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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm in Love! And I'm a believer!

Yes, those are the words of a Monkees song.

But today they describe my love affair.

Yep, I'm having a love fest.

With my workouts ~ Taebo and Turbo Jam.

I managed to buy a few older Taebo Advanced Live workouts, secondhand. They are OOP now.
I did Taebo AL 10 yesterday - love, love, love! The 60 minutes are a hard workout, tough kickboxing and cardio, some butt work ( ouch!!), abs ( standing and floorwork) , pushups and upper body work.

The music is phenomenal - try doing killer butt work while singing along to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistable". I'm gonna look irresistable after these workouts ~ not! But I can dream along and sing along while having fun and working out hard. :-)

I am reminded of the words of the Divinyl's song ~ "There's a fine line between pleasure and pain." No, the Divinyls are not singing about workouts! But the song describes how I feel about killer workouts - they hurt, it hurts to walk upstairs and sit today but, boy, the workouts are fun to do, I get a great sense of achievement and I love that soreness. I love finishing a workout, dripping with sweat. Pleasure and pain...

And I love cool music in workouts. Very motivating - just when you think you can't continue, a fun song is played - and who can stop during that song ?

Which is why I am in love with the Taebo Live workouts.

And with today's workout - Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3. A party for sure, and cardio and standing ab and back work. 50 minutes of dance and kickbox, with a fast paced anaerobic drill ( the Turbo) in the middle. I like to skip back and do double Turbos. I sing along to this and "throw my hands up in the air" - "party, party people - whose house? My house?" So go the lyrics. lol!

Sorry to bore you all ~ but, if you can't share your love affairs with friends, who can you share with? At least this love affair is both moral and legal......


Rachel said...

I LOVE the Monkees! I'm with you too. Music makes the workout. Good reminder as any second now I'm going to climb up on my exercise bike....

Cindy said...

You are not boring me! Yes, music is an incredible motivator, as I have found on the eliptical with the ipod! In fact I just have to be careful not to boogie too much or sing along as I blast the music in my earphones but the other ladies at the gym can't hear the music.. but they can hear ME! lol

I love the Monkees... and the other songs you mentioned.

I love KC and the Sunshine band too. In fact I need to fiture out the cheapest way to get some of my favs downloaded to the ipod.

You know what song always comes to mind when I am sore from a good workout?

"Hurts so good.. Come on baby make it hurt so good!"


Leonie said...

Love it, Cindy - like my Divinyls song Pleasure and Pain....

The Hollywood Trainer ( Jeanette Jenkins) has some free workout playlists available - www.hollywoodtrainer.com

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