps my mind off how tired I am, lol.

She said usually at the beginning of a new year the moves are basic since a lot of new students join. But today there was some wierd stuff. but fun!

Only thing I don't care for is the rap (Jz tries to keep 'current' bah!)-- and when a certain Madonna song comes on I take a long bathroom break. Yeah. I don't like Madonna and will tell you way if you ask. :-P

Hey Leonie! Got my Billy Blanks DVDs in today from the library! Hope they work...lol
They are:

TAEBO II Get Ripped
Instructional Get Started Workouts

TAEBO Ultimate Abs/Derierre (my euphamism...lol)

Also got Uncle Tom's Cabin on tape for ds Civil War stuff and St. Augustine's Confessions on tape for my walking. Wouldn't St. Augustine be in awe that we listen to him while working out? I hope he would like it....

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

More Taebo workouts..

Yesterday was Taebo Bootcamp Cardio Live - I like the use of resistance bands in this workout but it is only 30 minutes so I also did part of one of my Xmas workouts - The 10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Killer workout.

Today was more Taebo. Billy's Favourite Moves - Love it, lots of fun in 45 minutes and some ab and butt work with cardio.

Taebo and Billy Blanks are releasing a new set of workouts - not that I even have all of the old! But thenew workouts sound like fun - I am being sorely tempted...The website doesn't post to Australia but I know Collage Video will have the set later this year - and they DO post overseas.

Should I or shouldn't I (order, that is!).

Maybe as a healthy eating reward?? I know my eating goes in fits and phases and I'd like to be more consistent with portion control.

Taebo Amped

Workout check in

Yesterday I did the 'retro' treadmill workout. Interesting. Only took about 30 min - burned about 159 cal. Not a great heart pumper, but at least it kept me on that durn machine for a while. Did about 15 min of strength training. Ralhpie helped by licking my face everytime I got close to the floor. Oh, so sweet.

Today did Step Jazzercise with Diane.. one of my all time fav instructors... and burned a whopping 400 cal- max hr was 159 (wheeee!) and avg was incorrect as I forgot to turn off my watch right away.

I still seem to get so much better of a workout at an aerobics class than at home.

Eating.. I am off the counting of weight watchers. I liked it thus far and it helped me learn portion sizes. Did pretty well today. Eating more vegs and fruits. Found some lovely blackberries on sale at the store.

Monday, January 8, 2007


I did Taebo Advanced Live 6 - one of the old OOP workouts with great music. I love the martial arts practice at the end of this workout.

I woke up late and was going to do only 30 or 40 minutes of the workout - but had so much fun, pushing myself and working out, that I completed the entire 60 minute workout. It just gets kind of addictive.

A parent at Kumon today ( my work) said I look amazing and asked what I am doing. I don't really look amazing ( in my dreams!) but I have lost 25 lbs over 2006 - basically by eating mostly healthy ~ well, some treats, watching portions and working out hard. I can feel that I have improved my fitness and this helps with my health - I have several genetic health conditons that cause me to be careful.

Here is a review of the Taebo Advanced Live 6 workout.

As Billy Blanks says - Be more than a warrior. Keep up with fitness and health, both spiritually and physically.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Going Deep- Eating to be 'Nurtured'

Ok, not to get too deep here, but here I go.

I watched a special on Food Network called Ten Days to a New You. It was about a personal coach helping people with their weight/health issues. It was very good and she made a lot of sense. Be more active, exercise, eat less and better.

But, she worked with each person to find out why they did the patterns they did, overate, sat around, ate too much, etc.

The more I think about Jackie, one of the participants, the more I think I see a key to my weight gain over the past few years.

I am posting because maybe there are others who might relate, too and it might be a key for them.

Jackie was a busy mom of small children. She seemed like a really good mom.. loved being around her kids, sharing life with them, being there for them. But she always put herself last. So, ate while she cleaned up their food, really ate all the time, all day... so meals were not that special to her. Pasta was her favorite, so she is about 50 pounds overweight.

