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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progress Report

Well, I've improved a little with my eating habits. I now eat chocolate yogurt as a treat instead of eating a chocolate bar! I'm also combating sloth so I have gone running once--with the kids--and have forced myself to do a little more housework (as I am now actually cleaning some things). My weight hasn't increased yet. My biggest challenge has been keeping to portion control and not feeding my mouth when my stomach is full. Unfortunately, indiscretion in this area makes me nauseated for hours, so you'd think I'd be more motivated to eat appropriately. I'm still striving to find a balance between what I need and what I want. What's everyone else up to?


Leonie said...

Maybe your body is telling you that you need more food, more calories? I know I went through a stage like that a few weeks ago starting to eat junk, then realzied I just wasn't feeding my body well. Eating a bit more and a bit better was helping.

I think its hard to listen to our bodies but it is important, esp when pregnant. Its not all about self control, sometimes...

You are doing well!@

Cindy said...

OH, yes Leonie I agree-- it is about getting in touch with what our bodies really need. And I had become so out of touch, so much. LIke the Dubay quote you had, Rachel--- in our society it is easy to just not move and eat for comfort.

It sounds like you are really knowing yourself well now-- the chocloate switch is awesome.

I have made improvements in the same way-- but I used to stand in the kitchen and just sneak bites of ice cream out of the carton (I would not put my used spoon back in, don't worry) but then actually though they were just bits and bites, in actuallity I probably ate a bowl or twos worth just standing there.

Now, I don't let myself nibble. I plan a dessert- like sugar free chocloate pudding, or some choc graham crakers and decaf and make a treat out of it while reading or watching a movie. And I have no guilt and it is much healthier. like your choc yogurt switch out!

I feel more in control and want to get rid of the sneak-eat-guilt cycle, too.

Keep looking for the balance...! You will get there.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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