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Monday, July 30, 2007

More Rotation Ideas

From the Video Fitness site ~

30 Day Rotation
1-hour AWT(aerobic weight training) OR 30 minsculpting(or 40 minute sculpt if you don't have 30minute sculpt tapes)/ 30min. cardio
2-45 minute cardio/30 min ab workout(can be one DVD ortwo segments combined)
3-hour AWT OR 30min. sculpt tape & 30 min cardio(forexample plug in Get Ripped by Jari love for sculpt andplug in a Leslie cardio workout)
4-REST OR light stretching such as your candle lightyoga
5-60 min hour sculpting workout or more(Just reallyfocus on hitting the weights today)
6-60 min cardio workout(you could do one toughie ortwo 1/2 cardios back to back!)
7-REST OR yoga
8-40 min sculpting+ 1/2 hr. cardio
9-45 min cardio + 1/2 hr. of ab work(I find it easierto do abs before cardio cause I can really focus onform)
10-Hour AWT(like Burn it up) OR 1/2 hour sculpting +1/2 hour cardio
12-Short sculpt 30-40 minutes & 1/2 hour abworkout(focus on hitting those weights)
13-60 min. of cardio
14-REST15-40 min of sculpt & 1/2 hour of cardio16-hour of cardio
17-1 hour AWT or 1/2 hour sculpt & 1/2 hour cardio
19-40 min sculpt & 1/2 hour ab/core workout(reallyfocus on strength)
20-45 min. cardio
22-60 min. AWT OR 30 min sculpt +30 min cardio
23-hour of cardio
24- 45 min AWT or 1/2 hour sculpting and 1/2 hourcardio
25-hour of strength training or 2 shorter strengthworkouts back to back
26-hour of Cardio
28- hour of AWT or 1/2 hour cardio+ 1/2 hour strength
29-45 min cardio + 1/2 hour of abs and core
30-40 min strength + 1/2 hour cardio

And another:F
or example, assume that building strength is your
goal and you want to exercise six days a week. Youmight come up with something like this:
M - Full-body strength
T - Cardio
W - Upper body strength
Th - Lower body strength
F - Cardio
S - Circuit or full-body strength

Or, let's say you just want to stress cardio because it helps you lose weight:
M - Long cardio
T - Weighted strength
W - Cardio and Bar Method
Th - Upper body strength
F - Long cardio
S - Lower body strength and yoga

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