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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Listening to Jeff Cavin's talk called The Hidden Power of Forgiveness as I straigten up and prep the house today.

He is talking about how Jesus said we all will face trouble in the world. Trouble means worry, strife, pressure.

Then he explains how when we are faced with trouble often that is caused by feeling offended. We have all been offended many times.. by things other people did or said, didn't say, didn't do.

Often, Jeff says, we feel offended and hold that in and it can lead to us... using excessive amounts of alcohol, food,... work, hobbies.... etc.

I saw this in real terms of eating. Feeling offended.. then finding refuge in food.

I continue to ponder the relationship between stress and eating. Could definitely relate to the feeling of being 'offended'.. and do see his connection.

Here are some notes I am taking as listening..

Being offended- is a carefully laid trap by the evil one.
To be offended is to be 'scandalized'. Our pride. It is a trap-which means:

1. We don't see it as it is hidden.
2. It immobilzes us.
3. It is stronger than us

When we are offended.. we are trapped.

When we are offended...when something happens to offend us... what do we do?
When I am hurt, or gossips about me or my friend, child, family.. or my spouse or someone ticks me off... I get offended- angry. I shut down.

Wall goes up.

Enemy wants that.

Trap can cause obsessive behavior.

Forgiveness means release. Releasing someone from what they owe you. They owe us in our minds because they offended us. We want to pay them back, by building walls, or other behavoir. Make them pay with emotional weapons.

Jesus shows us new way. Absolve them. Release them of what they owe us.

Matthew chapter 18- best story of forgiveness.
Matthew 18:15

Hummm.. what do you all think?

God bless you all this Thanksgiving-- Cindy


Leonie said...

Something for me to think about, Cindy - so no quick answers. For me, some of the emotional eating is stress..somke is habit..some is cos it is easier/more fun to eat than deal with stuff ( scary to write that but it is true!).

Rachel May said...

I definitely feel like I eat from anger...sometimes anger at myself for not getting up and working out or eating too much. Such a stupid response. lately I have prayed for help to not eat if I am not hungry. It has helped some since I know if I'm choosing to eat anyway when it's an emotional instead of a nutritional thing. If I could just let go of my negative emotions. Forgiveness may be the answer, but it's an ongoing work, not a sudden release from guilt which is the easy fix I would love to have. Good thoughts.

Leonie said...

Wow, yes, definitely an ongoing work..

Cindy said...

Yes.. I hear you LEonie and RAchel.

Rachel, I know what you mean but for me it is more frustration. And I have had so much of that lately, esp starting a new biz in a bad economy. My biz is not doing as well as i like but I am getting bigger! lol Irony,eh?

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