What she and the coach determined is that she was using food to nurture herself. She was always 'on' for her family. She is happy.. not a sad housewife eating to escape, but an active loving mom. But, she nurtured herself with that bite of pizza or the bowl of pasta after the kids were tucked in bed and the house calmed down.

I related to this. I am very happy with my job. Love being home with the kids--- and my kids are bigger, so I am out of that minute-to-minute fire fighting mode that toddlers and other youngers can put you in.

But, I find I always feel I have so many things to do on my list. Take care of the house. Research books and resources for the boys. Work with then on their projects. Keep up my two small at home businesses. Shopping, errands, taxes, insurance, bills, house maintenance, keeping up with relatives... etc. I feel pulled in different ways, which is ok.. but I never am really DONE. I never have time that I feel I am off duty and can turn off.

I blog and keep up on email and lists, and that is relaxing. I am expanding more creatively through art and crafts. But I think I am looking for nurturing. Not emotional eating, which is also a real issue. To me that is more of EVENT- EAT. (Stress, fear, sadness, etc). I have done that, too, but the bulk (that has caused my bulk..lol) I think is eating to nurture myself.

I say, it is true that a handful of chips makes me feel good, right in that moment. I have nutured myself.

What Jackie ended up doing was finding other ways to nurture herself. She would get hte kids in bed then have a cup of tea. Purposefully, singlemindedly, and relax. And enjoy. Not on the run, or as she paid the bills.

She stopped snacking and enjoyed dinner with the family.

Anyway, I related to this. I am going to think about how I can nurture myself. One thing that has helped already is more structure in my day to give myself those definite times away from the endless lists. I set up an art studio upstairs where I can hide. :) Also, I took up knitting again and it gives me a reason to sit and it is so relaxing.

I also want to make more time for friends. Watch your caller ID-- I may be calling more for a chat....

Does anyone else relate to this- nurturing food?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Billy Blanks 10 Words of Wisdom

From the Taebo site.


Billy's 10 Words of Wisdom

1. I make my day what I want to make it.
2. I have power and know how to use it.
3. I am the controller of my life and decisions that I make.
4. Faith without works is dead.
5. Dead is works without faith.
6. Where I am today is where my mind puts me.
7. I walk by faith, not by sight.
8. Every day above ground is a blessed day.
9. I am blessed to be a blessing.
10. I know what I believe and that gives me power.

Backwards Workout

Oh, so this is pretty cool.

My Pt instructor (and all around neat person) cuts our articles and ideas she finds in her vast resource universe.. lol.. and today gave me this workout for my treadmill.

I told her I wanted an alternative to Jazzercise, just as all things and get old, and I can't run anymore. OH, I wish I could.

( Karen, I am running vicariously with you every morning! Hey, that works great.. you run, I stay in bed. lol)

Anyway for those of you with treadmills, here it is. I plan to try it tomorrow.

Each portion has descriptions, minute elapsed, speed in mph and incline %

Warm up 0-4, 3.5, 1

Retro walk
(backwards) 4-15, 2.5, 3

1st Hill 13-15, 4.0, 5

15-17, 4.1 , 6

17-22, 4.1 , 7

Retro walk 22-24, 2.5 , 2

2nd Hill 24-25, 4.2 , 6

25-27, 4.2, 9

Cool down 27-30, 3.0, 1

I like this idea. The treadmill gets sooooo boring. I have done stair machines backwards before and they really work different muscles when you go 'retro.' I also like the variation of this.. always watching the clock to make changes in incline and speed. Well looks good on paper.. will try it out!

For those with no treadmill, she also gave me a work out for the stairs. Regular stairs. It is circuit training , so mixes stair walking and running with calastnics. If you want, let me know, I will post.

I will give you a review on this workout soon!

* You Aussies will have to convert to kilometers.. good math exercise for your dc! lol

10 Days to a New You

I watched this while wrapping Christmas gifts tonight. (we are doing our gift exchange on Ephiphany.. long story..)

