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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Joyce Vedral

Today was a weight training day - and I have had little time, with Thomas being in the hospital for his surgery.

So, the kids put on groovy music, I grabbed weights and dug out an old book -
Definition by Joyce Vedral. I did the 30 minute total body workout - and had fun!

Vedral's books are very good at explaining weight training and they sure have some effective routines - I did a Joyce only rotation for nearly three months, about four years ago, and while I didn't lose weight I *did* drop a dress size!

The workouts require little equipment ( there are modifications for those who only have one set of dumb bells or who can only afford one set), they require little space and time and are easy to follow! With suggestions for beginners and advanced.

I've found several of Vedral's books at libraries, too.


Cindy said...

I like the sound of this workout. I still think my favorite strength training is with dumbells, the ball, etc. I never cared much for machines but maybe that is because I don't know how to use them well and I don't like all the sweaty grunting men at the gym!

I didn't realize Thomas was having surgury.. hope it is minor and he has a quick recovery. Prayers here.

Leonie said...

I'm not a machine person either - dh bought himself a weight machine this year and he and some of the kids use it. But its just not me.

Vedral's routines are very effective...

Thomas has had to have the metal plate removed from his arm - he had it inserted last year after his bike accident. He is okay. Dh is away for the month of September so I have been just been extra busy ( and dh may be deployed overseas for 4-6 months next year, so the busyness doesn't stop, right?).

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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