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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Leonie - workouts

Thanx Cindy for inviting me to contribute to this blog.

My workouts are mostly kickboxing

Yesterday, New Years Eve, I did Taebo Bootcamp Cardio Live ( DVD) followed by strength training from the book - Gleason's Gym Boxing Workout for Women .

I want to do more bootcamp style workouts to improve my strength. I love the athletic feel of bootcamp workouts, being pushed to my max, the whole military thing. Think Demi Moore in G I Jane. :-)


Cindy said...


What tapes do you recommend as favorites? For Kickboxing and for bootcamp style.. if I were to get one to try?


Leonie said...

Well, Denise Austin has a new DVD out - Bootcamp - I don't have it but it is intermediate level and might be a good intro to bootcamp style - and inexpensive, too!

My all time fave bootcamp is Taebo Billy Blanks Bootcamp set - I have the Basic, Ultimate, Cardio Live and Ab Bootcamp workouts from this set. I haven't tried his Elite bootcamp set ( yet?).

I also have my eye on the Navy Seals workouts - seem kinda scary! Hah!


Do a search for Navy Seals. :-) Or bootcamp.

Cindy said...

I looked up Billy Blanks at our library and there are 16 people waiting for the bootcamp... but I found his starter DVD with only 8 people waiting!

I have the collage video catalog... hoped to try at the library first. I did buy a Kathy Smith kickbox a couple of years ago. It was ok.. didn't care for the other people she had in it, though I usually like her pretty well.

Let me know how the navy seals goes!

Leonie said...

I am not into Kathy Smith - too much whooping for me! :-)

Love the hard Taebos, though. And Turbo Jam cos of the dancey feel - and Taebo Bootcamps cos they make me stronger!

Cindy said...

Ha ha.. she does 'whoop' a lot doesn't she? lol

I love to be challenged, too. Leonie, you would love Diane who is one of the Jz instructors and whose personal training class I attend. She gives tough love... she acts mean but you know she loves you. :)

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