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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Log

Food ~ Had a few upsets around here but remembered I don't do that any more and refused to eat to cover up emotions. I wanted to either eat or make myself throw up ( two food related coping mechanisms from my past). Instead, I worked out, I did other things, I gave myself permission to have an afternoon off, I texted!

Food log ~ a banana, a slice soy linseed bread with low fat cheese, tea with skim milk, 2 mini Lindt chocs leftover from birthday, toasted sandwich with baked beans and capsicum and no butter, 2 tablespoons margarita ice cream from birthday, an apple, tea, an orange, a handful of potato crisps, low fat tuna vege curry with rice and salad, a mini party pie, tea with skim milk.

Exercise log ~ 60 minutes FIRM Total Sculpt plus Abs. Cardio, step, and weights. Felt it in my arms afterwards and in my legs today, Monday.


Cindy said...

Wow, great logging, Leonie. I hadn't realized you had been doing this, and like the crisp clean look of the blog!

I should journal. Ok, not to be a downer here... but I have logged food SO MUCH in the past, I just can't bring myself to do it again.

I admire you and Jenny for doing this! Plus it is neat to see what you eat.

I find I try to eat healthy, so eat the same 10 things, then I crave new stuff.. and oops! Or if I try to bring in variety, I am thinking and planning and shopping all the time.

Oh well. This is not very uplifting..

But, I loved what you said aobut just stopping this behavior. I love that.

" I don't do that anymore".

Love it.

Have you all seen the movie Fireproof? Loved it. At one point the main character was dealing with his sin-- which was porn on the net, and coveting a boat he wanted to buy.

Anyway, he was being pulled to the computer.. on the screen were his two vices calling him... he struggled and yelled and said

"Why is this so HARD???!"

I thought, OK, my eating is not a 'sin'. I don't think I am into the 'gluttony' category.... am I? But it does affect my life. It snack on food when I don't want to, take the last piece of chicken and scarf it when someone else might want it....

it makes me not fit in my clothes (where I am now again, after losing weight last year)- and causes me to THINK about it all the time when I could be thinking of other things, people, God, maybe?

Honestly, girls, I think food is an issue. I wonder if it is my 'afflcition'. St. Paul had an unknown affliction and I had a very direct friend (you would like her Jenny) say to me once maybe this was mine? Well, I think if it is I am in good company because boy do a lot of people struggle with this.

I wonder i can just say NO. Not try and trick myself, make myself eating plans (I am famous for, right Leonie?) just face myself and say NO! Why is this so hard! But then like that guy in the movie, deny myself and focus.

After he said NO to the computer he took it about back, beat the heck out of it with a baseball bat, put it in the trash and went running... lol!

Can I beat up my fridge?

I am here all day ( I work from home) with my family and my fridge. When I get frustrtaed or tired, I turn to my fridge. And I DO feel better sometimes.. that carb/sugar/food lift.

Can I just deny myself? LIke you say Leonie? I may put your saying on my fridge.

I would love to be done with this and jsut live.. and not think about food.

This is long, but one more thing. You know wise advice is to model people who are successful. I have been in training for months with my job on how to inteveriew people how to communciate and present.. and they say to find someone who is a master and copy them. I have found this to be wise and true.

I think about people who have food managed. Trim friends who never diet, who leave half their food on their plates. Maybe if I understood them.. that would hlep me?

What makes them differnet? Any ideas?

Leonie said...

Cindy, logging is something I only do very occasionally - hope you don't mind the new look of the blog, thought it needed updating.

I know I will never be normal with food - food or food related bahviour and body image have alwasy been my issues and I suspect always will, I am just better at recognising that, you know?

Have you read Intuitive Eating or similar books? Helpful for me with working on the mind issues related to food.

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