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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions?

Rachel asked about fitness related New Years resolutions.

Some of my thoughts?

I have been working on motivation, by keeping up with workouts and reading health and fitness related books.

And I have actually been better at eating this week...just thinking and planning a bit more...resisting eating away sadness yesterday and today.

A little cry in the bank's carpark and two calorie counted glasses of wine helped!

New Years fitness resolutions?

I tend to do mottoes or themes rather than resolutions..the looseness of a motto guides me without stressing me.

What one word comes to to your mind, when you think of your fitness life? That can be your fitness motto for 2020!

My fitness motto may just be STOP AND THINK ( before eating and this leads to planning meals better).My life motto for 2010 may just be COPING..but that will be another post, on my Living Without School blog!

Friday, December 18, 2009

What are you doing for motivation?

Today I did Taebo Amped Live in LA. A 43 minute workout, one of a set that we gave son Greg for his birthday on December 9. My arms are really feeling the work of the weighted bar!

I just don't have time for hour long workouts right now....

Trying also to re-read some fitness and health books, amid the busyness of late Advent and almost-Christmas rush. Wanting to remain motivated to lose weight and get healthier and fitter. Although my weight is kind of the same...

What are you doing for motivation , for weight loss or maintenance, for fitness and health, this Advent?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Isn't This Better Than Dieting?

A quote from the old classic FIRM workout Volume 1.

Such an 80s workout classic. Yet so effective. Cardio and weights. You can do the whole 70 minutes or break it up into parts. I'm addicted to the high impact cardio, the push ups on the dumb bells, the killer legwork, the chest work, the abs....I don't often do the whole workout but have been doing parts since Wed of last week, every day, after I heard of the untimely death of the workout's creator.

The FIRM used to promise visible results in ten workouts. And it is kind of true. I've done six days of the FIRM Volume 1 in a row and people have already asked me if I have lost weight.

It is more fun than dieting..I find I need tough-ish workouts to help me lose weight, to keep that waist line in shape...And I need to watch what I eat...That is the tricky part right now!

I am reading the book I mentioned a few posts back - Finally Thin.

At first, I didn't feel the book was helpful for me. She lost a lot of weight, as I did, but she looks thin and gorgeous while I look...fat and ugly.

The author raves about never having to worry do I look fat in this? But I worry about that most days.

Amd she doesn't do a lot of talk about emotional eating. Eating to cover up emotions.

But then, I gave myself a mental shake up. A mental slap. Come on, girl!

I realised that maybe I was just being way too negative and that this negativity was attributing to my inability to lose a few more kilograms.

Now, I am reading the book with a positive frame of mind. I might be old. I might be fat. But I am not as fat as I was. I might never be as thin as the author. I might never rejoice at what I see in photos. But I can learn some more positive food habits .

Like - thinking, really thinking, before I eat.

And returning to my own, personalised sort of food plan..meals and calorie allowances that suit me. Not someone else.

Knowing there is never just one way.

And learning that it is okay to take care of myself, too.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Listening to Jeff Cavin's talk called The Hidden Power of Forgiveness as I straigten up and prep the house today.

He is talking about how Jesus said we all will face trouble in the world. Trouble means worry, strife, pressure.

Then he explains how when we are faced with trouble often that is caused by feeling offended. We have all been offended many times.. by things other people did or said, didn't say, didn't do.

Often, Jeff says, we feel offended and hold that in and it can lead to us... using excessive amounts of alcohol, food,... work, hobbies.... etc.

I saw this in real terms of eating. Feeling offended.. then finding refuge in food.

I continue to ponder the relationship between stress and eating. Could definitely relate to the feeling of being 'offended'.. and do see his connection.

Here are some notes I am taking as listening..

Being offended- is a carefully laid trap by the evil one.
To be offended is to be 'scandalized'. Our pride. It is a trap-which means:

1. We don't see it as it is hidden.
2. It immobilzes us.
3. It is stronger than us

When we are offended.. we are trapped.

When we are offended...when something happens to offend us... what do we do?
When I am hurt, or gossips about me or my friend, child, family.. or my spouse or someone ticks me off... I get offended- angry. I shut down.

Wall goes up.

Enemy wants that.

Trap can cause obsessive behavior.

Forgiveness means release. Releasing someone from what they owe you. They owe us in our minds because they offended us. We want to pay them back, by building walls, or other behavoir. Make them pay with emotional weapons.

Jesus shows us new way. Absolve them. Release them of what they owe us.

Matthew chapter 18- best story of forgiveness.
Matthew 18:15

Hummm.. what do you all think?

God bless you all this Thanksgiving-- Cindy

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is your holiday goal?

We're heading into that season of foody delights and every pre-Thanksgiving WW meeting I've been to always emphasized holiday goals.  Where do you want to be on New Year's?  How are you going to get there? 

This week when I stepped on the scale, I saw that I was very close to my goal.  I haven't changed my eating dramatically despite my efforts, but I have increased my exercise to 5 days/35 min each.  With that in mind, I decided that this year's holiday goal will be for me to maintain my weight through maintaining/increasing my workouts. 

Have you set goals? 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Accountability is my middle name (not)

Hi all--

I wrote a really long comment to Leonie's comment about helping each other with accountabilty. You all may have disucssed this aleady, as I have not read all the back posts yet.. but I would love to have help.. and maybe we can post here what we want to be held accountable for?

I would like to focus on just staying on the Weight Watchers plan for a few weeks to see if I can get some portion control back in my life.

Here are my comments from the other post. Please post anything you want acccountability on.. and we can help each other.
My comments on previous post:

Yes, let's hold each other accountable... but in a very positive way.. which I know you are.. but I used to have a friend I asked to yell at me if I messed up. lol I am getting too old for that.

I thinking today about your post about standing up eating M&Ms etc. Oh I could relate. I do 80% of my mindless eating on my feet, at the island of my kitchen with the news on.


I thought today... next time I start do to that (my nemesis is usually chips..) I am going to think of Leonie. (or anyone else here who struggles with this) and think.. what would I want Leonie to do right now? I want the best for her-- she is so sweet and must be feeling down or tired or stressed.

I am going to hope she stops.. gives herself a hug and maybe even take a moment to sit and have a cup of tea and be kind to herself. Just like I would be kind to her if I were there.

I found it so much easier to thinking these things for others than for myself! For myself I just think.. 'you dummy! Why did you eat? You should be cleaining the house or working... you blew it again!"


I would never say that to one of you.. so, maybe my virtual support of you when *I* am about to mess up will train me to also be kind to myself.

Does this make any sense? But I will hold you accountable and want to hear your succeses and challenges.

One thing I have done since starting WW is stocked my fridge with lots of good stuff.

I found I would be STARVING and no time- eating on the fly and no good choices. So I got tons of great stuff.

