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Monday, September 17, 2007

More Variety here, too....

Well, I guess more variety is what I am up to, too.

I find I love something for a while, but then need a change to refresh things. My neighbor and I have started playing tennis when we found we were about the same level and that has been fun. We even took a couple of lessons as she wants to play league, so we have learned a lot, especially me who never got beyond the goal of just hitting it back over the net. :)

I have also done some step instead of spinning, but I find a little step goes a long way... some of the classes insist you know these complicated (for me) moves and I jsut can't/won't do them as I sprained my foot trying to keep up on a step a few years back!

I have been doing Pilates at a group class. Man, it is hard. You barely move, but it feels like.. well, like when you are on teh floor with your little kids and they sit on you and then you have to reach to grab something on a coffee table. Akward, weird muscles used... but I think that is the theory.. use those 'core' muscles we never use.

I also have taken over the lawn mowing- my boys were glad to give it up and I gave them all the inside chores I could as a swap. I burn lots of calories doing that once a week and feel pleased as punch when I see the good job I did. :)

Rachel, how are you feeling?

Leonie- glad your flu is almost gone.

Nimah- I look forward to hearing what videos you like. One I loved which is good for beginners (and she has a wonderful, sweet personality) is the Leslie Sammons walking videos (you do them at home)



Leonie said...

Good to hear from you, Cindy.

I am using the food and activity journal from the Walk off the Weight programme - but subbing my own workouts and just aiming at healthy eating, not a diet per se. Done the first 8 or 9 days and I like the plan and the journal so far!

Cindy said...

That sounds like a neat plan. You always come up with some new and differnet ideas... let us know how it goes!

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