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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving plan of attack

My trip to the midwife yesterday went well, except when she asked, "Do you always gain a lot of weight when you're pregnant?" Uuhhhhhh...yeah. So, she just gave a gentle caution about eating during the holidays. I have to start keeping a food journal to check for hypoglycemia so I thought I would prep for Thanksgiving with the age old Weight Watchers trick of preplanning your plate. I'm not cooking so I need to think out what might be there, check the calories and fat of different dishes, and figure out reasonable portions of the foods I want to eat. I remember the first Thanksgiving I did this and how great I felt afterward. It was the first year I didn't feel sick!

And Leonie, I had a friend from England who once told me that they celebrate Thanksgiving on July 4. ;) If it's not an international secret, maybe you could share the menu, LOL.

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Leonie said...

Wow, Rachel - don't you hate tactless midwives? I've found that the thinner you are at the start of a pregnancy, the more weight your body seems to want to gain....

We don't do Thanksgiving at all in Australia - we do Xmas in June, a mini Xmas, on the feast of St John the Baptist.

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