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Monday, March 19, 2007

Boredom Hits Houston, too!

Oh.. I need a change up!

I think I have hit the wall with Jazzercise... as much as I love it, I am just so tired of the format. This has happened before and I feel I need a change up.

I am not very good at doing videos at home.. I see the dust on the furniture or the laundry that needs folding, and have a hard time completing the video... :0 Leonie, your tenacity amazes me!

I do wish I could run like I did in the old days. But my allergies and joints don't agree.

I may try the Y again. I went for a bit, but it is super crowded, the ladies in the group exercise class seemed to have an 'attitude'... and there were a bunch of sweaty men in the weight room as I walked to the aerobics studio.

Now I just sound picky.

Oh well. Looking for some alternatives!

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Leonie said...

I hope you find a good alternative - maybe there is a gym near you that has Body Pump or Turbo Kick classes? Both fun, with good music...

I bought myself some 10 Minute Solution workouts - except I do all 5 segments for a 50 minute workout. Yesterday was Fat Blasting Dance Party ( fun) and today was the Fitness Ball workout ( this was tougher than I expected and the cardio part was FUN!).

These aren't hard, probably at an Intermediate level acccording to Collage...

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