Also cleand out the fridge (it was packed adn a mess) so I can find everything.

The first week went pretty well until a dinner party we were invited to Fri night. I budgeted pretty well.. but then had some wine.. and when I got home ate half a bag of chips. How embarrasing?

Oh well, I am what I am!

So ate light today.. tomorrow is my first weigh in at WW.. lol.. silly but now my Monday mornings will be my little benchmarks....

Let me know what kind of support you need.. maybe we can all post?

I will make a new post for that.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the APFRI

A month ago I had an opporunity to participate in an Executive Wellness Assessment by the Army Physical Fitness Research Institute (APFRI) which has been offered to the students and spouses at Bill's school.  Bill is a Major and the soldiers at this school are all in their mid-30s, and already APFRI has found plenty of people who need to improve their overall health and fitness.  The amazing thing to me is that soldiers must pass weight and physical fitness tests to retain their jobs.  If these are the fittest Americans, what must everyone else be like?  (You can tell I don't get out much.)

The preservation of the Soldier's health should be the commander's first and greatest care.
--George Washington

APFRI's slogan is printed on the front of the packet I received after my 3 hour assessment which included an Army body-fat tape test, a bod pod trip, a treadmill test, a flexibility test, a weight lifting test for leg and arm strength, nutritional analysis, and blood work.  Inside were all sorts of helpful sheets on how to improve in the areas I needed to work on, namely upper body strength, body fat, weight, and aerobic fitness.  A staff member talked me through my results in a judgement neutral way.  What I loved about the whole thing was that it felt really thorough and somebody took the time to show you how you did on each result.  They didn't just summarize like the doctor does; they explained the reasons for and the ranges of results for each of the tests and showed me where I fell in a green/yellow/red spectrum.  And for the areas where I'm not in the green, they set up consultations for me with a personal trainer or a nutritionist.  Now I just have to do  what they say. 

Here are some of my results:
blood pressure--green range
Glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol--green, and with the risk factors I have, I could take up smoking and still be risk free (Bill argues that is my own interpretation of the results)
Army body-fat tape test--green
BUT:  Bod Pod body fat test puts me in the red with 31.60% body fat.  I should be below 23.9% 
Weight: yellow at 138.61 lbs
Upper body strength: yellow
Nutritional Analysis:  I eat my entire caloric allowance in starches/grains every day, and I still eat from all the other food groups!

So why share all this? A little to have it recorded in a place I can come back to, but also because I thought it was a great idea to have a benchmark, a real snapshot of my health and wellness at 36.  I would love to have something to compare this to from when I was 25 and 35 pounds overweight and just starting this whole healthy lifestyle journey.  And I think that most of it would be replicable without APRFI.  A trip to the doctor with an appointement to discuss results, a tape measure, a heart monitor, a scale, and a few minutes assessing my eating and workout habits would cover 90% of what APFRI did.   Have you ever done something like this?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From the comments

My check in...and looking for help in dealing with that stress eating. That picking at food here and there...Any ideas?

Rachel and Niamh - looking forward to updates!
Today I did a new workout - Tracy Mallett's Sexy in Six - terrible name but a good mix of cardio, light weights, yoga, pilates. Nice for me cos lately I've been doing more walking/jogging.

Eating not so great - stress eating, you know? But I am determined to get there - lose those pesky 10 kg!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A book

Rachel's recent checking in post came at the right time for me.

Awhile ago, someone who cares for me shared their wish that I would lose more weight. More weight? Well, I lost about 38 kg over a four-five year period. Have kept that weight off for about a year or so . Have a healthy BMI but it is still a weight that is at the higher end of the healthy BMI.This pic was from 38 kg ago....

After Easter, this year, I tried stepping up workouts and eating mostly healthy. I lost 1 kg over the last three months. My doctor was pleased -she said most people who lose weight regain it and I hadn't. But that person-who-cares and myself weren't happy.

Could I deny myself a little, lose another ten kg,?

I bought some Weight Watchers magazines.And thought - - if they can do it, so can I. For my even better health; for fitness; for another; to learn even more self control and self discipline; and, yes, vanity prevailing, to look better.

Walking, jogging, instead of Taebo. Counting WW points. I lost a kg this week. Only nine more to go!

And I've ordered this book - from a lifetime Weight Watchers member. Looks good!

New goal weight, here I come!

Anyone going to join me?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Checking in

We survived our military move and are loving life in a more laid back place. Almost every day I'm able to go running alone or biking with 2 boys in the trailer behind me. I'm not losing weight, but I'm learning to appreciate being fit and out of doors as their own enjoyable benefits and not a means to a weight loss end. One thing I will say after biking all over post today....no matter what you've heard, Kansas is NOT flat! Or not where we are anyway.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Having a week of FIRM workouts - aerobic weight training. Some step work. Makes a nice change.

Most people know that exercise can help beat type 2 diabetes, but one type of fitness regimen might work best, a new study shows.
Specifically, workouts that combine aerobic and resistance training exercises appear better at controlling blood sugar than either type of activity alone, researchers say.
Find the article

Read more about the FIRM workout DVDs.

How is everyone? Anyone out there??

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Workouts - a week of Jillian Michaels, the trainer from The Biggest Loser. Half hour workouts that are tough, intense cardio and weights, plyometrics or jump training, intervals and circuits. Did Cardio Kickbox, Shape up Frontside and Backside, 30 Day Shred Levels 1, 2,3. They pack a punch in 30 minutes and the change from my usual 60 minute Taebo saw me lose a kilogram on the scales - even though I didn't change my diet at all. It is said that one should change things up wrt workouts and I guess my body needed that change! Three more kg for goal number 1.

Food - Well, I have goals and thoughts.
Fill half the plate with veggies and/or fruit.
Choose fresh, natural, good quality foods from several different food groups - as much as possible, that is!
Give my eating some thought, some planning, some structure.
Try not to skip meals.
Don't ban any food or drink. Allow treat foods in small but regular quantities.
Stop obsessing over the calories in food.Choose wholesome natural foods ( where I can) , food that I know will make me feel good.
Look for other ways of dealing with my emotions. It's not all about the food, you know!
Don't pick or snack, especially when tired. Stick to fruit, crackers, tea. Okay?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Change One

Sounds sensible...Still working on those 5-10 kg here!

The Change One Diet is a weight loss program from prolific publisher Reader’s Digest. The content is authored by some of their leading health and nutrition writers.

The plan originally appeared in the book Change One: Lose Weight Simply, Safely, and Forever: The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan from Reader’s Digest, and received very favorable reviews (typically 5/5). Reader’s Digest have now come up with a complete on-line format containing all the advice from the book plus additional tools.

The name “Change One” comes from the idea that you make a single change to your lifestyle and diet each week.

