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Thursday, September 25, 2008

DIEt not

I liked this, from Sparkpeople

No Fads, No Pills, No Diets, Just Living Life

I'm looking for the honest balance that I can keep for the rest of my life. So far I think I've found it. A diet is not the answer. I've read the quote before, "DIET starts with DIE". I believe this to be true. It's has to be a complete way of life. It just has to be. Something that you can live with, day in and day out FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND BE 100% COMFORTABLE WITH IT. If you can't do that with how you eat right now... you've not found it yet. Anything less and you've started to DIEt.

The REAL goal is to MINDFULLY eat SENSIBLE, CLEAN, HEALTHY food EVERY day. If you approach eating this way you'll never be hungry.

MINDFUL - This is so important. You must be mindful of what you eat. By mindful I mean that when eating you should take the time to concentrate ON eating. Plate your food. Sit down. Eat it. Think about each bite. Revel in every sensation of eating. Why? Being mindful give you purpose. It slows you down. Makes you think about every bite... and gives your tummy time to send the message... HEY! I'm full! Be mindful.

SENSIBLE - I'm 42 years old. I will NOT deprive myself. If I want A cookie (notice I said "A"), or I want A bowl of ice cream (again, that "A") then doggone it... I'm going to. My "SENSIBLE" 1/2 cup of ice cream isn't going to make me fat again... but eating a pint every day will. I have to live. I will not deprive myself, but I will be SENSIBLE about what I put in my face.

CLEAN - I've also cut the vast majority of processed foods out of my general eating habits. I've found that most processed food have horrific amounts of salt in them. If you can't pick it off a bush or tree, pull it out of the ground or cut it off of an animal, it has no business being in your body. I'm not perfect with this... but again... I am only human... see SENSIBLE.

HEALTHY - Here is where SparkPeople is really helping me. By letting me look at what's going in its helping me make better and better choices each day as to what I eat. I eat 6 times a day. This REALLY helped me a lot. Before I would skip breakfast, not eat till 12... gorge on Chili's Asian Wings (about 1800 cal), eat a few packs of Gems outa the snack machine (800 more), eat some outrageous dinner and then finish it off with cereal or ice cream later... And wonder why I was fat... By eating how I do now, I never get TOO hungry (A trigger point for me).

Your thoughts?

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Leonie said...

I recently loaned a friend that book Intuitive eating - which is pro nutrition, pro exercise, pro working on the whys of eating but ANTI diet. Your post reminded me of that book.

When I get into a dieting mentality, it just doesn't work long term. Eating well, most of the time, and working out, does work long term for me.

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