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Monday, October 5, 2009

A book

Rachel's recent checking in post came at the right time for me.

Awhile ago, someone who cares for me shared their wish that I would lose more weight. More weight? Well, I lost about 38 kg over a four-five year period. Have kept that weight off for about a year or so . Have a healthy BMI but it is still a weight that is at the higher end of the healthy BMI.This pic was from 38 kg ago....

After Easter, this year, I tried stepping up workouts and eating mostly healthy. I lost 1 kg over the last three months. My doctor was pleased -she said most people who lose weight regain it and I hadn't. But that person-who-cares and myself weren't happy.

Could I deny myself a little, lose another ten kg,?

I bought some Weight Watchers magazines.And thought - - if they can do it, so can I. For my even better health; for fitness; for another; to learn even more self control and self discipline; and, yes, vanity prevailing, to look better.

Walking, jogging, instead of Taebo. Counting WW points. I lost a kg this week. Only nine more to go!

And I've ordered this book - from a lifetime Weight Watchers member. Looks good!

New goal weight, here I come!

Anyone going to join me?


Rachel May said...

Leonie, Just what I needed to hear! Everyday I try to eat better and lose this last 10-15 lbs (depending on the time of month) and everyday I fall short. You continue to inspire me!

Niamh said...

Found your post inspiring over here too! I'm on board. I am planning on focusing on the eating, for now. I'll give an update in a week (holding myself accountable).

Leonie said...

Great girls - looking forward to updates! Today I did a new workout - Tracy Mallett's Sexy in Six - terrible name but a good mix of cardio, light weights, yoga, pilates. Nice for me cos lately I've been doing more walking/jogging. Eating not so great - stress eating, you know? But I am determined to get there - lose those pesky 10 kg!!

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

(nice to be back..too- miss you all!)

Love your motivating post.. interesting... guess waht I did? Joined WW last week!

My weight has been creeping up the past 9 months or so. I have been so busy with our business at home and am working so hard to keep balance in my life, but it is hard.

DH laid off, joined the busienss so we work together 24/7. 100% comission based work.. so you can get hte pictture... I love what we do, but you always feel you should be working!

I am still working out-- let those slip for a while and between that and eating for stress/emotion I gained back most of the weight I lost last year when I got SO fit!

So, I realized at least for a while I need some structure.

I saw this woman in the gym I had never met, but about my age and I noticed how fit she was getting. I compemented her and aksed how, mostly wondering about her weight routine as I always saw her doing free weights. Weight watchers- she said.

So... I went last week and really I was pleased. So nice, I like the updated tools. Easy to follow. Structure, but I can eat what I want. So we shall see.

i have set some goals... and will reach them I know. I felt SO GOOD all last year when I had dropped the weight and was in much better shape. I felt light, energetic, my clothes fit so my stress was lower (you know that stress when you nothing to wear because everthing it soo tight??)

Well, I am back there and want to be back fit again.

This was long... so my focus is getting back to giving my workouts priority, and following the WW plan as best I can-- and keeping it simple.

You all inspire me.

Leonie said...

I have been struggling with counting points or calories, Cindy..mostly cos of emotional and mindless eating. Maybe we could hold ourselves accountable to each other and help each other? Good to see you back! And I hear you about the pressure of running your own business...

Cindy said...

HI Leonie (and everyone)
Nice to be back!

I hear you on the points/calories. I am trying to to obsess, but be mindful. Before when I lost weight, I got used to eating lighter and it really felt good.. and began to lose that mindless eating.. but it came back!

I know just what you mean!

Yes, let's hold each other accountable... but in a very positive way.. which I know you are.. but I used to have a friend I asked to yell at me if I messed up. lol I am getting too old for that.

I thinking today about your post about standing up eating M&Ms etc. Oh I could relate. I do 80% of my mindless eating on my feet, at the island of my kitchen with the news on.


I thought today... next time I start do to that (my nemesis is usually chips..) I am going to think of Leonie. (or anyone else here who struggles with this) and think.. what would I want Leonie to do right now? I want the best for her-- she is so sweet and must be feeling down or tired or stressed.

I am going to hope she stops.. gives herself a hug and maybe even take a moment to sit and have a cup of tea and be kind to herself. Just like I would be kind to her if I were there.

I found it so much easier to thinking these things for others than for myself! For myself I just think.. 'you dummy! Why did you eat? You should be cleaining the house or working... you blew it again!"


I would never say that to one of you.. so, maybe my virtual support of you when *I* am about to mess up will train me to also be kind to myself.

Does this make any sense? But I will hold you accountable and want to hear your succeses and challenges.

One thing I have done since starting WW is stocked my fridge with lots of good stuff.

I found I would be STARVING and no time- eating on the fly and no good choices. So I got tons of great stuff.

Also cleand out the fridge (it was packed adn a mess) so I can find everything.

The first week went pretty well until a dinner party we were invited to Fri night. I budgeted pretty well.. but then had some wine.. and when I got home ate half a bag of chips. How embarrasing?

Oh well, I am what I am!

So ate light today.. tomorrow is my first weigh in at WW.. lol.. silly but now my Monday mornings will be my little benchmarks....

Let me know what kind of support you need.. maybe we can all post?

I will make a new post for that.


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