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Monday, August 6, 2007

What Works for You?

In the last entry, Leonie and I got to talking in the comments about little things that keep us on track, such as when we get home tired and hungry (and mean, in my case), what keeps us from hitting the junk food?

Leonie mentioned pre-planning a snack. Are there other hints you all have to keep yourself eating healthy, not binging, getting to your workout, etc?

One I can think of is lately I have been pre-cooking chicken breasts up for myself on the weekend and putting them in little bags in nice small portions. This way when I am ready for my salad or fajita (and usually very hungry) I just take a packet and make up the meal. This is very helpful for me as I am a chronic snacker (while preparing AND cleaning up food!) I find I eat less and focus on and enjoy the meal more.

Also, I keep 60 cal pudding cups and Teddy Grahams around for me (hands off, boys! lol)- . I allow myself to have them at night or mid-aftenoon with a nice cup of decaf tea or coffee. A real treat and less calories than stadning at the freezer eating cookies and cream ice cream out of the carton! lol

For workouts, I preplan my week each Sunday night. I used my aerobic schedule and write it on my calendar and treat it like an appointment. After doing this for a while now workouts happen automatically- they didn't used to!

Any hints from anyone else?


Willa said...

Not exactly what you were asking, but if I bring some almonds or a protein bar or two with me when I'm running errands, I am much less likely to come home hungry enough to eat everything in the fridge.

I have the problem of snacking while I'm making dinner and sometimes I can keep control of that by having a bowl of carrots on the counter so I grab those instead of the M&Ms.

Sometimes I walk up and down the stairs in those pauses when meal prepping, which helps turn my focus onto exercise and away from grazing while I'm waiting for something to cook or boil or whatever.

Leonie said...

Nice ideas, Willa.

I also pack food in my tote bag, for when I am out and about. Water bottles, apples or pears, usually. I like something to crunch and the fibre in the fruit makes me feel full.

I have blood sugar problems, have had all my life, and take medication for this. Eating regularly is so important for me, or my blood sugars drop and I get very tired and grumpy and worse, health wise.

Workouts are just part of my life, like brushing teeth. So I just do them - plan A , in the morning; plan B for another time that suits my day. I do what I love but overall aim for a mix of cardio and AWT ( aerobic weight training), with some abs or flexibility thrown in.

Cindy said...

Those are some great tips, Willa.

I just recently began taking some healthy food with me when am out, if I know I will hit a hunger wall. It is hard coming into the house starving, and usually people also need you right when you get home, so food is whatever is quick.

I like the idea of walking up and down stairs during meal prep.

I think a lot of it is I get into 'eating mode' and want to keep going. During food prep is a dangerous time for me and I think contributed a lot to my weight gain over the years. I am in the kitchen all the time-- food tastes good, lifts my spriits, so I just munch and munch

A friend says that she also uses that in her evening munching time. If she is just being called to eat (and she knows she doesn't need it) she will jump rope!

Great idea for the carrots instead of M&Mss!

Leonie I always liked how you have plan A and B.... thinking ahead can make such a difference. Also not being harsh with ourselves if we don't make that first workout, but have options for plan B.. :)

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