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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cindy found Some Weight Watcher's Online Words of Wisdom

I am cutting and pasting some ideas as I read throught the ww success stories...
These were the ones that related to me.. hopefully they will inspire others, too.

---If I get off track with my portion control, a week of eating Smart Ones® frozen meals reminds me what a healthy serving looks like.

---I'm not consistent about recording everything I eat anymore, but if I gain at all, I'll use the POINTS Tracker faithfully for two weeks straight.
(This one is good to know.. as I really don't want to count points forever.. I want this to be natural for me)

---If it's 9 PM and I've used up all my POINTS but am absolutely starving, I go to sleep.
(This sounds good.. I love going to bed early and reading... :) )

---You don't need to please someone in your life by overeating with them.
(I don't try to please others, but find I will eat that wonderful full meal b/c everyone else is when I'm not really that hungry. I need to learn to talk, drink, etc at meals if not hungry- as J really loves to cook)

---Now I know you have to fix your head before you can fix your bottom. It's all attitude. Weight Watchers helped me work on my weight from the inside out.

I have to admit it was never that hard for me — I just did it. I'm an author and a syndicated family humor columnist, so I have that inner resolve that writers need. I just applied that philosophy to Weight Watchers. I decided life is too short to fight. I was unhappy at my weight, and I wanted to be thin. So I did it.

I can relate to this- I have always had resolve and often if I just do it and stop all the thinking and planning things go easier. And shorter and life just continues.

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A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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