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Monday, March 12, 2007

Boredom in workouts

Last week, I was feeling bored with my workouts. Nothing grabbed me. Yes, I still worked out every day and , yes, I enjoyed the workout when I did it - but the excitement and joy was not there.

So, this week, I have decided to shake up my routine. To do some workouts that I haven't done in awhile. To maybe try some new ones....

Hence, the Old School Dance Party and add ons for Sunday. And yesterday's 10 Minute Soluion Carb and Calorie Burner - I did all 5 10 minute segments: Slow and Steady Burn, Carb Burner ( kickboxing), Power Boost ( plyometrics in intervals), Interval Blast ( bootcamp) and Metabolism Booster ( compound moves with weights).

The kids gave me this one for Christmas and this is only the third time I've done this workout! See how I get into a workout rut???

Today I am off to do a Cindy Crawford workout - Shape Your Body 1. Tomorrow will be Shape Your Body 2 and then probably back to pure cardio for Thursday/Friday.

So, the cure for workout boredom - shake it up!

How are all your workouts and food plans going, this Lent?


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie

Great idea to change things up!

I would say I am doing "OK". The allergies are really bad here in Houston now. The pine trees just released their yellow pollen everywhere and many people are having to take it slow.. including me. My workouts have been measured as I can only get so much oxygyn to my brain!

But, I am realizing that is a lifetime proposition and I will have slower times.

Eating also is OK... but not spectacular.

All in all.. just plugging along.

I am excited though, at Jz they are going to offer a 30 min PT class. This sounds perfect. The one they had before was an hour. Intense plus expensive and time consuming.

So hopefully in the future I can do the 30 min strength training then the class and be outta there!

Anyone else? Rachel, Faith, Maria...?

Leonie said...

The 30 minute strength training class sounds good!

I am still shaking things up - Thursday I did a new workout. 10 Minute Solution Kickboxing Bootcamp. I did all 50 minutes - very nice.

Yesterday was Turbo Jam and abs and today was Yoga Booty Ballet - I strung two 30 minute workouts together ( Hip Hop and Cardio Cabaret). Good if you like to dance - there is a cool abs section at the end of Hip Hop, using a squishy ball - really makes a difference. And some ballet leg work at the end of CC.

I then did half ( 15 mins) of Turbo Jam Fat Blaster - high and low impact intervals. A good calorie burner!

Reading a books called The Secrets of Skinny Chicks - not that I want to be skinny but I like the tips and seeing the diet and workout routines of real people.

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