A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I liked this

I would like to be able to relax in my body.
Less tension and stress.
To also feel comfortable with how it looks, moves and behaves.

(this is posted on the desk at the Women's Fitness Center at the Y)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Genotype Diet

I read The Genotype Diet book over the weekend by Dr. D'Adamo. It certainly is an interesting read. It is essentially about how you can understand your genetic inheritance and work with it by eating and exercise to reach optimal health and to age well. The science is much easier to follow that the Eat Right for Your Type books, I think. And I'm always for anything that's going to give me an extra piece of self-understanding. I admit I am struggling with adapting the dietary changes, since I have really gotten used to the Type O program I've used for the last two years, and this has a few different emphases. But I do think that if you want help in making friends with your body, reading this book might help you. You could say his mantra is "one size doesn't NOT fit all," or in other words, the same sorts of diet and exercise approaches do not work for every person.

The Exponential Value of a Friend

Today I saw a brief clip of a morning news show where they had experts dicussing how to lose weight. They were chatting about how one of the most essentials helps is to have a buddy.

A buddy to listen to your goals, share her goals, listen to your successes and failures and share hers. Shoot the breeze, build you up, be there when you fall and be on the same journey.

I have found the same to be true. Ten years ago when my boys were little I ran. In Ohio. It is COLD in Ohio. But I had a buddy and we both had little ones, so we had to run before our husbands went to work. That meant 5:45 am. Every day. And we did it! We talked during our runs, and shared and had a common goal. The other moms on our block thought we were nuts.

Fast forward to last summer--- an old friend, from that same Ohio neighborhood (one of the ones who thought I was nuts for running in the pre dawn hours) and I connected. She wanted to get back into shape. So did I. We began.

She is in Virginia, I am in Texas. We email almost every day. She has done great and reached many goals, and so have I. We share successes and failures, eating and working out and all the stuff of life that affects us, such as her son's marriage and my dog's recent trip to the vet.

It is life.. and it has been fun to have a partner.

So... I am suggesting that if you are embarking on some new goals.. consider finding a partner.. it makes the trip so much more fun.

Spinning again

Well, I am back to spinning 3 times a week and today I had the most awesome workout I just had to post!

I didn't feel like going. I had sinus and was a bit dizzy and my head hurt, in that sinus way.

But, I went and Lynn, one of my favorites was the instructor. She really uses the music, which I love.

I pushed it.. and really got the old heartrate going and, it was hard... especially pu those 'hills' but felt so good!

Burned 460 calories and was sweating like a pig!

Whoo Hoo!
Just wanted to share!


Love the Turbos!

I posted awhile back about some of my workouts feeling too easy.

This last week, I have found a way around this, wth the Turbo Jam kickboxing-cum-dance workouts.

Each workout has one, two or four Turbos - short anaerobic drills, about two minutes long where you go all out and really get your heart rate up. Working out in intevals is a great calorie burner and also increases your aerobic endurance.

So, I've been upping the Turbos - today's Fatblaster workout usually consists of four low impact turbos and four high intensity turbos. I did four low to medium impact and eight high impact - LOVED it!

And I usually find, if I do only Turbo Jam for a week ( TurboKick is the gym version) - well, my upper abs get flatter and some little indents on the sides. I think its all the twisting and standing ab work.

Turbo Jam ( and TurboKick) always have low impact and beginner options so if you are after fun and better abs and good cardio that's my suggestion! lol!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You are not behind.... ala Flylady

Hi friends-
Thanks for the comments on the Body Combat post. I was about to put a comment there but thought I would start a new entry, since they are free. lol

Nimah, I loved your thoughts! And I must tell you, that honestly I am not into the martial arts kind of classes. Others are so much better at it than I and actaully I kinda cringe when they say to keep my hands up and 'protect my face' AS IF I would really be in a fight! But the Y makes it fun. And there are few people there who act cool and like the rest of us are dorks. It is all in good fun, or else I would not even be there.

