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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Februrary So Far

How has your February gone so far? MIne has been rough!

I got WAY SICK the last week of January and was down for the count. I didn't work out for 10 days ARGH! Yesterday was my first day back to my favorite spin class with Lynn, who has the BEST music-mostly 80s. It felt soooo good! I sweated from the indside and and felt like I got all that icky out of my body. Awesome!

It is beautiful here in Texas now- crisp cold morning and sun. I decided to really try and focus on my dog. lol Not the one in the picture I posted yesterday- that is Ralphie, he is 4. But Boomer is 11 and really aged the past 4 years. He lays around ALL DAY. His poor stomach is always rumbling.

So, I reserached food and think I am feeding him junk food. LIke I was feeding me! So I got some food that is protien based and I am going to try and take him out every day. He is so slow... a dachund with little short legs... and walking in our neighborhood is torture, as the cars some, he sniffs we never get anywhere. We have a local park, so I put them in the back of my wagon yesterday am and drove the 2 min there.

I took them out on the long retracatabel leashes.. and they LOVED IT! Boomer was galloping (well for about 15 seconds) and trotting adn sniffing. So, I am now their personal trainer and want to help him be healthy in these last years.

My biggest problem is time. Their workout is NO workout for me, but it is relaxing. So how to fit in their workout, then my workout, then the rest of life. I want to get to daily Mass more, too and have prayer time, the of course my 3 jobs and oh, yeah these kids I am in charge of.

Oh well, one day at a time. Tomorrow when we go out at 7:30 my friend is coming too with her Cocker Spaniel. It is fun to try something new!

Also, my friend in VA who I workout with long distance is trying something BRAND NEW this week! She has just done great with working out and loves it. All this was brand new to her last year. She had gotten in fabulous shape, slow and steady. She tried running last week. She has a trainer who takes her out. Fun!

I like that she is always trying new things and we share ideas, text each other. It is fun to share.. glad you all are here to share with too

I decided in addition to my doggie personal training I am going to try and get outside as much as I can while the weather is good. I can't run anymore b/c of my joints, but maybe walk and intervals of jumping jacks (which I love), etc around the lake at the Y... ?

Are you all doing anything new? Is your old routine still fun?


Leonie said...

I think change is good and hear you about the time issue - for me my workout time is non negotiable, I don't care what else won't get dobne, I will always do some form of workout, no matter how small or easy....it is just SO important for my health and well being...

Leonie said...

PS My February challenge is more strenght training - done pretty well with incorporating some strength training days so far...

Julie said...

Great to hear your feeling better, Cindy!

Cindy said...

Yup, my workout goes on the scheudle first thing when I plan my weeks each Sunday night.

When Id din't work out for 10 days, I felt so awful... even when not sick. I feel so much better when I do work out. Forget weight, looks and all the rest, it just feels so good to work out! :)

Cindy said...

Thanks, Julie.... I am so glad I am better, too. I am such a wimp when I am sick..

Cindy said...

Leonie, What kind of weight training are you doing?

Leonie said...

Mostly workout DVDs although I do have some Joyce Vedral books. Some workouts heavier weights; some light weights high rep to vary.

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