A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cindy- Tip I learned!

I bought a giant bag of Gherridelli chocolate squares for stuffing my men's stockings this Chrismtas. I hid it in my bedroom chest.

I would get an urge for a sweet.. and suddenly scarfed down 8 of them. Yikes! Not good to have that much chocolate available to me for closet eating!

Keep it in public! When I had candy in the santa dish out in the entry, I did much better.. one or two were plenty. :0

Leonie - workouts

Thanx Cindy for inviting me to contribute to this blog.

My workouts are mostly kickboxing

Yesterday, New Years Eve, I did Taebo Bootcamp Cardio Live ( DVD) followed by strength training from the book - Gleason's Gym Boxing Workout for Women .

I want to do more bootcamp style workouts to improve my strength. I love the athletic feel of bootcamp workouts, being pushed to my max, the whole military thing. Think Demi Moore in G I Jane. :-)

New Year's Eve- Beautiful Day!

Today was beautiful- in the low 60's low humidity and abundant sunshine!

I went to our local soccer park with trails and did 2 2/3 miles (twice around) at a brisk walk. Managed to keep my hr up around low 130s (hard to keep my hr high enough when walking, but can no longer jog due to joint stress)

Previewed book on tape while walking- Civil War short stories. Very good- one by Louisa May Alcott (of Little Woman fame)

But, during the walk, I did strength training-

50 sit ups
30 lunge presses on a bench
30 tricep dips
30 standing pushups off a picnic table
50 lunge walks (THAT got my hr up to 150!)

Total- 55 min, burned 400 cal.

Then... came home and worked in the yard! Raked, weeded, helped boys bag pine needles and leaves and washed all the downstairs windows. 200 cal burned.

Wish every day had this great of weather.

Think on pretty days will try and get to the park, save Jz for days with yucky weather.

Eating good (so far). Working on not slipping too much at night.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cindy found Some Weight Watcher's Online Words of Wisdom

I am cutting and pasting some ideas as I read throught the ww success stories...
These were the ones that related to me.. hopefully they will inspire others, too.

---If I get off track with my portion control, a week of eating Smart Ones® frozen meals reminds me what a healthy serving looks like.

---I'm not consistent about recording everything I eat anymore, but if I gain at all, I'll use the POINTS Tracker faithfully for two weeks straight.
(This one is good to know.. as I really don't want to count points forever.. I want this to be natural for me)

---If it's 9 PM and I've used up all my POINTS but am absolutely starving, I go to sleep.
(This sounds good.. I love going to bed early and reading... :) )

---You don't need to please someone in your life by overeating with them.
(I don't try to please others, but find I will eat that wonderful full meal b/c everyone else is when I'm not really that hungry. I need to learn to talk, drink, etc at meals if not hungry- as J really loves to cook)

---Now I know you have to fix your head before you can fix your bottom. It's all attitude. Weight Watchers helped me work on my weight from the inside out.

I have to admit it was never that hard for me — I just did it. I'm an author and a syndicated family humor columnist, so I have that inner resolve that writers need. I just applied that philosophy to Weight Watchers. I decided life is too short to fight. I was unhappy at my weight, and I wanted to be thin. So I did it.

I can relate to this- I have always had resolve and often if I just do it and stop all the thinking and planning things go easier. And shorter and life just continues.

Cindy- Jan 30

Well, feels good to be back home and on an almost normal scheudule!

Today went to Jazzercise and one of my favorite instructors was there, Leslie. Don't get to her class much since I gave up Class Manager on weekends.. She is fun.

Good workout- lots of people, high energy.. lots of sweating!

I am going to start tracking points again on weight watchers.com and spend some time reading healthy stories. I have fallen off with my eating and feel it....

I am going to start up Personal training again, as it has been off for the holiday. I may try Carole's Thursday night classes as well as Diane's monday am. Friday am are hard for me to get to with my calls to Clonlara on Monday.

Lots of water! That is my other goal.

Tomorrow I weigh in to see how close I came to my 10 pound goal. Even if I have not lost a lot, I feel the muscle and my clothes are fitting better, so know I am healthier. And why what I change what I am doing?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Cindy- Post Christmas Update

Well, my goal of 10 pounds lost by Dec 31 is in jeopardy.

Mostly because of my 2 sicknesses and pulled muscle, which effectively caused me to bench my workouts for 2 weeks. I think I am about 6 pounds down.

So, I am extending my 10 pound deadline to Jan 15!

Reading WW.com about how to get back on track. I re-read my goals listed here. One goal is to make this a natural part of life, so really getting back on track is just getting back to what is natural to me.

It was hard not working out all that time, then while visting. J and I took lots of long walks, but still miss the heart-pumping aerobics!

And, personal training will not start back up until 1/12. So, goal is to do it at home.

My goals between now and Jan 15:

Track points on WW.com to get my eating back regulated -
Work out 12/29, 12/30 at Jz
Do home workouts or walks on 12/31 and 1/1
Then regular Jz schedule 5X week and PT on Friday 1/12 and Monday 1/15.

Drink lots of water.

Get myself organized and enjoy our extended Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Cindy- Woe is Me.. my Injur-eee!

Well, I have not been able to work out since Thursday. Diane emailed me and identified the muscle I pulled. Glutius Medias Click and you will see it in red. Red stands for PAIN!

But, finally today (Monday) it is almost back to normal. I hope to workout tomorrow. I miss it. Was up a half pound on my Monday morning weigh in. Not bad considering lack of workouts and the delicious wine I had last night!

Ok... get back on the horse and start working out gently!

Oh.. also today, I did some Christmas shopping for friends' gift baskets. Bought some chocolate.. and ate a bit. AFTER I ate it i counted the calories.. oh no! Blew it! Ok... I will recover. But it was worth every bite! :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cindy- Injury... argh.

Worked out doing Body Sculpting with Diane. Hoped to get a good workout since will miss PT tomrorow as i have conf call with DW and dogsit.

I pulled a muscle doing squats. I was using 10 lb weights.. and moved too quickly. That is the problem with the BS class to music. Darn.

Have it on ice now.

Leonie has started accountability on her blog.. that will be fun!

I want to keep a balance here.. body- mind- spirit. Want to achieve my goal but not let it overwhelm me.

Lean but not Mean! lol

Hope my pulled muscle heals fast!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mess up- recover- Cindy

Messed up last night-

Snacked on the boys' lasange. Had some of the Lindeman's.

Didn't really enjoy it all that much.

Bills got me irritable. That brought on the mess up.

Next time- think. Offer myself something besides calories.

This is one of the crucial steps I am learning!

Today, cut back points by 10 to make up for it.

I can do it!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cindy's "Why I am doing this.." Read daily!

Here are my goals.. why I am doing this... why I want to make this a permamnet part of my life. Hopefully if I write them down they will inspire me when I start to slide back into bad habits....

My Goals

1. Health- strength and aerobic health as I get older

2. Wear clothes easily- be casual and at ease- shopping is a chore now to find clothes that fit.

3. Hot Houston- wear shorts/sleeveless/swimsuits again

4. Model healthy lifestyle to kids.

5. Look like ME again- (see picture from 10 years ago- I am NOT that old yet!)

7. Play sports- tennis, aerobics, (run again!?)- lighter and easier

8. Make this lifestyle (exercise/eating) automatic. Don’t diet again.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde