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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Body Combat

I am really enjoying the Body Combat class I do on Sat morning.. here is a video. Leonie you would love this! Click here to see video

My class is better than this video.. in that the instructor is not on the stage.. lol.. This is a good cardio example, it is intense-- We also do "ninja" moves.. and they are really elegant.

At first I didn't like the 'violent' aspect of it. We are supposed to be beating someone up! But when we really start punching someone I pretend it is The bad guy as all don't like and his demons. Or maybe a guy who assults me in the parking lot..I told my gym buddy today if I guy did ever try and get me, I would do some of these moves and it might just make him laugh so hard he would forget his plans. :0

It is a great cardio workout.
But.. I am finding I am SORE from this workout-- muscles are sore which is amazing as it is all cardio and we use no equipment.

Just wanted to share.. :)
Hope everyone is well and moving!

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Leonie said...

Oh, I LOVE kickboxing - feel very powerful after. It is such a cool cardio workout and the punches and kicks and floorwork and standing ab work have rally helped re-shape my body. Thanksn for the clip. Cindy!

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