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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Isn't This Better Than Dieting?

A quote from the old classic FIRM workout Volume 1.

Such an 80s workout classic. Yet so effective. Cardio and weights. You can do the whole 70 minutes or break it up into parts. I'm addicted to the high impact cardio, the push ups on the dumb bells, the killer legwork, the chest work, the abs....I don't often do the whole workout but have been doing parts since Wed of last week, every day, after I heard of the untimely death of the workout's creator.

The FIRM used to promise visible results in ten workouts. And it is kind of true. I've done six days of the FIRM Volume 1 in a row and people have already asked me if I have lost weight.

It is more fun than dieting..I find I need tough-ish workouts to help me lose weight, to keep that waist line in shape...And I need to watch what I eat...That is the tricky part right now!

I am reading the book I mentioned a few posts back - Finally Thin.

At first, I didn't feel the book was helpful for me. She lost a lot of weight, as I did, but she looks thin and gorgeous while I look...fat and ugly.

The author raves about never having to worry do I look fat in this? But I worry about that most days.

Amd she doesn't do a lot of talk about emotional eating. Eating to cover up emotions.

But then, I gave myself a mental shake up. A mental slap. Come on, girl!

I realised that maybe I was just being way too negative and that this negativity was attributing to my inability to lose a few more kilograms.

Now, I am reading the book with a positive frame of mind. I might be old. I might be fat. But I am not as fat as I was. I might never be as thin as the author. I might never rejoice at what I see in photos. But I can learn some more positive food habits .

Like - thinking, really thinking, before I eat.

And returning to my own, personalised sort of food plan..meals and calorie allowances that suit me. Not someone else.

Knowing there is never just one way.

And learning that it is okay to take care of myself, too.



Rachel May said...

Firm sounds great! I've had a terrible time getting back to my workouts this week. Why is it that once I say that I decide to do something, I then do the opposite? I wish I could fix that.

Ummmm, and I don't think you're fat. Or old. When I first started reading your posts on the forum, I was first attracted by your intelligence, and then I thought how beautiful you are. Are we looking at the same lady? ;)

Leonie said...

LOOL Rachel! Thanks! And I am with you...I seem to have an anti nature sometimes and when I decide to do something almsot end up dong the opposite! Sometimes I wonder if it is a form of self sabotage? Anyway, sticking with that FIRM workout this week, even if I try to self sabotage and tell myself to do something else..I won't let myself! lol!

Any luck with workouts today?

Rachel May said...

Sadly, no it took until yesterday for me to work up both time and inclination. But I found a new workout that looks promising.


There is a sprint triathlon on post in the spring, so I have enough time to train and I have lots of local support from Bill and a neighbor. Today I did a run for 20 min, and it felt great to MOVE!

Leonie said...

You rock!

Cindy said...

I agree- Leonie you are beautiful inside and out.

Rachel-- yes.. to MOVE makes all the diff! Go girl!

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