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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I gave myself a workout treat!

Today is Boxing day, the day after Christmas, the feast of St Stephen. We had a fabulous Christmas day, two Masses, lots of visitors, food, family, fun...Probably too much food. :-)

So today was clean up time. And then, while dh went for his jog and the kids were busy with playing or reading or using Christmas presents, I decided to give myself a workout treat.

I did the whole 90 minute Ultimate Taebo workout.

I usually don't find tome for a 90 minute workout. 60 minutes is my workout time, a bit less if I'm really strapped for time. But I have wanted to do this whole workout - bought it a few months ago and usually do only 60 minutes of it. Did 70 minutes once.

Except for today. I did the whole 90 minutes - it was COOL!

My post Christmas treat to myself ( and a good way to work off some of that extra food! lol!).

Merry Christmas to all my fitness friends!


Cindy said...


Isn't it great when we give our selves a gift that is really good for us??

I receieved thoughtful gifts of money from my mil and mother. What to buy that I would not usually buy for myself? (I am not much of a shopper...)

I splurged and got some download songs for the Ipod I use for my workouts! My boys have songs on it I love.. but I wanted some good old 80's pump it up! So i figured out how to use Itunes yesterday and downloaded a few. It is amazing how much better my workouts are with the right music!

I have been enjoying the treadmill and eliptical machines at the Y and also do dumbell strength workouts-- all while boogie-ing down!

Merry Christmas to my fitness friends!

Leonie said...

Yay for the workout songs - and for the blog's new look! Thanks, Cindy....

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