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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Even more variety.. lol

Well, the humidity is down under 80% and there is a slight tinge of, can you believe, COOL in the air! So I tried jogging today.

I did ok, much better than I thought since I really have not jogged in years. I went about 40 minutes around the neighborhood. I would jog until I was out of gas, then power walk, then I did some spints between mailboxes, and on a couple of culdesacs I did lunge walks. I know, I must have looked silly, but who cares!

I felt really 'sweated out' - cleaned out from the inside.. you know that feeling after a good workout? I hope these new shoes I got a couple of months ago will allow me to keep this as an alternative. I love being outdoor when the weather is nice.

Today I am going a Mat Pilates class for some strength training.

I am thinking if I can keep up the walk/jog I may try a 3 mile run or 5K or something. We will see..


Leonie said...

Good for you! The jogging/power walks sound like interval training - very good for heart and weight!

I love that "sweated out" feeling - on Monday I did 70 minutes of the new 90 minute Ultimate Taebo and I felt GREAT!! :-)

Cindy said...

Thanks, Leonie.
Today I had a nice group strength class and then 20 min on the elicptical machine.

Oh, the shower felt good after- I think that is the best part of the workout. :-)

Leonie said...

You did the pilates class?

Rachel May said...

I'm so excited for your jog! I hope it can keep up too. My OB told me I'm allowed to keep running, just gently. How does one run gently I wonder?

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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