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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Goal Met...!

Someone sweet gave me those flowers for making a goal... I lost 5+ pounds!
Well, actually as of today I lost 6.5+ since I started weighing. I would not weigh until I got under this certain number, so I have actually lost a bit more than I record. But officially, 6.5+ are gone I hope never returning. And I have gained a lot of muscle, too, which I know is heavier that fat. hooray!

I am trying not to get caught up in numbers, but decided to try weighing each day to see if it motivated me. But, I am back to wearing some clothes I 'outgrew' over the past year... so that is making me happier.

And it we me who bought the flowers for me.. ;) Cheapies from the grocery store. Actually I just stuck them on a table to get a picture against the wall and didn't realize the boys' old photo would show up so clearly.. aren't they cute?

Anyway, I plan to get myself another gift at my 10 pound mark. That is set for the end of August, but who knows maybe I will beat it?

My friend Roxanne who is in VA doing this with me met her July goal, too! Goals are fun, especially to do with friends.

Oh.. and I saw my AB MUSCLES for the first time yesterday in years! I still have a layer of fat over them, but they are getting firmer and I saw some definition! Yes, you CAN have a waistline if you are over 45! lol


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Congrats, Cindy!

And those boys are definitely cute!

Leonie said...

Great flowers Cindy - and a big high five for reaching your July goal! Well done!!

K said...

Way to go Cindy! Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady...

Cindy said...

Thanks for the kudos.... Yes, I like little goals but want to be careful not to rest on my laurels... I have a bigger goal I am trying to meet.

It really helps to have my friend doing it, too. Would love to hook up with anyone here who has goals set!

Of course good eating and being active is a great goal, too- doesn't have to be specific like mine are now. I am finding this is helping my dicipline as now I see where I was eating too much. Thought was was being moderate!

Thanks, Maria.. I think they are cute, but of course I am the biased mom.. lol

Willa said...

Great, Cindy! Cyber-flowers from here.

Leonie said...

Cindy - my goals are loose, just cos I work btter that wya! I'd like to lose a couple of kgs, get my BMI and waist measurement down, do well at all my ongoing health assessments, feel and look fit for a long time!

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