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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ran a 5K today!

Well, I decided I wanted to get out in the world with my workouts- beyond the Y and my neighborhood. Karen (who sometimes reads and comments here) is my good friend from the suburb up the road and has gotten into running big time. Like, she did a marathon in January. :0See Karen's blog here (warning, there is currently an 'ugly toe' picture on her blog..lol

We had planned to run a 5K out in the beautiful Blue Bell countryside of Brenham, but I had a conflict, so she invited me up to her neck of the woods to run this little 5K, put on every two weeks by a local running shoe store.

It was COLD- 38F when we started! I was not too worried about it, as I have run 3 miles around the neighborhood with no problem and run 5 miles with a few walk breaks.

Well, out of 35 runners, I placed at 32. And at one point 2 little boys running with their dad whipped past me. lol Karen ran back with me, and I think if she had not had her sore calf would have been far ahead.

But it was a beautiful, crisp day, and I ran very fast for me. I usually run about 11:30 min miles. Today she clocked us at 10:50 min miles. Not bad!

She also has one of those cool GPS gadgets that bounced off a satelite, can tell where on earth you are, and keeps track of your milage and pace. Wow. And I thought I was Hi tech with my little nano ipod.

Afterwards we went out for breakfast and had a lovely talk. A lot about how our lives have evolved since we first met 8 years ago... homeschooling, living, life and changes. Oh, and running. :)

Overall a lovely morning.

Oh, my hips are VERY sore after that. I am not sure why. The distance was not more than I am used to, but the pace was faster. Maybe it is my age??? lol I think I was one of the oldest crazy people out there!


Leonie said...

Congratulations! Sounds wonderful and you did such a good job. Wow, I am in awe. ( I am not a runner, really, just used to run during pregnancy number 2).

I am proud of you, Cindy.

And maybe try some yoga for the hips - there are some great yoga stretches, to open upo hips, always make me feel wonderful.

K said...

Leonie ran during a pregnancy?? You are a ROCK STAR! I can barely walk during mine, LOL!

Cindy, it was so great to run with you. Kind of strange how our two lives seem to intersect on different paths so often. Thanks for coming out and running. Very rarely do I get to run with girls!

As far as your hips go, I encourage you to look into the different shoes. Also, stretches are key. We didn't really stretch yesterday and with that cold, the muscles are contracting to keep warm. Be sure to warm up a bit and then stretch with nice slow, gentle stretches. It will help.

I ran almost 7 miles this morning in Huntsville. It was unbelievably beautiful this morning. Chilly, but so serene. I'll be doing this for the next few weekends to get ready for my 50K in April. If you would like to come along, just let me know!

Cindy said...

Thanks Leonie---
I appreciate your encouragement.. but you RAN during your pregnancy? Wow! Thanks for the tip on Yoga.. yes I will pull out my dvd.. it is gaterhing dust again!

Yes, it was fun to run with you, you.
I must admit I am very bummmed you are suggesting new shoes. I got this model recommended to me from our famous Luke's Locker... and JUST bought this new pair and spent bucks! Funny thing is I have had no problem all these months with this model until now with that 5K. I am so confused.

There is a runniing store near me now (Luke's is very far asyou know)- maybe I will take my shoes in there and see what they say?

Hey, if you ever do a shorter trail run I would love to go. I would have to say 5miles or less, and a slower pace.. like 11 min miles.

Of course you are welcome to ditch me if I hold you back! :)

Good luck with your upcoming runs..

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