But it was great! She delved into the life of three people and helped them transform their life and bad habits in simple ways. I found I could really relate to Jackie.. who is always doing things for others (her family/kids) and eating along the way. She had to learn to plan meals and take time for herself. But I also related to the other two. Angel... always trying to be perfect. So when she messed up, she just gave up. I related to that, too!

Worth checking if you get the Food Network Channel.

I think Food Network could help the western world lose mucho pounds if they just told Emeril too cool it with the cream and butter.. lolclick here for 10 Days to a New You info


Well, yesterday, I was down. Sad at my older sons leaving to return interstate after the hols. Cried all through Mass last night.
What does this have to do with fitness?

I ate too much takeaway dinner and too much chocolate - and I just about never eat chocolate!

It is as though eating will fill the hole, help me deal with sadness. Yeah, right. And I kept thinking - who can be bothered with taking time to make healthy choices, I'll go back to healthy eating tomorrow.

So, here I am. Back to healthy eating today.

My workout yesterday was another FIRM -
Supercharged Sculpting from the 2004 Transfirmer Series. I added in a bonus ab section from one of the other workouts from this series.

I have decided to loosely follow the FIRM rotation I posted earlier - probably not the whole 90 Day rotation but at least the first month ( 30 days). Subbing in other workouts of the same category if I don't wanna do a FIRM workout.

The FIRM was originally planned to be done almost daily - using light-ish weights or alternating light and heavy. This is the theory of overtraining - building muscle definition and endurance and achieving fat loss, not building bigger muscle. Overtraining defies the rule of rest between weight workouts - hence the need not to go too heavy.

Woke up with a mild case of DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) - not because the workouts are hard in and of themselves but because of the overtraining factor, three days in a row of weights and cardio and abs. I love DOMS! Makes me feel worked out.

Workout plan for today is cardio ( FIRM or Taebo or Turbo Jam) and more abs.

Down Days

I thought it makes sense to not only post on the up days, but also the down ones. I have not felt really well all week and am getting a bit discouraged that the weight does not come off. It is not like I eat a gallon of ice cream at night. :0

This is where the rubber meets the road for me. I want this to continue to become a lifestyle, not a diet or short term agony. But, I find I needed some goals. When I didn't have goals set up, I worked out, kind of watched my eating but in the past 7 years managed to put on 25 pounds.

How did that happen?

I think it is due to emotional (comfort) eating. Also it is my age. I can tell a difference in my body as I am now in my late 40s. (Gosh that sounds old...!) Even just 10 years ago, in my late 30s I could still go run 3 miles without batting an eye, no injury risk, could drop 5 pounds quickly, etc.

But, I don't want to just give up and let myself go, because that is contrary to my goals. I want to be healthy and active.

So, I set goals. But I don't want to goals to rule my life. This reminds me a lot of the homeschooling discussions I have had with friends. Structure, but for the right reason. Don't let the curriculum rule your life, but use the curriclum when needed to serve you and the dc's needs.

So, when I go off my points at WW, or miss workouts, I don't want that guilty stuff. No need for that in my life! But if I don't have some goals, I fear I will drift and become unhealthier.

But I want to enjoy life, too... as Leonie said--- when friends come over, I am having that piece homemade quiche and enjoying it, too!

Does this make sense? Leonie, thoughts? If others are reading I would love your thoughts. Even if you are not making new entries, please post in comments.

So much food for thought... oh.. food... humm, some chocolate sounds really good... ARgh there I go again.. lol

Friday, January 5, 2007

The FIRM Workouts

Yesterday I did a Classic FIRM workout -Volume 4 - the Time Crunch Workout. 45 minutes of cardio and weights, using an aerobic step.

Here is a 90 Day Rotation, using the FIRM workouts - however, the workouts are listed by category ( cardio/weights/total body) so you can sub any other workout of choice for a FIRM workout. Each month has a fitness focus and a nutrition goal.

