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Friday, July 17, 2009


Having a week of FIRM workouts - aerobic weight training. Some step work. Makes a nice change.

Most people know that exercise can help beat type 2 diabetes, but one type of fitness regimen might work best, a new study shows.
Specifically, workouts that combine aerobic and resistance training exercises appear better at controlling blood sugar than either type of activity alone, researchers say.
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Read more about the FIRM workout DVDs.

How is everyone? Anyone out there??


yesterthoughts said...

Good article you linked to, Leonie! I notice when I don't exercise, I crave sugar/starchy carbs.
Last month I started exercising again since having a baby (in February!). My go-to workout to get back into exercising is The Firm's Hare (fast&light) with Tracey Long. After a couple of Hare workouts, I progressed to Volume Six - my all time favorite! I slacked off again for the past two weeks, so it's back to the Hare again today. Visiting your site has motivated me ;-)
Blessings to you and your dear ones, kristina

Rachel May said...

I'm sorry I peek at the blog through my sidebar, but we moved this summer and I've barely gotten online. It's very encouraging to me to see you posting here, thought. Thanks, Leonie. :)

Leonie said...

Hi Kristina - congrats! And good to hear you are back to the FIRM!

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