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Monday, February 16, 2009

Inch by Inch...

Hi Girls!

Hope everyone is going ok!

Just checking in...I have continued to follow my 'life schedule' which is working wonders and has helped me keep on track despite some 'heavy' things that came my way during the past week.

I have been doing a weight loss diet...feeling that I needed the structure and kickstart because I have so much weight to lose and so far I have lost 1.8kg over the two weeks that I have been doing it...SMILE!

TAE BO bootcamp has been my bosom buddy over this time as well. I have been watching he Biggest Loser and motivated heaps to continue the exercise program!

Overall...I am still targeting the inside as well as the outside...was watching an interview with Magda Subanzki last night..."Babe fame...who has embarked on a weight loss program with Jenny Craig and she was saying that along with the meal plan and the exercise (she has lost 16kg so far!) she believes that dealing with the 'inside issues' are extremely important! That's what's become real obvious to me...I was kind of feeling things 'out of my control' and that was manifesting in all sorts of ways!

Pray everyone stays encouraged to 'nurture' ourselves with health and 'inner beauty and peace'!

This week I have made a commitment to myself to continue with the Tae Bo bootcamps and the choice of 'keep moving' along with the focus on 'positives' in life...it really does change the perspective on things!

Big Hug!
Be Healthy!
God bless!


Leonie said...

Julie, I love that you keep working on things while life goes on .I find the inside things to be really important on my fitness and health journey - why am I eating, what am I feeling, how do I react, thinking clearly, just doing it...Reading Overcoming Overeating right now. Quite good, a book on why we overeat and tips for working on ourselves. If we want to. No compulsion. Also about food addiction and being careful we don't replace it with another addiction - even a fitness one! lol!

Been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for workouts the last few days. Circuit training. Cardio, strength and abs so fits my need/want for cardio with my Feb strength training goal. :-)

Julie said...

I might just read that book myself!
I've been doing the Cardio bootcamps...gasp of breath...and have done the training for the new job twice now...its 6 hours of straight walking up and down the wards, so I'm stoked...I'll be keeping up with my 'keep moving' mindframe!
Miss you heaps...hope we can catch up this Friday!

Leonie said...

If you want, I can bring the book for you to borrow..

Julie said...

I'd love it if you could! Thanks Leonie!

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