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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check in

Hi Leonie and all-- Leonie do you feel you have been talking to yourself? i have been terrible about posting!

But I have been working out at the Y still. My schedule changed so I tried some 6am classes to get my mornings free. OUCH! It was hard at first, but now i love it. I do 6am classes M-Th. I get up at 5, drink coffee and get on the computer, let the dogs out. Then work out, then come home work and do daily life, then lay down at 2pm with an audio book and have a delcious nap. Not bad, actually!

But, I thought of you all today and wanted to share.
Today at my class, the instructor had us on big exercise balls at the wall which is covered with a mirror panel.

So, picture it. We lay on the big ball, facing the mirrored wall. Our feet are on the wall. We have a medicine ball in our hands, over our heads and are doing crunches, at 6:37am.

The view:

I get a great wide-screen panoramic of my inner thighs as I scruntch up in my crunches.


So, I shift my gaze higher (enough of this self-torture) and see my neck. I am lifting the medicine ball in the CRUNCH and with the mirror about 1.5 feet from my face, I see my neck. It has all those wrinkles that the stars get lifted out.. you know that loose-chicken skin?

Sheesh! I nudge the lady next to me who is about my age and a grandmother and show her my view. She laughs, as she has a similar one.

Oh well. Felt great after, but I gotta talk to the instructor. I think we only should be made to do exercises facing away from the mirror at close range.

But I am enjoying the variety. I was doing a lot of step classes, but my knee is hurting. So now I have added in spinning one day a week, and substituing eliptical for my aerobics a couple of times. But I am bonding with the 6am crowd which is fun. There are about 5 guys who come too, which I never had in the the 9am classes. They are a hoot and the instructor today was telling "man stories" about her husband.

Like how he went on a guy's weekend with his buddies and never asked their college friend about the triplets that were born the month before. Spent 4 days with the guy and never even asked. Men!

So, it is a good time.

How are you all doing? Enjoying any particular workouts these days?

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Leonie said...

Wow, I'd hate those big mirrors!!

I am doing easier workouts, sick with the flu..Am having a bad year healthwise and therefore workout wise!

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