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Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice comment..

I posted some pics on my blog, of son Anthony and his birthday. One of my older sons, in Adelaide, saw the pics and he ( Greg) sent me an email.

Greg said "Mum, you look like an advertisement for Taebo!!".

Gotta love that kid! lol!


Rachel May said...

You are going to inspire me to check out your blog! I recently started the beginning Taebo video, but was interrupted jut at the start. I still want to try it, but...it'll have to wait for morning sickness to pass. ;)

Leonie said...

Morning sickness??? Congratulations!!

Rachel May said...

Thanks! Looks like I'll be posting pregnancy workouts for a while but first I'll have to actually do one. :)

Leonie said...

I have just modified "traditional" workouts when pregnant - done what I've felt able to do...

Niamh said...

Leonie-I would LOVE to check out your blog--what's the link? Rachel-CONGRATULATIONS! :-) Yay for the Mays! :-) Love, Niamh

Cindy said...

Congratulations Rachel and Family!

What is your due date? Is your family excited? My prayer are with you.

Yes, like Leonie, I just kept working out, just modified when I was pregnant. But you have been here before and done that! I hope you have a very, very healthy and easy pregnacny.


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