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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heavy aaaaannnnnnd Heavy Laden!


It's been a non-eventful two weeks in terms of exercise and I can FEEL it..(frustration...snarl...snarl...grump!)

Whereas I was beginning to see and definitely feel the benefits of a more exercised, firmer midriff...I can now feel the 'bulge' sensation that I so detest!

Why do I do this????
Why do I let myself lull into complacency so QUICKLY!

Well...the fight is not completely lost!
I still have tiny reserves of enthusiasm left, though I seem to fighting an enemy which I can at least now identify......The Sedentary Militia!
Looking back critically at my whole weight gain experience...I can see how it has managed to ambush me! It creeps in....

Ok....I've been extremely busy...emotionally more than anything else and the subliminal message was 'take a break...you need a rest'....which I could identify straight away, so I fell back into the old "comfort zone" of research and reading...which relaxes me....but forgot THE ALL ESSENTIAL BALANCE!
Before I realized it, I could feel the difference in my body again, not the good change, only the bad!

My initial reaction was.....give up!
My second thought was...No! Not this time!

I've really been feeling 'weighed down' with everything so as I stopped to reevaluate things, I made the decision to buy a Leg Master which I had been wanting for ages and which was on special...my new toy kind of....since last week I have been doing sporadic jumps onto it and that helped me feel better!

Similiarly, I decided to take the plunge and start the diet!
I've actually lost one kilo which proved another incentive! Yes!

And since for some reason, I am finding it sooooooooo hard to do a workout, I've set my goal this week in terms of walks! My daughter has been begging me to start taking her down to the beach of an evening to walk..... Thinking perhaps this is the counterstrike I need, in order to break that sedentary mindset that I've adopted...to actually get out there and get a change of scenery, take in the fresh air!

Been really trying to come face to face with the 'excuses' that have underminded me in past efforts to lose weight! But....oh boy...is it a labyrinth!!!!!


Leonie said...

I think the secret is just picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, treating urselves with love and getting back into the swing of things. Your determination will pay off!

Willa said...

I do that too -- get into the "research zone" and lose all the incremental benefits of what I've accomplished. Sigh.. thanks for ID'ing the problem.

Julie said...

Hi Willa!
I really hadn't noticed how it was undermining me before...that's why I love reading Leonie's posts because she manages to 'put it in its place'(there's still the time for all the research,family, work, commitments, studies, etc)...exercise time has to really be 'enforced' and no excuses, until at some stage that becomes 'natural' too and relaxing in its own right!
I was really 'feeling' so much better when I was doing the daily workouts! Amazing how I can settle for second best....

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