I think Jazzercize is a great start and lots of people do that as their main exercise for life. I did Jazzercise for a long time and just moved to the Y last summer, mostly because of schedule and that we had a full family membership already at the Y, so didn't want to pay for both.

I was nervous when I began classes at the Y. Because they are bigger and there are some of the 'big girls' like I call them... super fit and doing Level 3. But there are also lots of Level 1 (or Level 0) lots of elderly people and kids. The atmosphere there is very encouraging, but those who want to push themselves can.

I began with the low impact classes, where there are lots of Level 1 and 0--- and then stood in the back of the class as I tried new ones. But, I decided to try them all- and realized no one really cared if I didn't do it right, or even if I had to leave because I could not keep up. (which I did a couple of times). Everyone else is really thinking about their workout, not mine. And most all the instructors care and would never belittle, but instead really encourage.

So... all this to say... go for it! I would just stay wayy in the back, and then as I felt more comfy move up.. and then often would stay right up front so I could SEE what the heck the instructor was doing!

Is there a Jazzercise near you? I just loved Jazzercise and still really miss the people and keep in touch with my Jazzercise friends.

Yes I was not good at Kickboxing, I think because they were so worried about form. They would nicely try and help me correct my form, but honestly I didn't really care about the form, just wanted the workout. But, I ended up just blocking how silly I thought I must have looked and went for it. There is always someone better than me and worse than me in each class.. so who cares? lol

And, with weights.. I have been doing this for a long time... and started out with 5 pound weights and lighter.. this has been years to get up to where I am. And yesterday had to go back to 12# again. It is all individual... and I never thought I would be using a 15# dumbell. But it was fun to pick that puppy up and heft ! Whooo Hoooo! (I know, I need to get a life... lol)

But, I do like what Flylady says about housekeeping-- for those who don't know her, she is very encouraging and shares how to tackle a hopelessly messy house in baby steps. She says you are not behind.. start where you are.

I think this is true in fitness... I try to remember when I mess up, or when I had a big weight loss goal. I am NOT behind. Just start in small steps and keep moving forward.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Body Combat

Tried a new class they just began offering at the Y today.. Body Combat. Has anyone ever tried it? I am not at all good at kickboxing.. the form.. the rapid punches, protecting the face, etc... but this was fun! It is set to music and boy, I burned calories. But the kicks, I have a lot to learn.
Of course I thought of Leonie-- she probalby would have loved it and had the form down, too!

They offer it Sat mornings, so will keep going. It was a lot of fun!

Kickin' it up a notch...

Hi Leonie and all-

I saw your last post on your other blog and commented there... you go girl!
That is an achievement when your regular workouts are no longer hard. It means you have improved cardiovasularly and also in strength. That is an achievement! Love the picture, too.

I have a very challenging week ahead of me, workout wise. I am at the point where I can workout hard for an hour and my strength is getting there, too. This week at my powersculpt class, a 60 min class where we do strength, but it is aerobic. We do lots of active strenght training (like squats, etc) and then have intervals of high intensity aerobics--- very challenging!-- well this week I took your Billy Blanks advice and challenged myself.

I usually use 10 pound dumbells, and go up to 12 pounders when I want to push For the first time during arm rows, I pulled out a 15 pounder. Took it slow and steady so as not not injure myself.

Boy I am sore.. and she had us really pushing in other areas, too.

This coming week I have challenged myself to add an *additional* 45 min of aeobics 3 X a week. This is in addition to my regular aerobics and strength. I just want to push the envelope a bit. I also would like to get the scale moving back down. It has been very happy right where it is for about 5 weeks, and I think my body needs a shake up.

Should be a fun week!


I Am Sad!


Well, the last week or so I"ve been doing my tougher more advanced workouts - Taebo Advanced Lives, Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3, the old FIRM Volume 1.

But, guess, what - they are not so tough anymore! :-(

Sure they are great workouts, you build up a fantastic sweat, I have some biceps coming along
nicely :-), and the endorphins flow - but I don't feel dead or wiped out at the end of the workout. And the DOMS aren't as tough.

It's weird but I like to workuot for fun and intensity and to get that really worked out feeling.