Start out by altering breakfast habits, then lunch, then dinner and so on. Each week gradual changes are made towards a 12 week goal. There are no restricted food groups as such, and the diet is simply a balanced plan based on an “optimal” caloric intake for weight loss. It’s a refreshing break away from the “bad/naughty” foods point-of-view that causes so many dieters to binge or fail.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Losing another kilogram..

...makes me feel the self control is good, I am happy, I am mostly eating better, the scale has moved in the right direction..yet I am also scared lest I lose control and put that kilogram ( 2.2 lbs) back on. Weird. Even in success, there is fear and trepidation...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Reminder

Feeling fat and ugly recently..did a Taebo Advanced Live Workout today..and Billy Blanks, the instructor, reminded me of why I do this..it is not all about looks but also about health..and fitness..and energy..and who I am and how I feel..and learning self control and disciplibe..and smiling ( those endorphins!).

One of Billy Blanks' maxims ~

Get Fit
Be Strong
Have Fun
And put the losing weight part last...

The power of words.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short workouts

What workouts do you do, when you have little time but still want an effective and not easy workout?

Like today - I had exactly one half hour to workout after early mass ( Our Lady of Fatima) and before I had to go to work meetings. I chose Jillian Michaels' Biggest Winner Cardio Kickbox - fats paced kickbox and calisthenics, bootcamp in feel.

So my list of short but not easy workouts are ~

Jillian Michaels' Biggest Winner series - Cardio Kickbox, Shape Up Frontside, Shape Up Backside - all bootcamp style
Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred - any level but especially levels 2 and 3 - circuit training
Turbo Jam Fat Blaster - four turbos, each done low impact then high impact.
Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix - fun music, high impact danbce and kickbox, two turbo drills.
Cindy Crawford's Shape Your Body Workouts 1 and 2 - weights, low weight, high repetition, great music, great production.
Turbo Jam Kickin' Core - just the 30 minute high impact cardio section...
Taebo Cardio Circuit 1, with light weights
Taebo Original Bootcamp 1
Taebo Abs and Glutes ( ouch, is all I can say!).
Joyce Vedral's book workouts, to my own music - Definition or The College Dorm Workout or The Fatburning Workout ( all weight workouts).

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Loss!

I may be exhausted ( busy week, bad day yesterday..) but..trumpets please ..at least I lost a kilogram...2.2lbs for my US friends.

My eating hasn't been great but I have tried to watch portions and continue to workout. Obviously with some success.

A loss of weight, good news on the scales, can make up for a multitude of bad days and for an exhausted TGIF grumpiness..


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Monday - Taebo Advanced Live 1 60 minutes - a great combo to Duran Duran's Rio!
Tuesday - Tabeo Advanced Live -the DVD - love the crane and the wax on/wax off moves- 60 minutes
Wednesday - 40 minutes Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout 1 - fun ab work
Thursday - 40 minutes Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout 2 - killer upper body with weights
Friday - Taebo Advanced Live 6 - nice standing ab work - almost 60 minutes
Saturday - the Express workout from the FIRM High Definition Sculpt - 25 minutes - then the strength and ab sections from Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - about another ten minutes or so. Wow, I'm feeling it today!
Sunday - off to deliver junk mail with the kids ( walking!) and then probably a FIRM cardio and sculpt workout.
Eating log? Don't bother! It hasn't been great! Skipping meals or eating sweets!

Here's my log - where's yours? :-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Been doing Taebo this week.

Yesterday was Taebo Cardio Live Bootcamp ( 30 mins) followed by Taebo Elite Bootcamp Abs ( 30 minutes, with weights and some capoeira moves. Challenging!).

Today was Taebo Ultimate Lower Body - great workout, no equipment needed, only 45 minutes with cardio that has a focus on the lower body.

Love my kickboxing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl

A book I am re-reading. And I posted a thought for this week over at my blog.

Am interested in hearing your thoughts - and your health and fitness related reading!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The first day of the rest of my life

If you are a milestone person, a birthday is a good day to start something new. I'm not a milestone person, but I won't let the fact that today is my birthday stop me from getting started on the next step in my quest for a fitter, healthier me.

I was reading Runner's World this morning (love that magazine) and was once again struck by the idea of having a "streak". There is a guy in there who has run every day for 31 years! There was also a study that people who ate 3 apples or pears a day as a snack lost 2.7 lbs/1.2 kgs in 12 weeks. The every day-ness of this approach intrigues me. Could I be disciplined enough to do the same thing each day for a set period of time? Sure I can!

I feel like everything is poised for me to succeed. The baby has weaned (he'll be 1 tomorrow!), I'm within 10 pounds of my goal weight, I have been working out 2-3 times a week, I've used Lent as a way to help me make good food choices, my husband is--as ever-very supportive, and I really really want this.

As usual, I plan to use a babysteps approach. Daily workouts until the end of April while maintaining my other good habits. Since I was sick yesterday, I chose yoga to be today's workout. It was lovely.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok, So I Know I'm Not Normal

Hi everyone-

Here is an article/quiz that just came over my Sparknotes email. I have not taken the quiz yet (and already know the outcome..lol) but plan to and thought you might enjoy it too

Oh, Jenny- you aksed about my cooking for the family and if that contributes to my bad eading. YES! And my sons are beanpoles, too.

Here is the Am I a Normal Eater Quiz

What do you do when your dh wants you to lose weight?

Now, I'm no bomb shell, I don't exude sex appeal, but I am nearly 40 kg , about 80 lbs, less than I used to be.

The other night, my dh wanted me to do a quiz on why I can't lose weight. He wants me thinner. He is thinner, weighs himself every morning and night, works out hard...

Hell, I'd like to be thinner but I also know I used to have eating disorders. How do I get thinner without being obsessed?

Do I work hard after Easter to lose more weight, Ive been maintaining this last year - can I work hard to lose, say, another 9 kg ( about 18 lbs) ? I lose slowly, about a kg a month - so, in nine months could I be slimmer, look better?

It's up to me. What the heck, maybe I should just go for it.

At least dh would be happier! lol!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I started!

