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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Post natal taebo rocks!

Leonie recommended this DVD, and I have been checking it out for the past few weeks.

The workout is Shellie Blanks (Billy Blanks' daughter) at 10 weeks post partum with 2 other moms, one also having delivered recently. They warm up and then do core, upper body, lower body, and cardio workouts for a little more than 10 min each and then stretch. The moves are simple and effective and easy to follow. Shellie frequently reminds you to breathe, drink your water, move at your own pace, be patient, and adapt moves if necessary. For example, a lower body lunge included a top tap with your back leg, so she suggested holding onto a chair for balance. And I did!

I'm pretty uncoordinated, but by the second time watching, I could follow along fairly easily. I did shorter weekday workouts by only doing 2 segments, and today I did the whole hour. It was a challenge to do the whole hour, but in a good way. :) And you can still feel it when you only do a section or two. I especially loved that, even though she looks great, Shellie does have a soft little post partum tummy if you look. That made me not feel quite so squishy myself. The kids enjoyed doing some of the parts with me, too. The only thing I miss is a long, slow, yoga style stretch at the end which I could do myself if I plan the time. I'm definitely going to buy this one.

Also, Leonie mentioned, and I thought the same thing, this is a really good workout for anyone getting back into exercise. :) THANKS, LEONIE!

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Leonie said...

Wow, way to go, Rachel! You did the whole hour, with a new baby around...I have this workout, I am looking foward to doing it when the doctor gives my okay after surgery. Right now I am in to walking and walking workouts.

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