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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back to More Variety in Workouts!

My flu has finally gone, only a lingering cough gives a hint that I was sick. So, the last few days I have been able to add cardio back into my workouts.

While I had the flu, I did weights - specifically, the Cindy Crawford workouts. They are fun and effective but don't leave a sick exerciser gasping for breath!

The last few days, I've done Taebo - Bootcamp 2, Bootcamp Cardio Liev, Billy's Favourite Moves, Taebo Blaster Ball workout.

Feels good to add in more variety. To be well! lol!

I also picked up a neat book - Walk Off Weight. I am not going to do walking for my cardio, I like more intensity than that. But I do like the crosstraining tips, the nutrition ideas, the 8 week food and activity journal. So, I'm off to do this 8 week plan for fitness, starting on Monday.

I also found my copy of The Best Life Diet by Bob Green. Thanks Anne for reminding me of this book! I think I'll pick it up where I left it off last tme.

Finally, I found an interesting book on, yes, weight loss but also on nutrition and fitness for the whole family. Eat, Drink and Weigh Less by Mollie Katzen ( the Moosewood Cookbook) and Walter Willet ( the Harvard Health Project). Many good ideas, supported by research.

All these books focus on a way of eating and working out for life, not on a more short term diet or workout plan. This has been the way I've lost ( 30kg) 66lbs , over the last five years, after a serious bout of medical/health problems and depression - both of which caused weight gain. Once I and doctors managed these, I had to set out to lose the weight that had been gained - hard for me, as I had always enjoyed working out and had to start again at the beginning. But I'm almost there! lol!

Reading on health, fitness and nutrition always motivates me!


Niamh said...

Leonie-You are so inspirational! I love the 8-week plan! I also like all the videos in your repetoire! I have none, which leaves me in a quandary when I can't get to the gym (like the next 2 weeks). My sister (whom I told about this blog) recently asked me to ask for "videos for beginners" (herself and me'self!). Any recommendations?

Leonie said...

Visit the Collage site - very helpful reviews, workouts are listed by type and level...


I started off with a couple then have gradually added to my collection - esp at birthdays and Xmas! It is still way cheaper than gym membership here....And more convenient for me...

Cindy said...

Wow, Leonie-- congrats- I had no idea you lost so much weight. That is a real accomplishment. I hope you keep healthy and you really are an inspiration!

Leonie said...

Ys, sadly, my health probs and depression caused weight gain. Now my health conditions are managed and I have lost thw weight over the last five years and it feels good to be back to normal. I don't wish health hassles/depression on anyone - really changed me from a fit active person. But I'm back there again! lol!

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