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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter workouts?

Rachel, I hope yours was or will be labour - hey, we are still in Easter season, aren't we?

Cindy, prayers for your father.

My Easter workouts? Grabbing time to work out makes me a cooler person. I hope. Nicer. I hope. Healthier. More fit. More fun. Puts an added smile on my face.

What workouts? Aerobic weight training and step aerobics. Weight training ~ light weight high rep. Kickboxing.

Working off chocolate and tiredness .Working out to look and feel better, to be better. Even at Easter.

As a fellow poster says in her avatar, on the Ya-Yas fitness forum ~ What can I say, life is my catwalk. I want to be a"hottie"senior citizen.

Happy Easter season!


Cindy said...

HI Leonie

Yes, we have to keep going.. THROUGH the chocolate and tiredness! I hear you... my eating has been off and I really do feel it. It is amazing the connection, isn't it?

I was at my parents for 4 days so only got in a couple of short walk/runs, but managed to do my situp and pushup daily goals at least 3 of the 4 days.

Now I am trying to get back in the workout routine, but yesterday I was so tired. Felt like a dead weight. But, going right back at it today--- doing the eliptical to my favorite music. That always give me a lift. Did powerscult (weights and aerobic) yesterday and pushed myself as much as I could and today I feel delightfully sore in the back, quads and biceps.

I LOVE that feeling! :)

Happy Easter@!

Leonie said...

So glad to see you here again, Cindy. I am still trying to get my eating back on track after Easter
:(, but am finally well again so am back to tough workouts.:-)

Rachel May said...

I'm in mile 27 of my mommy marathon, I think. I have continued doing a half mile swim on the weekends, and I'm doing lots of walking, but this baby ain't budging!

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