I waited till hubby had left for work, the kids were settled with their breakfast/showers/activities, our sick Labrador Jack was medicated, and then I clipped on my mp3 player and left.
We're a street from the beach and it was for there I set my course - do you KNOW how much it hurts to walk fast in soft sand??? No? Well it DOES. My calves were burning, but it felt good because I knew I was working them. By the time I arrived at the Old Jetty I was ready to leave the beach and walk back home via the runner's track.
All the time I was moving my legs I was listening to some pretty inspirational messages from Annette Sym (the Too Good To Be True lady) on my mp3 - just the sort of thing to bolster the old self-esteem as you pound the pavement in ancient runners and raggedy jeans. ;-) For the first time I wasn't self-conscious about what I was wearing, in the past that was one of the things that held me back from walking the beat. Instead I held my shoulders back and swung my arms high and thought about how much better I am going to feel a month, two months, 6 months from now!
When I got home I spent 20 minutes working on my abs and stretching before deciding the best way to keep active and not be food focused was to change a couple of rooms around and do some deep cleaning. Smart move! My food diary shows me eating much less today than the last week, even though I've been really good the last 10 days.
I noticed in my food diary that my downfall is the little between meals snacks...I'm going to focus on three good main meals so that I'm not looking to nibble between meals, and see how that works with my level of fullness. Plus I'll drink more water as I've been pretty slack with that.
I'm so tired tonight...a good sleep to be had methinks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Log

Food ~ Had a few upsets around here but remembered I don't do that any more and refused to eat to cover up emotions. I wanted to either eat or make myself throw up ( two food related coping mechanisms from my past). Instead, I worked out, I did other things, I gave myself permission to have an afternoon off, I texted!

Food log ~ a banana, a slice soy linseed bread with low fat cheese, tea with skim milk, 2 mini Lindt chocs leftover from birthday, toasted sandwich with baked beans and capsicum and no butter, 2 tablespoons margarita ice cream from birthday, an apple, tea, an orange, a handful of potato crisps, low fat tuna vege curry with rice and salad, a mini party pie, tea with skim milk.

Exercise log ~ 60 minutes FIRM Total Sculpt plus Abs. Cardio, step, and weights. Felt it in my arms afterwards and in my legs today, Monday.


...I worked out what the heck was going on with my brain/body dialogue.

I'm the sort of person who wants you to tell her the worst now, to correct her NOW, and not to sweeten the news or dilly-dally 'round it. I'd rather one huge stomach punch of shock than little irritating pinches over a long period of time.

So, knowing that about myself, I figured this book was what I needed to kick my butt and get me back on track with slimming down to a healthy me - a me who can live long enough to be an awesome nana to the grandkids I have and all the ones yet to come - not to mention a me who can enjoy the rest of my babies teen years and my hubby's mid-life. (Hubby is only 43 this year but I've just hit 50)

I was so excited waiting for this book to arrive from the UK. I just KNEW it was the missing link in getting my brain and my body to work together for good, and not be hell bent on sabotaging my midriff and hips in their incessant discourse of gluttony.

Oh how sad it was when I finished the first two chapters and hated myself. Wow - this book really packs a punch! A nasty, rude, deprecating, demoralising flood of words that left me feeling worse about myself than ever before. This was in-your-face on a new level, one I soon realised I didn't want to play on. By the time I'd picked myself off the floor and disposed of the pile of tissues I'd wept into over the course of just 20 pages, I was so depressed I went off and ate a whole chocolate block in secret to comfort mysef. I haven't opened another page since. It could be much nicer further on, but I'm not going there to find out. Feel free if you must...

But the thing is, this book really HAS helped me. Over the following weeks since closing it's pages I have learnt a lot about myself, and the thing that lists highest is that in order to treat my body well I need to LOVE it. Bulges and all! I need to be NICE to it, be nice to me! I shouldn't be harsh or cruel with words against myself - cruelty harms, it crushes, it scars...those feelings would never help me to work at being a healthy weight. If I'm going to do good to this 50 year old body I need to do it with care, with love, and with encouragement.

For the last 10 days I've been taking time to dress more carefully, add some make-up each morning, blow-dry and style my hair - and eat well, knowing that what food goes in is going to show for good or bad depending on my choices. I'm a kilo down already, and my eyes are shining. That may not sound like much to you but it's thrilling to me. I am walking with my shoulders back, not hunched (amazing what that does for a body!!), and today I wore peep-toed black heels to Mass. I bought them 18 months ago and have never worn them - till today. My attitude is to like my body NOW, and to like it better as it changes - to work with it and not against it, to remember that I'm not competing with anyone, and I'm not 24 anymore. ;-)

Now to get moving...that's the next step. I have started once and stopped already this year, but that was before my 'aha' moment.

Thanks for letting me get this out. :-)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Log updates

I've been much better wrt eating and food choices. Thinking before I eat. Reminding myself of a couple of mantras ~

1. WIWM ( what I want most - health, looking better in clothes , rather than a second helping..)
2. I don't do that any more ( not stuffing myself with food when I was upset!)

3. If they can, I can ( reading a book about Skinny Chicks and reminding myself of good choices)
Been very busy so some days have only worked out 30 minutes or 45 minutes but I have continued to work out every day. Mostly a mix of cardio with a little bit of resistance work - Taebo, Turbo Jam, Jane Fonda....

These two pics remind me of some of my progress these last four years...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


St Patrick's Day. Not great food choices. Want to read a bit more about nutrition and motivation and mindfulness.
My workout, however, was good. 60 minutes of the 90 minute Taebo Ultimate. Kickboxing cardio, standing resistance work.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's Log

Sunday was a super cardio day - 70 minutes of hilo aerobics, some on the step. Christi Taylor's choreography keeps you thinking and guessing and the music is fun, too.

Workout Monday - 60 minutes Advanced Live Taebo 6, all cardio and standing ab work and some martial arts/self defence moves at the end. With the usual good soundtrack and large class, energetic, filmed live.

Food Monday - Body For Life oatmeal with skim milk and tea; half piece birthday cake; bowl pea and ham soup, coffee with skim milk; grapes and coffee; leftover Chinese noodles small serve; water and popcorn at the movies;lowfat hot chocolate while blogging before bed. Not too bad today!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday's Log

Food ~ Too much! I took dh out for lunch and we had a visitor for dinner - mm, want to work on portions. Body For Life Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal with skim milk and tea; nectarine; spinach and potato curry with basmati rice; 1 churro to try from dh's plate - no sugar or sauce!; skim milk flat white; water and water all day; tea with skim milk; a gin and toinc, glass of red wine, a plate of takeaway Chinese food ( but no spring rolls and steamed rice instead of fried! And lots of veges..), a small square hazelnut chocolate and two cups tea with skim milk.

Workout ~ 60 minute Taebo Advanced Live 2 - lots of cardio kickboxing and some great push ups, butt work, ab work at the end. Cool music. A half hour walk home from church . Good cardio day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogging and Logging

Over at the Video Fitness forum, there has been some discussion on logging workouts and food. Some members find it helpful to keep track of these things.One member posted a copy of her journal - delightfully messy, artistic, a fluid log of workouts and food to help her live mindfully in these areas.

So, I am wanting to log here - loosely - in an effort to be mindful in my workouts and in my healthy eating.


