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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eat Mindfully All Day Long

This is the title of a chapter in the book "Eat, Drink and Weigh Less".

Now, I have come to realize that learning to eat mindfully is something I have worked on in the past, am still working on, and will probably always need to work on. It's a life long journey for me. I am never there but always learning and living.

So, reading this chapter should prove helpful. And I wanted to share a quote ~

"It comes down to two basic ideas: pace and mindfulness. Pace means deliberately eating enough at regular intervals so that you have the fuel you need to function well and keep your blood sugar at a relatively consistent level. Mindfulness means paying attention to your food choices - and savouring every bite, instead of nibbling, inhaling your food without chewing enough, or just plain eating without thought. What we want you to avoid is 'mindless sleep-eating'."

Very true.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progress Report

Well, I've improved a little with my eating habits. I now eat chocolate yogurt as a treat instead of eating a chocolate bar! I'm also combating sloth so I have gone running once--with the kids--and have forced myself to do a little more housework (as I am now actually cleaning some things). My weight hasn't increased yet. My biggest challenge has been keeping to portion control and not feeding my mouth when my stomach is full. Unfortunately, indiscretion in this area makes me nauseated for hours, so you'd think I'd be more motivated to eat appropriately. I'm still striving to find a balance between what I need and what I want. What's everyone else up to?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today's Food for Thought

I've been reading Happy Are You Poor by Thomas Dubay lately, and this (quoted from John Kenneth Galbraith's The Affluent Society) keeps jumping out at me.

"[W]hat is called a high standard of living consists, in considerable measure, in arrangements for avoiding muscular energy, for increasing sensual pleasure and enhancing caloric intake above any conceivable nutritional requirement."

Now I have to admit that even pregnant I do try to avoid exercise or difficult work that I could do, I eat more than I should or things that are not good for me, and generally subscribe to the idea that, as a pregnant lady, I should "treat" myself to good things whenever I feel like it.

And so I've been thinking again and again about balance, especially in the realm of food. One thing that Dubay mentions is how often we feed our mouths instead of our bodies, eating either more than we need or things that are not healthful for us. Thinking over my cravings...chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, ice cream, 3rd helpings...I realize that I'm getting out of balance again.

So this week I've decided to work on my self control. Instead of giving in to cravings, I'm going to resist temptation to constantly buy myself treats, and instead treat my body and the new baby better.

My goals are to then--for once!--have a healthy weight gain across my pregnancy (so far only about 5 pounds at 3 months) and come out of this pregnancy with a new stronger muscle on my self control bone. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Even more variety.. lol

Well, the humidity is down under 80% and there is a slight tinge of, can you believe, COOL in the air! So I tried jogging today.

I did ok, much better than I thought since I really have not jogged in years. I went about 40 minutes around the neighborhood. I would jog until I was out of gas, then power walk, then I did some spints between mailboxes, and on a couple of culdesacs I did lunge walks. I know, I must have looked silly, but who cares!

I felt really 'sweated out' - cleaned out from the inside.. you know that feeling after a good workout? I hope these new shoes I got a couple of months ago will allow me to keep this as an alternative. I love being outdoor when the weather is nice.

Today I am going a Mat Pilates class for some strength training.

I am thinking if I can keep up the walk/jog I may try a 3 mile run or 5K or something. We will see..

Joyce Vedral

Today was a weight training day - and I have had little time, with Thomas being in the hospital for his surgery.

So, the kids put on groovy music, I grabbed weights and dug out an old book -
Definition by Joyce Vedral. I did the 30 minute total body workout - and had fun!

Vedral's books are very good at explaining weight training and they sure have some effective routines - I did a Joyce only rotation for nearly three months, about four years ago, and while I didn't lose weight I *did* drop a dress size!

The workouts require little equipment ( there are modifications for those who only have one set of dumb bells or who can only afford one set), they require little space and time and are easy to follow! With suggestions for beginners and advanced.

I've found several of Vedral's books at libraries, too.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Variety here, too....

Well, I guess more variety is what I am up to, too.

I find I love something for a while, but then need a change to refresh things. My neighbor and I have started playing tennis when we found we were about the same level and that has been fun. We even took a couple of lessons as she wants to play league, so we have learned a lot, especially me who never got beyond the goal of just hitting it back over the net. :)

I have also done some step instead of spinning, but I find a little step goes a long way... some of the classes insist you know these complicated (for me) moves and I jsut can't/won't do them as I sprained my foot trying to keep up on a step a few years back!

