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Friday, November 14, 2008

Feelin' Fat and Chubby

Been feeling fat and chubbby lately. You know, losing weight and being healthy is not only a physical thing. It is also mind thing. An ongoing mind thing for me.

Taebo helps. First, it is cardio, sometimes hard cardio.

Secondly, it is resistance training and toning. Those kicks. Those punches. That floorwork.

These make me feel like I am powerful. Fit. Losing weight. Slimmer.

It's all psychological with me.

Thirdly, doing Taebo helps me with endorphins. Working out hard with many pushups and squat thrusts on yesterday's Bootcamp 2 made me feel tough and happy and invincible. And a bit sore, but that's another story.

Worked out with Advanced Taebo Live 2 today. The killer floorwork with the song Simply Irresistible, made me sing. Out loud. Be happy.

Finally, Taebo helps me with that mind thing. Billy' s words of wisdom, his little motivational talks at the end, help me. His words act as affirmations or slogans. Remind me I can keep on keeping on.

Hopefully feeling fitter will stop that chubby feeling.


Greg said...

I've been off exercise for the last few days with my sickness. Really hoping to be well enough tomorrow though to do Tae-bo Energise! Will have to see how I go :(

Julie said...

I'm speechless....workouts were going so well...then the personal challenges...then the recovery and I now I feel like I'm back to square one!
I did start a diet yesterday and survived the first day...did some Leg Master exercises but really need to get back to the dvd workouts and the motivation that they give...
P.S. Will be praying for Greg to have a complete and fast healing....

Leonie said...

Gregb - get better! I know how you hate to miss workouts. I am the same and just about have to be dying to skip a workout!

Julie, good for you with the Legmaster. But I also agree that the DVDs help wity motivation, esp Billy and his little talks.

Rachel May said...

Leonie, you pegged it. This is exactly what I struggle with. The empowering yoga moves help me change my attitude sometimes, but I can see that taebo would kick it up a notch!

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