Food ~ So Far -Toasted cheese sandwich and coffee with skim milk in the car for breakfast from the service station after Mass and on the way to skating - threw out the ham as I am trying not to eat meat on Fridays; 2 mini bites Cherry Ripes and another coffee; Fillet O'Fish with no tartare sauce and a garden salad no dressing and a skim milk Chai Latte and a mini peppermint slice at McDonalds for lunch; a nectarine and a tablespoon of fat free sugar free yogurt; cup of tea; lots of water. ETA ~ 4 low fat crackers; tuna pasta dish with cream and mushrooms and a rocket salad no dressing; pinched two small squid rings from son Anthony; two cups of tea with skim milk; two squares of chocolate from son Alexander. Hmm, too much chocolate and not enough mindful eating today!

Workout ~ 40 minutes - THE FIRM Punch Kick and Jab - kickboxing circuits with weights segments, using 3kg weights. Good abs section, too. Tick for my workout!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It is March!

Thoughts on a March Challenge?

A weekly check in?

I did okay with my strength challenge the first two weeks in February then became unwell - upset stomach, headaches, sore neck..So these last two weeks I've dropped the weights and just done cardio. I felt the weights wouldn't help my neck pain...

So, here I am, thinking about a March fitness challenge.

Maybe consistency. Consistency in continuing my daily workouts. Consistency in eating healthy most of the time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Diet!

From the book Eating Less - Say Goodbye to Overeating by Gilllian Riley.

It may be depressing but it is true that most people who lose weight by restricting their calorie intake put their lost weight - and more - back on.

Those who stay trim by eating a healthier diet and adopting a modest exercise programme fare better at keeping the weight off in the long term.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Inch by Inch...

Hi Girls!

Hope everyone is going ok!

Just checking in...I have continued to follow my 'life schedule' which is working wonders and has helped me keep on track despite some 'heavy' things that came my way during the past week.

I have been doing a weight loss diet...feeling that I needed the structure and kickstart because I have so much weight to lose and so far I have lost 1.8kg over the two weeks that I have been doing it...SMILE!

TAE BO bootcamp has been my bosom buddy over this time as well. I have been watching he Biggest Loser and motivated heaps to continue the exercise program!

Overall...I am still targeting the inside as well as the outside...was watching an interview with Magda Subanzki last night..."Babe fame...who has embarked on a weight loss program with Jenny Craig and she was saying that along with the meal plan and the exercise (she has lost 16kg so far!) she believes that dealing with the 'inside issues' are extremely important! That's what's become real obvious to me...I was kind of feeling things 'out of my control' and that was manifesting in all sorts of ways!

Pray everyone stays encouraged to 'nurture' ourselves with health and 'inner beauty and peace'!

This week I have made a commitment to myself to continue with the Tae Bo bootcamps and the choice of 'keep moving' along with the focus on 'positives' in life...it really does change the perspective on things!

Big Hug!
Be Healthy!
God bless!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stress less

Stress less has been part of my February Challenge. More strength training. Less stress.

I mean stressing less about what I am eating and what I am weighing.

Eat healthfully and mindfully without obsessing about calories or weight on the scale.

Of course, those things are important but they don't define me. I'm into this fitness thing for health and for that feeling of joy, of energy, of well being, of I can do anything!

Yesterday and today, I went for some new ways to approach workouts. I combined workouts.

Sunday I did Taebo Bootcamp Live ( 30 minutes) then added a 15 minute toning workout from Jazzercise, given to me by an older lady friend who was cleaning outher cupboards. Jazzercise made me think of you, Cindy!

Today, I did a 30 minute Taebo followed by the last 20 minutes of Turbo Jam's Punch Kick and Jam. capoeria and toning and working on form with a little tai chi stetch.

Injecting some fun and variety into my daily workouts.
P.S. Speaking of Jazzercise...Collage Video has two new Jazzercise workouts listed. Apart from the toning workout mentoned above, I've never done a Jazzercise workout. I'm tempted to add them to my birthday wish list of workout DVDs....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Februrary So Far

How has your February gone so far? MIne has been rough!

I got WAY SICK the last week of January and was down for the count. I didn't work out for 10 days ARGH! Yesterday was my first day back to my favorite spin class with Lynn, who has the BEST music-mostly 80s. It felt soooo good! I sweated from the indside and and felt like I got all that icky out of my body. Awesome!

It is beautiful here in Texas now- crisp cold morning and sun. I decided to really try and focus on my dog. lol Not the one in the picture I posted yesterday- that is Ralphie, he is 4. But Boomer is 11 and really aged the past 4 years. He lays around ALL DAY. His poor stomach is always rumbling.

So, I reserached food and think I am feeding him junk food. LIke I was feeding me! So I got some food that is protien based and I am going to try and take him out every day. He is so slow... a dachund with little short legs... and walking in our neighborhood is torture, as the cars some, he sniffs we never get anywhere. We have a local park, so I put them in the back of my wagon yesterday am and drove the 2 min there.

I took them out on the long retracatabel leashes.. and they LOVED IT! Boomer was galloping (well for about 15 seconds) and trotting adn sniffing. So, I am now their personal trainer and want to help him be healthy in these last years.

My biggest problem is time. Their workout is NO workout for me, but it is relaxing. So how to fit in their workout, then my workout, then the rest of life. I want to get to daily Mass more, too and have prayer time, the of course my 3 jobs and oh, yeah these kids I am in charge of.

Oh well, one day at a time. Tomorrow when we go out at 7:30 my friend is coming too with her Cocker Spaniel. It is fun to try something new!

Also, my friend in VA who I workout with long distance is trying something BRAND NEW this week! She has just done great with working out and loves it. All this was brand new to her last year. She had gotten in fabulous shape, slow and steady. She tried running last week. She has a trainer who takes her out. Fun!

I like that she is always trying new things and we share ideas, text each other. It is fun to share.. glad you all are here to share with too

I decided in addition to my doggie personal training I am going to try and get outside as much as I can while the weather is good. I can't run anymore b/c of my joints, but maybe walk and intervals of jumping jacks (which I love), etc around the lake at the Y... ?

Are you all doing anything new? Is your old routine still fun?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Thank you, Girls, for the feedback last week....there's a lot to 'mentally digest' and lots of 'sticky notes' to keep in mind.

Last week's goal of 'optimism' went well- repaired some damaged relationships with my kids that I really needed repaired. Happy to have achieved this!

The exercise was not up to scratch again: The work/education schedule only just kicked back in yesterday so I found it hard to get into a routine!

This week's goals: Beating Bad Habits...Establishing Good Habits!

This includes mind sets, physical and emotional.
They say it takes 40 days for ANY habit to set in...good or bad!

1. Physical :
It's been put on a daily schedule list.
Realize I work better when I am locked into time management for part of
my life...or else I go haywire!

General fitness :
Tae Bo workouts
Home Gym- weight training here we come!

Balanced and healthy food choices:

Cindy mentioned being in tune with
the body's need for food - Have noticed I am not a 3 big meal a day
person. Going to try smaller, healthy meals and see how I go!