I have been doing Pilates at a group class. Man, it is hard. You barely move, but it feels like.. well, like when you are on teh floor with your little kids and they sit on you and then you have to reach to grab something on a coffee table. Akward, weird muscles used... but I think that is the theory.. use those 'core' muscles we never use.

I also have taken over the lawn mowing- my boys were glad to give it up and I gave them all the inside chores I could as a swap. I burn lots of calories doing that once a week and feel pleased as punch when I see the good job I did. :)

Rachel, how are you feeling?

Leonie- glad your flu is almost gone.

Nimah- I look forward to hearing what videos you like. One I loved which is good for beginners (and she has a wonderful, sweet personality) is the Leslie Sammons walking videos (you do them at home)


Thursday, September 13, 2007

I lost ( almost) Two Kilograms!

I Lost 2 kg! Well , nearly 2 kg - about 4 lbs. Very excited as my health conditions mean I am a slow loser.

Perhaps it is because I've been eating healthier - less processed food, more nuts and legumes.

Or maybe it was adding in some long, tough Taebo workouts again.

Or the combo of the above?

Who knows? But it sure makes my BMI a bit lower!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back to More Variety in Workouts!

My flu has finally gone, only a lingering cough gives a hint that I was sick. So, the last few days I have been able to add cardio back into my workouts.

While I had the flu, I did weights - specifically, the Cindy Crawford workouts. They are fun and effective but don't leave a sick exerciser gasping for breath!

The last few days, I've done Taebo - Bootcamp 2, Bootcamp Cardio Liev, Billy's Favourite Moves, Taebo Blaster Ball workout.

Feels good to add in more variety. To be well! lol!

I also picked up a neat book - Walk Off Weight. I am not going to do walking for my cardio, I like more intensity than that. But I do like the crosstraining tips, the nutrition ideas, the 8 week food and activity journal. So, I'm off to do this 8 week plan for fitness, starting on Monday.

I also found my copy of The Best Life Diet by Bob Green. Thanks Anne for reminding me of this book! I think I'll pick it up where I left it off last tme.

Finally, I found an interesting book on, yes, weight loss but also on nutrition and fitness for the whole family. Eat, Drink and Weigh Less by Mollie Katzen ( the Moosewood Cookbook) and Walter Willet ( the Harvard Health Project). Many good ideas, supported by research.

All these books focus on a way of eating and working out for life, not on a more short term diet or workout plan. This has been the way I've lost ( 30kg) 66lbs , over the last five years, after a serious bout of medical/health problems and depression - both of which caused weight gain. Once I and doctors managed these, I had to set out to lose the weight that had been gained - hard for me, as I had always enjoyed working out and had to start again at the beginning. But I'm almost there! lol!

Reading on health, fitness and nutrition always motivates me!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hi Jennifer..

I have added you as a contributor.. let me know if you have any problems getting on board!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

BMI News

Thanks to Leonie for bringing up BMI as a health measure.. I am happy to report that as of now I am back into the "normal" range and out of the "overweight" range.

Woo Hoo!

Now just to keep it up and then maintain this...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Just checking in:
It has been a whirlwind summer. I am so, so tired. I hope to rest up and eat right over the next week or so and get back into some exercise. I also hope to bring out the Best Life book and join the website for ideas. And I hope that brings a little of my energy back--because I am just so depleted! I just need a little time and with school starting next week.....whew!!
So, know you all have been in my thoughts and I am proud of the goals you have met :)
Leonie, I hope you feel better soon! Cindy, I enjoyed your photo there as the first post when I came to visit here. It inspired me!!
Off to get some work done. Keep up the good work ladies!
PS-I did need to share that my dd, who is 4, is my new coach. She MADE me run down our street and home the other day when we took the pup for her walk. It has been a long time since I have run that far. The next day, she MADE me play soccer with her. She is determined I will get into shape. For that I am thankful and hoping I can keep this up...I really am tired :)

Here's a new post - an update!

I've been unwell this last week - turns out I was getting the flu. I now have it! :-(

Haven't felt like cardio, probably cos of the flu, so have kept up just my weight workouts this week. Been doing the two Cindy Crawford workouts - Shape Your Body and The Next Challenge, simply because they have a little bit of cardio, lots of weight work, high reps/low weight, great scenery and cool music.

Trying to be more strict with food and reach a personal goal by Christmas.

Potion control is key for me. And weekly weigh ins....

How is everyone ? Rachel , how are you feeling?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ok we need a new post!

Need to get my picture off!

How are all of you?


A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

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