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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Year in Review

I went for a swim today and thought about what I had accomplished in the past year in the areas of balance, food, and exercise. I KNOW that being a part of this blog made me work harder and with more focus so I really appreciate your idea of having this and inviting us to participate, Cindy!

*Made exercise a normal thing to think about on a daily basis
*Improved flexibilty when planning how, when and with whom to work out
*Started a new sport--swimming--and swam enough to need a new suit! the old one is showing signs of chlorine damage
*ended the year at about the same weight as when I started--losing about 25 lbs before gaining it in pregnancy so both were fairly healthy situations (although I wish I'd gained a bit slower)
*Have admitted that some parts of my life are beyond my control and have gotten help (specifically with housekeeping)
*Have stopped feeling guilty about the time I need to take for myself to exercise or regain mental balance
*Have spent many hours analyzing areas of my life and considering whether they are balanced and by whose standards. This has helped me set some goals for the new year.
Goals for next year
*Exercise 3 times a week, regularly each week, swimming, riding, yogaing, workout videoing, running, or waddling....MAKE IT A TRUE HABIT!
*Cross train with the exercise bike more
*Eat more locally grown fresh fruits and veg and meats and less of everything in general
*Give myself a break to truly heal after the baby comes. Don't obsess about body image, school, or housework immediately
*Go to WW to lose pregnancy weight before baby turns 1 (This is what I call my "Zero Accumulation Goal" and it's the same goal I've had after each pregnancy and have made it or almost made it each time)
*Run/walk Race for the Cure with the boys and the baby in June.
*Consider an Iron Girl (sprint) Triathalon--doesn't that sound fun?


Cindy said...


I love all of your thoughts. You are very thoughtful and finding that mind/ body connection... it is so much more than just working out, or losing weight, or whatever.

You have me thinking... I am going to think about this last year, too, and maybe I will post like you did.

I give you so much credit for the triatholon! I am just terrible at swimming- when I try I can't get my stroke even enough to breathe.. lol -- and I had to give up running a while ago b/c of hurting joints, but if I keep taking off weight I am going to try it again.

Thanks for the post-- very encourageing and good luck on your goals for this year!

That sugar is a tough one for a lot of people!

Rachel said...

Cindy, You are such a great encourager! To be fully honest, I think the Triathalon will be a look and sigh wistfully sort of thing for a bit. I like the sprint triathalon because of the short distances, but I don't think I could finish it quickly enough, LOL. I have a long way to go, but what's life without a goal? :)

Leonie said...

Good goals - wow, mine are more simple but you are inspiring! I'll post mine later....

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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