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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today Tennis Lessons with my Sons...

Well, my two sons have been taking tennis lessons for 6 years now- group lessons to start and now down to themselves and their buddy- so semi-private lessons- the past 2 years.

They love the pro-- so do I. He has a great sense of humor and now he and my boys (14 and 17) are more like friends.

But, I wanted some doubles strategy lessons. I have just started playing doubles with some ladies from my 'hood. They have all played for years, and I am very, very ignorant about doubles strategy. Like, when my partner serves I keep finding myself at the baseline instead of the serving line. I think it is from all my history of racquetball, where you always stand at the back of the court when you play because that is the ONLY place to stand and get to the ball.

Well, I asked Rod about lessons and he suggested I join the boys for a couple of sessions. At first one son was not so sure.. the Mom Factor and all, but it helps that their friend is SO cool about it and loves to hang with me. lol

So, we are off to tennis lessons-- hope I don't do anything too dumb!


Leonie said...

Hope it goes well - sounds like a lot of fun! And you certainly do like variety in your fitness routine..Are you still doing any group classes or weights, btw?

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

Well, I really do like variety. It keeps me going and it is fun to work on an area, try to improve, then I can switch to another when I need to.

I still spin about once a week and have 2 classes I love at the Y. One is Athletic Step-- which means you do more jumping jacks instead of intricate dancey step routines.. which is what I need. I can't do that fancy step work.

And I also do Powersculpt which is the really neat class that combines cardio and weight so you get strength and cal burn in one shot. Love that one.

I usually play tennis on the weekens with my neighbors, and am trying to increase my running.

The lesson went well. I learned a ton- mostly where the heck to stand in doubles! But I did learn about offense and defense and how to 'read' your opponents. Gosh, there is so much to learn in tennis if you really wanted to get into it.

hope you are feeling better---

Leonie said...

Both the Powersculpt and Step classes sound like FUN!

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