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Friday, August 3, 2007

Turbo Jam and Taebo

These have been my two fave workouts this week. Today I did Turbo Jam Kickin' Core - love the music, moves and the Turbo in this workout. Yesterday was Taebo Celebrity Fit Sculpt, with some nice combos and calisthenics.

I think I'll aim for more FIRM workouts next week - probably need to do more weighted work, as the rotations below state. But I love the endorphin high of cardio!
What workouts are you doing?
How are your diet plans, diet journals?


Cindy said...

HI Leonie-

Your Billy Blanks looks wonderful! He is such a high energy guy.

I know what you mean about the endorphins. There is nothing like it to improve a mood. I was telling my boys that last week- that if they ever feel down, to get some endorphins going!

I saw a great little article about the benefits of exercise, including the mood enhancing in the Sunday paper today. I will try and find it online an dpost it here.

As far as check ins... I am hanging in there. I started the personal training diet about 3 weeks ago and really like it. I have slipped a little, but I actually like the food and I think (hope) it is teaching me to eat less.

I have stuck with my stepped up workouts and really like that, too. Only problem is the time it takes, but I don't plan to do this forever. And I get tired, as my body is working hard, but I hope to gain muscle and evenentually lean down.

It is fun doing it with my friend in another state as we email lots to encourage each other. :)

How are you doing - are you doing any plans, journal, etc now? Anyone else?

Leonie said...

I'd love to see the article, Cindy.

I am still working on portion control wrt eating, and doing what I love, workout wise. Some days I only have 30 mins to workout, other days 45 or 60 minutes, so I play it by ear.

Yesterday, I did a 60 minute Taebo - Ultimate Abs. Jonathon and his friend Meg did 30 minutes with me and then gave me high fives for doing the rest of the DVD and all the floorwork!

I think my eating has been good but my weight has been erratic - lose a kg, gain a kg. But my newer clothes ( short skirt and dresses) still fit, so that's cool!

I will weigh in again this week or next and decide where I may need to make small changes. Drastic changes just don't work for me, make me obsessive!

Avoided the "eating when tired after work trap" last week, just ate what I had planned and then a lower fat/lower calorie treat. Pleased with myself over this!

Rachel, Maria, Niamh - how are you gals going?

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-
How fun to work out with Johnathon and Meg!

Sounds like you are doing great-- if your clothes are fitting. That is really what it is about- just feeling strong and healthy.

Good job on the not eating when tired! Wow, that is a biggie for me, too. Just now I got home from the grocery store, tired, hungry and mean. :0 Perfect time for me to reach for a glass of wine, then forget my eating and next thing I know I am knee high in potato chips. lol

But I had my balanced dinner and feel really good. Yeah!

I would love to hear how others are doing, too!

Oh, and I found some great articles online from the Parade magazine that was in my Sunday paper.. will look again later.

Leonie said...

Yep - isn't it weird for me to reach for too much food if I'm tired?? Good for you with resisting the urge to snack!I like to plan ahead for my tired/stressed times and plan aporpriate but yummy snacks and treats for then....

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