Aim for a healthy, mobile life as opposed to sedentary and frustrated!

2. Mind and Spirit:

No procrastination
Answer: daily/weekly schedule

Want to be a FLYLADY (Finally Loving Yourself)
Cindy's advice about being happy about the things we DO achieve! Leonie
often reminded me of baby steps...baby steps are more achievable!

Really understanding the concept that 'We are the temple of the Holy
Spirit- that embraces mind, spirit and soul

Thanksgiving: This week I'm going to be grateful!
Grateful to God, family, friends....
Grateful for my body and every other area of my
life...need to change the negative focus that has crept
into my life.

Here I go, Girls...these are my week's commitments to myself and one of the things I haven't been doing...is keeping the promises I make to myself...another bad habit that has to go!

God bless!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Self Esteem

Julie mentioned this in a previous comment and I am so glad you did, Julie, as I think it is an incredibly important subject. Honestly I think that is the cause of a lot of overeating... feelings of inadequacy and eating fills and emotional void.

Also the media keeps shoving these pictures in our face of a perfect body (skinny) and it starts so young with girls. It is a never ending cycle.

On the UC list (some of you are on) we have been talking about Flylady, who is a woman with a loving method of keeping your home orderly. FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. I think this is the best part of all the wonderful things she does.

I know from experience what it is like to beat myself up, compare against others, feel I am not measuring up. She talks about 'finally loving yourself' in giving yourself small goals, and really appreciating your self for what you do do. Forget perfection. Embrace the moment, live life, love your family and all your imperfections.

For me it comes back to being a child of God. He made me. Even if I was the perfect weight and did all I could humanly do to perfect my body, I still would not measure up to the magazines. I have super broad shoulders so look like a linebacker in those cute little cap- T shirts. I have large bony shins and white skin just like my dad and gramma. I have my mother's side German nose, which is knobby on the end. Nothing like J Lo's.

Someone made me this way... who? Why? Am I beautiful? I am to God. I must be or he would not have made me this way! That really has to sink in with me and I have been pondering it ever since faith became important to me, which was a decade and a half after I first noticed I was not really 'beautiful', around age 14.

I also think about St. Paul and his 'affliction', whatever it was. He had one that drove him nuts. Scripture don't tell us what it was. But about 6 years ago when I was really frustrated with dieting and finding my good weight, I shared that with a trusted friend. She said, maybe that is MY affliction, like St. Paul had his! What? Would God use something so superficial as that to reach me? God uses everything. He created everything. He knows every thought, not matter how trivial or silly it is.

Then, I think, it is probably very, very good he did not make me beautiful. I am so selfish now, imagine how vain and uber-selfish I would have been if I was gorgeous and men had been falling all over me. I would have been doomed and never listend for his voice.

So, I think it is about finally loving yourself. I still struggle. I like it when I am trim and dress and clothes fit well. I like to look good. But then I also realize that if I am not that good-looking, it doesn't' matter.. I don't have to look at me... everyone else does! Ever think about that? What we really should want is other people to look great, since we have to look at them! ha ha

But, now, what I am really trying to do is think about the balance- mind/body/spirit

Focus on a balanced life- feed my mind. I know how to do that, and luckily enjoy it. And if we keep great ideas to keep us interested, excited and sharing. (and not bored.. that leads to eating!) It also helps me get outside of 'myself'. There is a larger world than just ME ME ME. :0

Body- Ok, the toughie.. WHY do I want to eat right and exercise?
As I approach 50 this year, there is a shift. I have more friends with health issues. I see parents and other elderly passing away. I see quality of life issues. I know I can't prevent them all, but I want to treat my body as well as I can. For me and my family.

When I was about 30 pounds overweight 2 years ago, the final straw was movement. I could not run around move, play with my kids. I was awkward and I really didn't like that. It was affecting the kind of mom I wanted to be.

So, I want a healthy body that can also give as much to those around me as I can.

Also, I have to admit it, I want to feel good. I have more energy. I have less stress. I can do more. I am happier. I am better to those around me. I know saints have suffered and still were sweet and maybe that is what God wants me to do.... suffer, maybe be really really fat and still learn to be sweet to others. Wow, that would be tough for me. Oops.. I hope I didn't give Him any ideas!

But I also like to be slimmer, because I feel better about myself. Not only slimmer but the weight training you were talkinga bout Julie... I can just FEEL better walking through the grocery stores, like my muscles are working in tandem, smoothly and I am not dragging and off balance. If this makes sense to anyone.

And spirit- the ultimate goal. I would give up the other two for this. I know ultimately I would. But what is God asking of me? He knows I am human and I think I function better if I am healthy. God wants what is good for me. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be healthy, but not vain. It is only with his help I can do that.

But, like I said, he didn't make me too beautiful, so I never will get too vain....

Finally (on this tome..lol) I want to say, I really am beautiful. Ok, this sounds weird, but the past years I have been able to look at people and see real beauty in them even if they are not beautiful by worldly standards. I think this is gift from God as I grew up in the midst of pop culture of the 70s and 80s. I think I have learned to see people's souls, to know each one has a beautiful soul that has been tarnished by the world, and the body God gave them is just vessel to carry it.. and even so the body is an image of him. Ever notice how beautiful Mother Teresa is.. when she is really not? Or Mother Angelica?

If I stand next to them, who is the most beautiful?

Wow, did I ramble....what do you all think about beauty and self esteem? Does any of this relate to your thoughts or issues?

Friday, January 30, 2009

February Challenge?

Any thoughts on a February Challenge? Who's in?

I already mentioned that I want to add in more strength training.

Still thinking about another focus for February.

Ideas, anyone?

Monday, January 26, 2009


Strength Training increases our Metabolism and Reduces Body Fat Research studies have shown that if we increase our lean muscle mass by 1.4kg we also increase our resting metabolism by 7% and our daily calorie requirements by 15%. At rest, one kilogram of muscle requires 77 calories per day for tis sue maintenance, and during exercise this figure increases dramatically. If we replace lost muscle through a sensible strength training program we will use more calories all day long and therefore reduce the likelihood of fat accumulation. Want proof? In a 1994 study, strength training produced 1.8kg of fat loss after three months of training, even though the subjects were eating 15% more calories each day. That is, a basic strength program resulted in 1.4kg more muscle, 1.8kg less fat, and 370 more calories per day food intake!

This was a good reminder for me - so I've added in a few more weights sessions to my kickboxing...Hoping to make the January Challenge ny February Challenge, too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

...This week...Positive is the key word!

Hello everyone!

Last week went pretty well...my workouts lagged behind a bit (shame) but I have been working on my nutrition and detoxing from the holidays. Have managed to incorporate our home based meals with lots of salads, vegies and fruits. Am feeling so much better for it!