I haven't tried this rotation ( where would I fit in my Taebo and Turbo Jam??) - but it is a thought....

Workout Check in

Took Thursday off (not feeling up to par)
Today did Jazzercise-
427 cal
avg hr 123
max hr 159

Enjoy food

Liked this eating tip:

Resist depriving yourself.

Focus on what you're going to eat rather than what you're not. "It sounds indulgent," says Colleen Thompson, R.D., a nutritionist at University of Connecticut. "But concentrate on ways to feed yourself now. It helps you to stick to healthy eating habits." For example, don't skip a nutritious, fiber-rich breakfast, like oatmeal or a half of a whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter. It can help prevent overeating later.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Planning and Goals--Simple is Better

Today on the radio I heard a personal trainer doing a short spot to motivate people to get/stay in shape. She was so upbeat and I really liked her approach and attitude.

Basically she said:

- Plan your exercise. Get out your daytimer/calendar - and have it blank! Put in your workout schedule. Work life around it. Stick to it. No excuses, please! Make it simple.

- If you fall off your plan on eating or exercise, just start over. Many people mess up, then get frustrated and then say "Forget it!" Just get back on track.

- Getting in shape really is simple. People make things hard. When you make a mistake, just start again. Don't get upset, just get back on board. Plan your exercise, and stick to it. Dont' over-complicate.

Anyway, that really was something that helped me since yesterday I not only ate those Rebel Bars but also overate later in the day, too.

Today is a new day!

Also, my ww.com site sent me this article which related. Don't know if I can link so here is cut and paste version.
Have a good day!

Planning for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, planning refers to arranging situations and circumstances — in advance — to help achieve goals. This involves identifying strategies that help weight loss and finding ways to support those strategies. For example, if a goal is to avoid weight gain during the holidays, putting a plan in place to monitor eating during this time period has been shown to be an effective strategy. 1

Successful weight loss requires establishing patterns of behavior that promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes choosing lower-calorie foods and engaging in regular physical activity. But these things do not happen on their own — they require planning.

Plan to Make Wise Food Choices
Experts have identified patterns of eating that are linked with lasting weight loss. These patterns can help to "map out" strategies that include choosing low-fat, low-energy-density foods (read more about Cutting Calories: Portion Control, Energy Density or those that are high in fiber. 2 Selecting a restaurant that has more lower-calorie menu items or having the foods on hand to pack a lunch to take to work — these are examples of planning ahead.

Part of the process of planning involves setting goals for achieving healthy eating. Research shows that when study participants were assisted in creating their own goals and plans for weight loss, and given an eating plan, they were better able to stick with the weight-loss program. And, the end result was greater weight loss. 3

Plan for Exercise
Experts agree that regular physical activity, as well as proper diet, can result in long-term weight loss as well as provide significant health benefits. 4 As with eating, establishing patterns of physical activity that support weight loss involves planning. Research shows that that goal-setting can be an important part of the process — and that the goals should be realistic and attainable. 5

Taking small steps to improve eating and physical activity levels can have big effects on achieving a healthy weight. 6 All in all, planning ahead to establish patterns that encourage healthy eating and regular exercise can benefit weight loss.

view footnotes

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Workouts- Yesterday Off, Today a Double!

Today I went to Jazzercise and did Leslie's class- love her sense of humor! She is British and has quite a wit.

Did the 60 min class.. and had some energy left, so stayed for the first half hour of the second class.

Felt great! Weather is cool here, so it was nice and cold in the workout room.

Calories burned 630
Max hr 158
90 min

Well, I ate back a lot of the calories... I made Rebel Bars (really Revel Bars but renamed them 'Rebel' in honor of the Star Wars cookies I plan to make tomorrow...) and i had a few. Oh well. Didn't want to get TOO skinny. They were really good, too.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Three Berry Scones

This is off weightwatchers online- have found some great recipes there! I made this New Year's Day and everyone loved it. I used frozen raspberries as that was what I had on hand.


