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Friday, May 30, 2008

Try, try again...

Hello Everyone,
I am still trying to get myself in shape. I am always taking care of everyone else.
And sugar! I use eating it as my only control in life. It needs to stop. But it is so hard during baseball season--running here and there and keeping little sister entertained. It makes me feel good :)
So, I am letting you all know my struggles. I saw a photo of me last night pushing dd on the swings. It showed me from the back. I was shocked. I am getting a big caboose. I keep thinking of it and hoping it will motivate me more.
I got a bike this weekend. It is an old lady bike with a cushy seat, high handle bars, etc. My neck issues are so much better on this bike. Dd loves to ride the trail a bike so we invested in this. It uses different muscles than my old triathlon/mountain biking bikes. I am struggling. But I also give myself a little credit pulling dd and a half a bike behind me. Of course, I am going to be exhausted riding 5 miles!! I hope to get out on it once a week all summer.
I hope to come back in a few weeks and report in that I am eating better, lost a pound or two, something in the right direction.
Keep on trucking ladies...now to go open my Best Life diet book, yet again :)


Rachel May said...


When I started going to Weight Watchers, it was because of a picture. I couldn't believe it was me! They can be great negative motivators, can't they.

I'm looking forward to hearing about how your biking goes. I just got a new (hand-me-down) bike and trailer last week. Now I just need the weather to comply. Happy biking!

Leonie said...

How is it going with the Best Diet book? Its very practical, isn't it - just make a few changes at a time....I'm enjoying reading some books by Leslie Sansone, the walking workout lady. Since all I am allowed to do right now is walk, I am finding her sensible and sane fitness and eating tips to be very helpful.

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