I ended up seeing "Yes Man" this week....which if I had known about some of the scenes, I would not have gone to...but...the message of being positive kept resounding in me! Of taking on the challenges (within reason...which he failed to do and burst some bubbles along the way )and of facing the challenges and opportunities in life with the "I will and I can" attitude....what we have been talking about in our efforts right along....this attitude opened up the doors to many great experiences for him, which he would have otherwise missed out on!

I can tend to be overcautious in many ways...
Spontaneous on one hand or so I think... but much often weighing myself down with the "oh what if" or " I can't do that" thoughts.
In the end undermining myself. My husband is great at challenging me in this way....but even then I'm like a stubburn horse that doesn't budge if I don't instantly feel comfortable with it!

So this week...my attitude will be tuned into positiveness!
Positive attitude towards:
1. My Ab Bootcamp exercises
2. My Eating habits
3. My personal relationships with my kids and husband and friends
4. My fear of rejection with cooking: I am volunteering to provide a dish for a fiesta our church is holding next weekend

I'm putting scriptures up on the walls that reinforce this....I am going to 'love what I do...what ever it is that I do...So help me God!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

.....The Holiday is OVER...now I have to deal with the damage!

Hi Fitness Buddies....

I was missing in action....not wanting to come back from holidays...wanting to avoid the mundane for as long as I possibly could! For no other reason than that I loved the 'freedom' that being a tourist and exploring new things brings...but...Alas...though we walked heaps...diet was a not structured...found my appetite actually went due to the heat but we overloaded on Cokes, in an effort to satisfy dehydration and I now realize how WRONG that decision was.

The walking has made my legs really strong...but...I look like a paddle pop!

Lacking any focused upper body exercise, I look like a water balloon that has been squeezed from the bottom and is top heavy...and...oh boy...does it feel uncomfortable! I had taken a Tae Bo dvd with me but the cabin we were at had no dvd player and I thought that with the exercise I was doing...I would be ok...though I was swimming everday and walking...I have come to realize that the upper body is my stubborn section...it requires specific exercising...targeting the whole mass!

I agree with you, Cindy, about focusing on the positive. My realization that I have to do specific exercises for the upper body has given me focus...I just have to do it if I want to see results and it has to be long term!

I'm still catching up with older posts but just want to encourage everyone to keep on keeping on!

This week's commitment for fitness will be:

1. Nutrition
More vegies and fruits (we had very little during the holidays...lots of take-aways)
I like the idea of 'listening to our bodies needs' and the smaller meal concept...think my body functions better

2. Fitness
Ab bootcamp
Walking.....actually like it now...walking on the boardwalks of beaches of the Sunshine Coast were awesome! Maroubra beach here I come!

3. Mental Fitness
Positive thinking
Remaining active: relationships, learning, faith!

We have the power to change....Let's do it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Good Thing

Ok, I am posting this b/c I am convinced we have to LOOK for the good things! They are out there, but so often I focus on what is not working/good/right!

Here is the deal....
My knees are cramping my style. I will be 50 next year. My body is telling me this. I can no longer do my step classes I love. Also found out today that Body Combat hurts, too. Any torque (twisting) hurts them. I had to give up jogging 5 years ago. Which was sad, too, as I have jogged since college.

Here is the good news---- I can still do spinning! (which I love). And the eliptical machine and with my music I can really get going and enjoy. That is double-good because if I do elip then I can go whenver I want and am not tied to a class schedule. Well, the elip machine is in this room where you are aimed at TVs. I find myself watching the TV and I don't watch ANY media news now. I am sick of the biased reporting, so I find my blood pressure goes up. Also I love fans blowing on me and they just have these ceiling fans that don't do much.

Well, this week, as I got brave and went in the big weight room *where the sweaty guys live*, I found a bank of cardio machines. They face out this plate glass window onto a lovely vew of the lake. NO TVs!! It is so pretty and you also get to see the kids play and swim the families go in and out, the moms chasing their toddlers to the cars... lol

AND THERE IS A GIANT FAN MOUNTED ON THE WALL JUST OVER MY FAVORITE ELIP MACHINE!!! I was even looking for a mini fan to bring in.. but this is perfect! I blast the fan on high, blast my jivin' music, watch the birds, geese and ducks, and get a great workout.

Life is Good!

Check In

Hi all-

Well, of course life got super busy the past two weeks, which makes it harder. Actually I think it helps the eating if I am busy, b/c I don't think about eating... but then when I do eat, if I am not very organized I have to grab quick stuff.

Like you, Leonie, my workouts are going great. But that is not a problem for me, as this is a long ingrained habit. It is nice to be at that place with it... just like brushing teeth, it is not even an option, I just do it! So nice, becuase remember when I used to talk myself out of it.. and took so much energy just to get there.

My eating has not been perfect, but I am happy with it in general because I am aware. I mostly did my rather strict eating plan to get myself back to portion control and being aware of what I eat. So if I go over, it is ok, but I think about why.. was I really hungry, or just tired/bored/mad/stressed. Etc. Because I KNOW I have eaten this plan before and felt great and not hungry. So that is my thing--- makeing that connection and awareness. I hope, hope, hope that one day the eating will be as second nature to me as the workouts are now. So I can live, go off the healthy stuff, but come back to it, like i do workouts.

Water is a challenge. AGain, I am more aware. I am setting little goals... I have a 32 oz water bottle I take to the Y. I drink my coffee on the way to the Y (bad girl, but I LOVE it!) then down a quart of water while working out. I make myself finish it if need be before I leave.

I refill it at the Y and then try and make myself drink it all on they way home (it is 11 min drive home..lol) So, if I do that I have 64 oz in already. Then try and drink water will all meals and only have non-water drinks for special things.
But, I am getting more aware.

So.. I am happy with the challenge.. it is keeping my focused and I have messed up but I am so far past beating myself up. What a waste of energy! Just learn from my mistakes and go on....

Friday, January 16, 2009

So, how's your week?

How is the challenge for you guys?

I am great with workouts ( usual) but not-so-great with eating ( also usual, sadly!).

Eating junk. Eating too much. Maybe habit? Maybe eating instead of...instead of what? Not sure ... want to think about it.

Good news? Haven't had any alcohol for 16 days ( no cocktails before dinner! no wine with dinner! sob!) - so that cuts calories and is good for my health....

Looking forward to your check in.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This week--even though it's Tues

Workouts scheduled today and Thurs am with my friend. Sat workout also planned, probably the bike here.

Still working on drinking my water. I want to focus on it long enough to make it second nature again.

That's it. I'm really trying to start slowly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

More reflecting on the challenge... :)

It has been kind of quiet here.. so hope everyone is doing well and the challenge is doing positive, good things for them, whatever their goals were.

