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Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Little Bit

I can almost not believe myself, joining a "fitness" blog. I have long been in denial about my need to think about fitness. My motto has always been "exercise needs to come out of my normal, daily activities." Well, frankly my fingers are fairly fit, and I don't think typing counts toward aerobic exercise. I weigh less now than I did in high school, at least Sophomore year and later, but I have a lot more jiggly bits than I used to. My muscles don't quite stretch like they used to. After my dd was born (I was 37) my legs hurt for almost a year if I tried to reenact the birthing stance.

Ok, so I'll admit it. I need to work some exercise into my life.

One thing I found works well, since I can't really exercise away from home, or even at home in much of a formal way, due to little people, is to try to keep up with The Wiggles. We have some of their "younger days" videos when they did a lot of dancing. I get my little workout (in the spirit of starting small) and my dd is entertained right along with me.

About eating, I do the Eat Right for Your Type approach. I lost about 15 pounds when I started this about two years ago, without really eating less, just changing what I eat. Dr. D'Adamo who originated this approach has a new book out on genetic factors in body type, and I believe it is supposed to discuss what types of exercise, et al, is most fitting for each type. It's been out less than a week and I obviously haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I plan to.

I look forward to be spurred on by y'all.


Cindy said...

HI Marie-

I hope you feel at home here.. and this isn't really just a 'fitness' blog to me.. but mind/body/spirit. They are all so intertwined, I think, I especially feel that as I have researched my ezcema and realize how much it all is connected.

The wiggles sound fun! I used to get tons of exercise playing with my boys.... lots of chase and horsey.. for a while their favorite game was 'podracer' where they were Luke Skywalker and I was, you guessed it, the podracer! Talk about burning calories...lol

Eat Right for your Type sounds very interesting.. there are so many paths, things to inquire about... and each finds what works for us.

I think this blog is a great place for moms who don't have time for 'formal' excericse and want to include the kids.

Oh, the swimming pool was always a big outlet for us. Such fun.

Glad you are here.

Leonie said...

Welcome, Marie!

I haven't heard of the Eat Right for Your Type book - will have to checkout the link ( I love fitness reading! lol!)

Rachel May said...

Glad you're here!

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