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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Taebo Get Celebrity Fit

My two new birthday present workouts were the Taebo Get Celebrity Fit workouts.

I tried these two workouts this week - one is Cardio and the other is Sculpt. Both contain cardio, the Sculpt workout holds positions more and the Cardio is faster paced.

Each workout is 45 minutes , so I have time to add in extra abs at the end! And both use no equipment, a plus for me on days when I am too lazy to drag out weights or a step or resistance bands...

These workouts are not super hard, probably at an Intermediate level. Still fun and still a decent workout.

The music is not recognizable pop songs ( darn! - unlike the Taebo Live or Turbo Jam). The songs are, however, better than the usual nondescript music of some workout DVDs - there are some songs with lyrics, some rap, some good beats.

And Billy throws in a few new, fun combinations - I love kickboxing, you really get cardio and resistance training in one hit!

Billy calls these "celebrity" workouts, because they are the type of training he gives celebrities when they ask him to be their personal trainer for a period of time.

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The Bookworm said...

I spotted a used Taebo video for one pound yesterday and had to get it after your recommendations ;). Thanks for the inspiration - I need to get going with exercise and I think I will enjoy this.

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