I had kinda aggressive goals.. which I wanted, but didn't do too well the past week becuase frankly I had too many other goals, too.
I had some ambitious working goals and also faith related goals. I was getting up at 5 am to work out so exhausted completley by evening. Burning the candle at both ends. Eating for comfort, not hunger. Not smart.

So I cut back on a little of everything- that I was pushing myself with. I am playing more. Spending more time with the kids. I feel more refreshed already. I feel this is more doable now. I am going to work out again mid morning which I felt I could not before because itw as 'work hours'. Well, I don't care. Work can work around me!

I also changed my workouts, like you Leonie. Something new and different.

So, back to healthy eating... and working out. Hope it sticks a little better. I really do love how I feel when I stick to it, but then it is about ebb and flow.. right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reflecting on the Challenge

I have been in a funk mentally lately. But still been working out! And my eating has been very mindful, until yesterday and visitors! Uh oh..

Mindful eating, not dieting? Nice articles here. Ten principles.....

1. Reject the Diet Mentality
2. Honor Your Hunger
3. Make Peace with Food Call a truce, stop the food fight! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat.
4. Challenge the Food Police .Scream a loud "NO" to thoughts in your head that declare you're "good" for eating under 1000 calories or "bad" because you ate a piece of chocolate cake.
5. Respect Your Fullness Listen for the body signals that tell you that you are no longer hungry.
6. Discover the Satisfaction Factor The Japanese have the wisdom to promote pleasure as one of their goals of healthy living
7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food Find ways to comfort , nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food.
8. Respect Your Body Accept your genetic blueprint.
9. Exercise--Feel the Difference
10 Honor Your Health--Gentle Nutrition

Also have been reading about the importance of cross training, and of weight training for women, especialy as they get older. So, I thought I should probably change up my routine a bit.

Saturday, instead of Taebo, did a FIRM weights workout. Sunday and today , instead of Taebo, did Turbo Jam - still kickboxing but with an anaerobic drill and capoeria.

Going to plan not to pick at food when tired after work this evening!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A week in review

To sum it up: Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I never did plan my workouts and guess what? They didn't happen. HOWEVER, in the spirit of starting over, I've already made a date for next week. :)

I found my water goal a little challenging so I tweaked it a bit and it's going much better. And I forgot how much it helps me to add ice to my water, but I'm doing that now. So most days I drink most if not all of my water and my little nursling is overflowing his diapers.

I have a friend who just joined WW and so I think we're going to try to hit a meeting next week.

Here's my quote for the week:

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. --Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Update

So, how's the January Challenge ladies?

Yesterday, I ened up doing an old (very old, very dorky but fun) Jane Fonda workout. It's on VHS - 60 minute aerobics called Lean Routine. Dance and intervals and way out clothes!

Eating was mindful. Happy to say I'd lost a kilogram when I weighed this morning (had put on 3 kgs over the holidays so one down, two to go!).

This morning I did a Taebo workout with one of my sons - Ultimate Taebo. It is a 90 minute workout but I am back at work at Kumon today so didn't feel like I had 90 minutes in which to workout. So, Greg did 60 minutes and I did 71 ( but who is counting, right? lol!).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New stuff is hard stuff

Well, no prob with the workout.. had a terrific spin class today, then a mat pilates which stretched me out in all the right places.

My portion control was not great, but I did change what I did eat. Back to basics... lean meat, vegs, lots of water, oatmeal. It feels good to eat good. I can really see how far off I got when I try and follow something simple.

Handful of chips here, cookies there, glass of wine... it all adds up. I think the older I get the more sensitive my body is, too. Ok.. maybe tomorrow will be better and I can work on the quantity, too. :)

Sat., Jan 3

Well, even my simple goals of water and planning my workouts haven't quite materialized. While I did workout yesterday, I forgot to plan those for the rest of the week. And I'm usually able to choke down my first cup of water by 4pm, a second one by 9pm, and maybe half a third one by midnight because I've been staying up too late watching the Office with Bill.

Still, I think I'll sing, "Tomorrow" and remember that New Year's is not my only opportunity to start over and try again. Any moment that I rededicate myself to my goals is the moment when I stop being who I was and start being who I want to be.

Happy weekend, ladies! Thanks for the inspiration!

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 3

Pleased to say that yesterday I was mindful with my eating - thinking about what I would eat BEFORE I ate. Just that stopping and thinking helps. So, ate well - and not too much!

Today I did a 73 minute workout. Very proud of myself! A 31 minute Taebo Cardio Circuit 1, with Greg and with the addition of light weights. Then a workout that Jonathon gave me for Christmas. The 42 minute Crunch Cardio Go-Go. Think Go-Go dancers! Making a fool of myself in the family room.

But having fun.

Thanks for your encouragement in the challenge, Cindy. And for your updates!

January 2

January 1-
Not off to a great start.. Y was closed and I was still so sore from my weight workouts this week I could hardly walk!
Did great on food until dh made this elabortae New Year Day meal.

Loved that the family ate together, but I ate way too much. I am so tired of food. He is off work, loves to look up recipes and cook, but this has gotta stop. I am goig to tell him that I am going to be waching my food and may not partake in all he makes. (then he leaves ME to do the dishes... gotta work on the envirnment here!)

My goal is to eventually be able to just eat little bits of what he makes and enjoy the family...but right now I still eat way too much if the food is really good.. like his is. sigh.

I plotted out my exercise for the next week. Working hard on my water. Realized I am only drinking about 32 oz a day.

Hope you all have a great day-

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leonie's Challenge Update

January 1.

Did my Taebo Workout, only time for 40 minutes.

Eating was cr*p, too much alcohol and too much picking at food. We had friends over and I just didn't eat mindfully.

January 2.

Remembered my affirmations. Reading Half-Assed but she seems so darn good all the time - always eating well and working out hard. Damn, that is how she lost 200 pounds whereas I am more of a bit here, a bit there person. Yes, I lost 80 pounds over a long-ish period but my biggest fear is ~ will I continue to stay there?? Will I get fat again?? Feel like there is a fat lazy person inside always struggling to get out...

My mind rebelled against the January challenge. Already. As always. I set up the challenge to do Taebo everyday so today I felt trapped. I don't wanna do Taebo -I love it but just because I said I must I don't wanna do it. So did a FIRM kickboxing workout instead- with weights. At least I never miss my beloved workouts....

Working on thinking about my eating, too - before I eat, not after!

Day One!

Hi everyone-

This is the beginnning of our fabulous January Challenge!
Please feel free to post how you are doing, ups and downs.

Today the Y is closed. I am mega-sore from hard weight workouts the past two days.

I am focusing on my eating and drinking water today. My big difficulty- snacking. Grabbing a handful of chips or cashews as I walk through the kitchen.

Make sure I take my vitamins, drink lots of water and do some yardwork to get moving. It is a beautiful day here, so am taking advantage.

Hope you all have a great day and great start to January!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

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