How is everyone else going with their workouts?
Oh, and here I am in the middle of a sweaty Taebo workout, using a staff. Now, that is what I call fun!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Bathingsuit!

Last Sunday after my swim, I ran off to the mall to pick up a new suit. It was a typical swimsuit angst experience complicated by the fact that the only one-piece that fit well made me look like a sackful of plums. In the end I decided on this wonderfully modest jog-bra with an old pair of running shorts. It worked great both times I swam this week and has the added attraction of being suited for a triathlon. :)

Which brings me to the Iron Girl of Aug 2009 which my friend agreed to do with me. The distances are 1k swim (I can do that now), 30K ride (18ish miles, I can do 3), 5K run (pretending I don't know about this part at the mo' since I'm combatting 3rd trimester knees.). I'm 28 weeks pregnant, but the race is 1+years away so I think I can make the train up, LOL.

I'm thinking of having shirts made that say "Triathamom--Marathon Mother/Sprint Triathlete." Isn't it fun to dream?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Billy Blanks' January Challenge

Start the New Year Off RightGet Rejuvenated in 2008

Most people think of rejuvenation as a New Year's concept. We think to ourselves, "I'm going to get rejuvenated for the New Year," or "I'm going to make a change, make a New Year's resolution." However, usually, we just break this resolution two weeks later.

How about this time around, we start with rejuvenation right now? Instantly! Every minute of every hour, let's be rejuvenated.

Sure, we all will slip back into the old mindset, old habits, but as long as we know that we have the power to pull ourselves out of the rut, we win.

Start right now by rejuvenating your thoughts, rejuvenate your words, and finally, rejuvenate your actions. You can do it, so do it now!

Looking for a Challenge?Have We Got a New Year's Workout for You!

This challenge will ask you to rejuvenate your thinking about your workout. As you go through it, look at it with fresh eyes, even if it is something that you have done thousands of times. How can you execute the technique with rejuvenated purpose? You just have to step out of your box.
Before you begin each exercise below, say out loud to yourself: "For this exercise, I am going to focus on…" and do it 100% of the time.

Start with jumping rope for three rounds of two minutes with a 30-second break in between. (If you do not own a jump rope, run in place, with knees to chest height.)

Next, shadow box (Yes, visualize an imaginary opponent before you, and box!) for three rounds of two minutes with a 30-second break in between.

Do four sets of 25 push-ups.

Do eight sets of 50 sit-ups.

Finish with a light stretch.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Six Resolutions to Chew On- Article

This article was in the Houston food section today. I liked what the resolutions were- very basic and things I have already been working toward...

As far as eating fish more often- I found these GREAT salmon burgers frozen at Costco. If anyone wants the brand I can go look in the freezer. I pan fry them with no oil and they cook up crunchy and so good... with brocolli and butternut squash on the side, plus a sliced tomato, gosh can't get much healthier and it is good, too.

Thirty Minute Blitz Workout

Hello everyone!

I just left the YMCA and they had a table set up front with fresh oranges, fitness bars, bottles of water and info. One thing I grabbed was a lime green sheet with this on it.. thought I would share it as it looked like a great option for a quick at home workout. I may give it a try this weekend.

Kids might want to join in, too....! They might smoke you on the jumprope part.. maybe everyone take turns doing things.

Here it is.. see what you think:

Thirty Minute Blitz Workout

Warm up: 10 minutes (bike, eliptical, treadmill, stairs, etc)

Jump rope 100X
Push ups 10-15 X
Elbow to knee crunches 20-30X
Squats (holding dumbells or cans of soup) 20-30 X
Step ups onto high step, bench or fireplace hearth 30 seconds
Pushups (again?!) 10-15 X
Reverse flys w/dumbells (laying prone or over big exercise ball) 10-15 reps
Jump rope 100 X
Alternating lunges 20-30 reps
Tricep overhead extension (with or without dumbells or soup cans) 10-15 reps
Bicep curl (with weights or soup) 10-15 reps
Jump rope 100 X
Plank hold - 1 minute

Cool down and stretch 5 min.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde