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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Accountability is my middle name (not)

Hi all--

I wrote a really long comment to Leonie's comment about helping each other with accountabilty. You all may have disucssed this aleady, as I have not read all the back posts yet.. but I would love to have help.. and maybe we can post here what we want to be held accountable for?

I would like to focus on just staying on the Weight Watchers plan for a few weeks to see if I can get some portion control back in my life.

Here are my comments from the other post. Please post anything you want acccountability on.. and we can help each other.
My comments on previous post:

Yes, let's hold each other accountable... but in a very positive way.. which I know you are.. but I used to have a friend I asked to yell at me if I messed up. lol I am getting too old for that.

I thinking today about your post about standing up eating M&Ms etc. Oh I could relate. I do 80% of my mindless eating on my feet, at the island of my kitchen with the news on.


I thought today... next time I start do to that (my nemesis is usually chips..) I am going to think of Leonie. (or anyone else here who struggles with this) and think.. what would I want Leonie to do right now? I want the best for her-- she is so sweet and must be feeling down or tired or stressed.

I am going to hope she stops.. gives herself a hug and maybe even take a moment to sit and have a cup of tea and be kind to herself. Just like I would be kind to her if I were there.

I found it so much easier to thinking these things for others than for myself! For myself I just think.. 'you dummy! Why did you eat? You should be cleaining the house or working... you blew it again!"


I would never say that to one of you.. so, maybe my virtual support of you when *I* am about to mess up will train me to also be kind to myself.

Does this make any sense? But I will hold you accountable and want to hear your succeses and challenges.

One thing I have done since starting WW is stocked my fridge with lots of good stuff.

I found I would be STARVING and no time- eating on the fly and no good choices. So I got tons of great stuff.

Also cleand out the fridge (it was packed adn a mess) so I can find everything.

The first week went pretty well until a dinner party we were invited to Fri night. I budgeted pretty well.. but then had some wine.. and when I got home ate half a bag of chips. How embarrasing?

Oh well, I am what I am!

So ate light today.. tomorrow is my first weigh in at WW.. lol.. silly but now my Monday mornings will be my little benchmarks....

Let me know what kind of support you need.. maybe we can all post?

I will make a new post for that.



Leonie said...

I am bad at accountability too..get scared of the pressure! lol! I am thinking of finding some time ( Ha!) to work on making three changes and a checklist as suggested by one of thr books I am reading...Mindless Eating. Will share the checklist and that book and the other bok, Nice Girls Finish Fat, in another post. Thanks for being here, Cindy!!

Niamh said...

Cindy, I too just re-joined WW. I've been successful w/it before, but this is the first time I'm planning on doing the meetings (I've just done WW-online before). And the reason for the switch is the accountability-factor! :-) I ran into a friend who has been doing it since the second week of September, and has lost 16lbs. And I was thinking, "*I* could be down that much by February, if I just hold myself more accountable!" And now's the season to be extra-focused, because otherwise I will be 5lbs UP after Christmas! :-)

Leonie said...

LOL Niamh re five lbs up! I am still struggling/reading/thinking about emotional eating..will def post soon some of the good tips..Working out as always of course! :-)

Cindy said...

HI Nimah.. great to know you are doing WW, too. Yes, I am so wonderful and accountable when I am in the mood,but then the next day I forget about it, have a stresor, etc and whoosh it is gone! I actually enjoy the leader at the monday morning meeting. She is funny.
Oh, woldn't it be cool if we were both down 16 puonds by feburary????

Cindy said...

I hear you on the pressure, Leonie.
For me it islike a balance... into th habit of not eating more than I need... and some structure, but not so much that I rebel. when I loat weight last year, that was it.. I found a habit and I enjoyed the feeling of NOT eating too much. Hope I can find that again! Please do share your notes from reading.. Love your posts.

Niamh said...


How's WW going? I don't have a weigh-in until Thursday, and since it will be Thanksgiving, I expect I will have to wait a week. But I'm sticking to the plan, writing everything down, and ignoring the ups-and-downs of my home scale! Trying NOT to weigh myself. :-)

Cindy said...

Hi Niamh-

Good job staying away from your scale... I just don't even look at mine!
Well my first week on WW I stayed the same. Kind of bummed... I did great for 4 days.. and not so great for 3.

Last week was a disaster. I think I am in that pushback phase Leonie mentioned... rebelling!

Also, I have been tired and stresed and that comfort eating rears up... but I will not give up!

Does your WW have meetings this week? Ours is closed Thurs but open friday.. the leader was laughing about how they all try NOT To work that fri after Thanksiging meeting.. it is horrible! lol

So, I hope to do better this week.

I do feel better when I eat right and try to keep that at the front of my mind....

Let me know how this week goes!
(oh, I loved the reciepes I got with the opening info-- have been cooking)

Niamh said...


I weighed in today - even though I plan to attend Thursday meetings (on a normal week). 1.6 pounds down, which I am delighted with (since my last weigh-in was last Thursday!). But the reason I went today goes back to your original post- accountability. And of course, motivation. I knew that I would feel motivated to stay reasonably on-plan for Thanksgiving if I weighed in today. I'm hoping to make this an INTENTIONAL Thanksgiving! I'll be thinking of you!

Rachel May said...

You guys are doing great. I've been trying to figure out what my next move is, but right now I'm in keep up the good work mode.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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