Three Berry Scones

POINTS® Value: 2 (about 160 cal)
Servings: 12
Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 25 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy
We lightened up this typically heavy English treat by using only a fraction of the butter and low-in-fat buttermilk in place of cream.

2 cup all-purpose flour
3 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp table salt
2 Tbsp unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces
1 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened mixed berries
2 serving butter-flavor cooking spray
Preheat oven to 400ºF. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Mix in butter until mixture is size of fine crumbs. Stir in buttermilk and then stir in berries.

Shape dough into two 7-inch circles on prepared baking sheet. Cut each circle into 6 wedges and coat with cooking spray. (I ended up seperating the scones and they baked better.. at first I left them all touching in the circle but the did better with some space between- ck)

Bake until cooked through and golden, about 20 minutes. Yields one wedge per serving.

Monday, January 1, 2007

7 Behaviors identified by University of Colorado for Successful Weight Loss

*Keep Trying
*Don't Deny Yourself
*Weigh Yourself Often
*Try to exercise about an hour a day (the more vigorous the better, but don't get discouraged if in the beginning you can't do that much. Start slow)
*Add a little physical activity to your daily routine
*Eat a low, fat, with plenty of protein in your diet if you are exercising
*Eat five or more meals per day

Today- Jan 1

Took a nice leisurly walk with dh and our two dachshunds. (they go slow but it felt good to move as I am organizing the office all day)

Did a brisk walk for 35 min. Weather gorgeous! HR watch not working properly, but burned about 300 cal.

Home- did some exercises I found in the paper.
Bicep curl on stability ball
Ab crunches/pelvic lift

Then did some bicycles (still the hardest ab exercise I know) and some regular crunches.

Eating going very well. Am not snacking as much, planning meals and enjoying them.

Workout yesterday and today...

Traditional Taebo moves mixed with military style drills and calisthenics. Jogging in place. Jumping jacks. Burpees or squat thrusts. Push ups.

Some use of resistance bands, high rep low weight upper body work. Abs and floorwork .

The workout is 55 minutes and a good bootcamp and kickboxing routine. You feel like you really used your workout time efficiently!

Billy is very motivating in this one - and very bootcamp - give me 10 - cadence - are you quitting on me??

He reminds us, at the cooldown, that "Where I am today is where my mind put me. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind'll put me."

IOW, we use our mind and will to make the right choices - eating right and working out for health and fitness.

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Here is a favorite recipe from Weight Watchers, but does not taste diet, just healthy.
Boys love it! Great dipped in coffee or milk.

POINTS® Value: 2 (about 100 cal)
Servings: 20
Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 42 min
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
"Italian Classics" week continues with these delicious and healthy biscotti. Served with coffee, they make a great dinner finale.

2 sprays cooking spray, or enough to coat baking sheet
2 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp table salt
1 oz mini chocolate chips, about 3 Tbsp
1 cup sugar
2 large egg(s)
1 tsp canola oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
Heat oven to 325°F. Lightly coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and salt until combined. Stir in chocolate chips and set aside.

With an electric mixer, beat sugar, eggs, oil and vanilla until frothy, about 2 minutes. Make a well in the center of dry ingredients and pour in egg mixture. Stir just until moistened and dough forms. Shape the dough into a 13- by 3-inch log on baking sheet.

Bake log 30 minutes and set aside to cool for 10 minutes. Reduce oven to 300°F.

Cut warm log crosswise on a slight diagonal into 1/2-inch thick slices. Stand slices, about an inch apart, on baking sheet and return to oven for 12 minutes. The centers will be soft, but biscotti will crisp when cooled.

Monday Weigh In

My weekly weigh in went well! I am two pounds away from my 10 pound loss goal!

I am happy considering the wonderfully rich and sweet eating I did over the holidays!

Workout calendars

I print out one each month and keep it on the fridge, as a workout record and as a motivator.

There are stickers , too, if you are so inclined... ( I'm not!).

Fitness calendar

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

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