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Friday, November 21, 2008


Well...I've just proven to myself again this week that 'walking' and I just don't mix!
It sadly just does not give me any motivation...I struggle with it...don't know why but I do!
Consequently, most of this week I forfeited any significant workouts because one way or another the avoidance of the walk managed to take over!
As you can well imagine the result is just a feeling of stagnancy! Frustration! Despair!
I did manage to do the diet for the most part of the week yet over the last days I feel...bloated and having taken some pictures on an excursion yesterday I notice my face looks like its got cellulite! EEEEWWWW!
I can only try again this week.
Very disappointed that I failed myself with the unfulfilled promise of losing some weight and feeling fitter by the end of the year...(head dropped)...but I can't deny that the changes that I did start have made a significant difference in my day to day activities.
Feeling very run down this week and beginning to think it really has got a lot to do with not doing the intense workouts, however, the legacy of having done them those consecutive weeks has allowed me to have a lot more energy and endurance, without being 'out of breath' all the time!
It's just that I have sooooooo much weight to lose...It gets to me....


Leonie said...

Walking doesn't do it for me right now, either. Unless I walk and pray! Maybe just aim to workout, say, three days a week, so you can do the intensity while building a habit and not feeling too sore or tired. Baby steps, girl! Hugs. :-)

Julie said...

You just reminded me how many times I point out how important baby steps are to the kids...

Thanks for reminding ME!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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