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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gettin' Down with the Fanny Lifter!

A quote from Emily Walsh's FIRM workout, pictured left. AWT.

Aerobic Weight Training.

I've been working out with an AWT focus this week. Mostly FIRM workouts , new and old.

Sometimes, like yesterday, it has had to be a short workout. 30 minutes, as we were going to be out all day. Mass and Kumon Awards Ceremony at Darling Harbour.

Sometimes, a nice longer AWT session.

What is AWT?

Aerobics and weight training together.

Aerobics and toning fitness video workouts include both fat-burning cardio and body-sculpting in the same program. The balance of techniques creates a fitness video format that's both varied and effective.

They also involve interal training - as does kickboxing and Taebo. Interval training videos are also called circuit training videos. One type of interval training fitness video has alternating intervals of aerobics and toning. This keeps your heart rate up as it burns fat.

So, I'm having fun working out. Hope you are, too!


Julie said...

Thank you, Leonie!

I find that your posts kind of set the tune for me for the week...I've made you my pseudo/cyber trainer...what you're doing encourages me and I find it helps me focus on that part of life that I tend to neglect or get easily discouraged by!

Leonie said...

lol! I've found my niche in life! So good to se you being positive, you are a great friend and a determined lady and in my mind can achieve anything you set your heart to...

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

~Irwin Sarason

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! And happy people just don't shoot their husbands!"

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