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Monday, December 31, 2007

Fitness Theme for 2008.

I don't do goals well. Or resolutions. I get stressed.

Instead, I do mottoes and/or themes.

My fitness theme for this year is - Being Fit For Life.

Continue to make lifestyle changes and choices.

Continue to work out for about one hour each day with intensity, doing what I love, probably mostly cardio/kickboxing/AWT ( aerobic weght training).

Try to eat more vegan like - I already eat mostly vegetarian but want to eat less dairy and less processed, more whole foods. Well, only 80% of the time. I need my junk, my alcohol too, somtimes, you know. :-)

Watch portions - whether it be by eyeballing, food journalling, calories, points, food exchanges, whatever, it can vary.

Aim to lose another 3 kg ( about 6-7 lbs). Well, in my ideal I'd be super thin but I try to avoid my body image paranoia and low body self esteem trip. I aim to feel good about my more , well, athletic build. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie and everybody! I have forgotten how to post here and am embarrassed that my name is listed on the sidebar here as I pretty much abandoned ship. I remember when I joined last January I kept struggling with joint pain and pulled muscles, etc. Jan. does not seem to be a good time for me to start a new exercise regime. But this past summer I did walk often in the mornings and this past fall I took tennis lessons and I joined Curves. However, I again had health problems that interfered with exercise but that seems to be resolved so my big thing for Jan is to get back into the habit of going to Curves 3x a week.

The thing I'd really like help with is eating better while cooking for kids who are picky and already in bad eating habits (thanks to mom and dad!). I really fall down on that and we eat out way, way too much.

I need a simple, practical system. Anybody got one, LOL!!!!

Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

LOVE IT! Great list, Leonie and a great theme!

Anonymous said...

HI Faith--

Good to see you!
Don't be embarrased.. just come and go as you please. The blogger puts you name on the sidebar automatically... do you still want me to have you on as an author? You can always just post if you want and I can help you to do it if you forgot how.

I know health problems interfere so much with exercise.. I guess it is part of what makes it a journey. Two steps fowward0 one back...

I think the Curves is a great idea! Just do what you can. I read that even a bit of exercise is infinitely better than none.

Maybe we could share some ideas on eating better and helping our kids eat better.

I know for me, it helped just to give them variety.. keep brining out new things, even simple things, like fruit. Mine would eat few veggies but I had fruit cut at every meal.

We also talked about nutrition and frankly they don't want to be sick.. so that motivates them.

One thing I do is buy chicken breast fillet on sale and bake up a bunch on the weekends. My boys love it for sandwiches and fajitas. Easy and healthy.

Any other ideas?
Nice to see you back, Faith!


Leonie said...

I've done the set menus thing - planned a weeks' worth of lunches and dinners, healthy stuff and we just rotated these eg low fat quiche and salad, low fat nachos, vege or lentil/pea soup, jacket potatoes and filngs and veges, eggs and fruit and bread, chili, pizza with los of veges, ...Basic stuff, low fat high fibre, sneaking in veges and fruit.

Cindy said...

I am thinking about going back on a set menu for a while.. after all the holiday feasting.

That works for me in short periods and also helps me get a feel for portion size, etc when I am not having to 'think' but just follow a plan...

PattiK said...

I like the concept of theme better as well. It seems that my goals have always been weight loss oriented. I really just want to start living healthier - everything from getting enough sleep, to exercising consistantly, to eating better.

Thanks for the inspiration Leonie!

Leonie said...

Patti - like you themes for fitness!

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